5 Emergency Situations When Medical Alert Systems are Life Saving

Medical alert systems are powerful tools which allow your loved ones to keep living independently. A medical alert pendant or bracelet acts as a safety net, allowing your loved one to have access to emergency personnel 24 hours a day. They aren’t just for medical emergencies though. Having a medical alert system in place delivers many benefits in a wide range of situations.


If a fire is breaking out in your home, one of the best things that you or your loved ones can do is press the button on your medical alert system. Your loved one may be too panicked to find their phone and call 911. The call center will be able to immediately contact the closest fire department for immediate dispatch.


If someone breaks into the home, a simple push of a button can notify authorities. The voice of a call center operator echoing in the house may be enough to scare away a burglary in progress. Every once in a while, you’ll read a story in the news about how a person’s emergency alert bracelet helped catch a criminal.

Gas Leaks

Gas can be an especially worrisome problem. It’s very easy for an elderly person to suffocate from a gas leak, or worse, cause an accidental explosion. Some medical alert systems come with integrated gas leak detectors. If there is a leak, the sensor will immediately call the fire department for help whenever it happens.


A fall isn’t always because of a medical problem, but it can certainly lead to one. Falling and not being able to get up from the ground is a very real situation that happens to people. The consequences of falling are exacerbated when the person is alone or prone to confusion and fear about the situation. By having a medical alert bracelet, a fall doesn’t have to be nearly as scary. Plus, if the fall does cause a medical emergency the EMTs will be able to assess the situation upon arrival.


Sometimes a loved one or a home caretaker will keep a spare pendant on them so they can contact emergency services if their loved one goes missing. For those who have loved ones who are prone to wandering, using the emergency alert system might come in handy. On the GPS enabled medical alert systems, your loved one can be located through its use and just pressing the button.

The operators who are on the other end of the medical alert system’s lines are trained and capable of handling all kinds of emergencies and situations. They will provide the best solutions, contacting the right people for the situation. If your loved one is having trouble using a phone, prone to wandering, or is otherwise unable to take care of themselves if an emergency happens, it may be time to talk with them about getting a medical alert system. The extra insurance is worth it.

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