Gardening Tips for Seniors

Gardening can be tiresome, with countless hours spent outside getting mucky and dirty, yet oh so rewarding! Despite this, many of us still take pride in having a beautiful garden. As we get older, however, gardening can become ever more difficult, as tasks you were once able to complete with ease, can now cause pain and discomfort.

I have seen this first hand with my grandmother who loves her garden, but due to ongoing knee problems, it has become increasingly difficult for her to enjoy it as much. This doesn’t mean you have to abandon your garden to become wild and overgrown, you simply have to adapt it to match your ability.  In this way, you can still enjoy gardening as much as you always have.

Gardening Tips: Flower Choices Matter

What is a garden without flowers? For many people, flowers are what make a garden, and they take a lot of pride in their flowers. The more flowers the better, but that means lots of maintenance (which can be tiresome and backbreaking work). One solution is planting perennial flowers, meaning in Latin “through year”. These are flowers that grow back every year, and don’t need replanting.  Some examples of pretty perennial flowers are Peruvian Lily, Echinacea, Myosotis Sylvatica, Lavender and Eryngium Amethystinum.


Artificial Grass: A Back and Time Saver

Cutting grass can be difficult no matter what your age or ability. Pushing a lawn mower is hard enough and then you have to trim edges!  One interesting solution to mowing your lawn every week is the use of artificial grass. Artificial lawns are made and designed to look and feel like real grass but without any of the hassle. Artificial grass can be a great way to save time and energy and as a bonus… It never needs watering!  All you need is an occasional cleaning and you're good to go. Products like Forever Green Lawns has a huge range of artificial grass – and they are perfect for dogs or other pets. Artificial lawns save the hassle of hauling out the lawnmower out, and it frees up room in your shed or garage.

Newer Tools Are Easier to Use

Some gardening tools like the rake can be dated back to 1100 bc and the design hasn't deviated much since that time. Tools like this were not designed to be easy, they were designed to be practical. Rakes and shovels can be heavy and cumbersome for many people, especially as we get older. With that in mind, many companies have redesigned gardening tools to make them easier to use.  These newer tools are well worth the investment, especially if your older ones are causing you discomfort.

It's OK to ask for Help

Gardening can take its toll on anyone, and there will be some jobs that are just too difficult to take care of. Don't hesitate to ask your neighbors, friends, or family if they can come around and give you a hand once in a while.  It also might be time to call a local gardener.  If you are concerned about doing it yourself then you should consider getting some assistance in the garden.

As we get older, gardening can become more and more difficult, but by making a few changes to our gardens and tools and asking for outside help, your garden can be enjoyed for years to come.


  1. Would like to be on your Newsletter list as I belong to Garden Club an we are all aging an like to see what is offered for Sr Gardeners – Looking forward to receiving it! Thanks
  2. As my mother is getting older, she needs more things to fill her time. I really like the idea of getting her into gardening. I appreciate your insight about newer tools and how they are easier to use. I definitely agree that when the tools are too heavy or too complicated to use, it eliminates the option for any elderly person to start gardening. I’m glad that there are options out there for easier and more lightweight tools to use! Thanks for your insight!

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