How To Use A Walker

Walkers are basic mobility devices that help individuals get around with more stability, in or outside of the home.  They can be so basic, that many people don't know how to use them properly… And some haven't been fitted properly.  These are important aspects of using a walker comfortably and safely.

How to use a walker

We found this great instructional video from Haven Home Health and Therapy directing viewers in the proper use (and fitting) of a walker.  These are great tips for aging loved ones, especially if we've borrowed one from a friend, or purchased one from Costco or other retailers.


Walkers for Seniors

Click here —> For more Caregiving resources, and remember – If you're caring for a friend or family member you're not alone. Make sure you're taking care of yourself too. It's easy to focus solely on our loved ones, but that can be a detriment to you and to your loved ones (if you get to the point where you cannot adequately care for them).  Self care is extremely important.

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