Ellen Takes Care Of Hearing Impaired Mom

Hearing Impaired Mom appears on The Ellen ShowBack in 2012 we profiled a hearing impaired mom named Sarah Churman. After receiving a hearing implant from Envoy Medical, Ms. Churman became somewhat of a YouTube sensation when a video of her hearing for the very first time touched millions of hearts (like ours).  Here is that incredible video once again:

Hearing Impaired Mom Hears For The First Time

What most folks didn't know at the time was that Sarah could only afford to get one of her ears fixed. In fact her mother-in-law cashed in one of her retirement accounts just to help pay for the first hearing implant. That cost… A whopping $30,000.

Flash forward a week and Sarah Churman is invited to the Ellen Show, where she tells Ellen all about what it's like to hear her children for the first time. What an amazing story!  Sarah playfully acknowledged that there was a down side to hearing… She realized for the first time that her husband snored, a habit she quickly took care of (with his help of course). 🙂

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There are some things we just take for granted, like hearing certain things…  When Ellen asks her what sounds she thought about hearing for the first time, Sarah thoughtfully articulated “hearing music clearly, rain, thunder, birds…”

Hearing Impaired Mom Gets Big Surprise

The ever so talented Ellen DeGeneres arranges to have Sarah's second ear taken care of by Envoy Medical, AND reimburses the family for the initial $30,000 investment. Such a touching tribute to a very touching story.

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