Icon Underwear Review: For women who tinkle, leak and sprinkle

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Bladder leakage for women is a big deal.  In fact, one in three women experiences light bladder leaks.  For many women, it starts shortly after giving birth to our precious bundles of joy.  An unsuspecting sneeze, a hearty laugh, a few jumping jacks or a bumpy car ride can cause… ahem, discomfort.

No one wants to wear bulky pads or heavy plastic underwear.  I see television ads attempting to make adult incontinence plastic products look normal and somewhat sexy, but they are not.

After trying out the awesome Thinx period panties (yes they work) I was eager to check out the most recent addition to the Thinx family, Icon underwear.

icon underwear review
Icon Underwear work for women of all ages who experience bladder leakage. Photo courtesy of Icon.

Icon Underwear Review

Not only do the underwear contain a super-strength absorbent material, they look good too.  There is no worrying about bladder leakage, wet spots or odor with these leak-proof panties.  They are very comfortable and look and feel like a regular pair of underwear.  No one knows you are wearing pee-proof underwear at the gym or pool dressing room.

Icon currently comes in two different styles; bikini ($30) and hi-waist ($35) in black, nude and a new pretty light blue.  Now, if the price seems high to you, consider that a package of panty liners ranges from $3-$10 for a no-frills box.  So give it a few months and they have paid for themselves.

The material Icon undies are made from is soft and form-fitting.  There are no absorbent chemicals or plastics that are found in traditional liners – These don’t belong anywhere near our bodies and lady parts.

The verdict?  I like them, I will wear them, and I will tell all my friends.

Icon underwear are machine washable and dryer compatible.  Each pair of Icon undies holds up to 5 teaspoons of liquid and the wicking material keeps you dry and odor free.  With a 30-day money back guarantee, you have nothing to lose in trying out these little gems.

Leak-proof Undies with a Mission

Each Icon purchase helps fund the treatment, recovery and life-changing surgery for women who suffer from obstetric fistula.  This childbirth injury affects one million mothers and is caused by prolonged obstructed labor.  This can leave a woman severely incontinent.

These women (who are the poorest women in the poorest countries) often give birth without access to medical care.  This usually follows by rejection by their husbands and a push out of their community.  To learn more, visit the Fistula Foundation[dot]org.


  1. They aren’t the same since they were bought out. I purchased 5 pair of the new Speax bikini panties in 3x and they were way smaller than the original Icon panties. Sad! I can’t wear them! I am looking for an alternative, but Icon was the best and now they are gone.
  2. When they offered the moderate (6 teaspoons) I ordered about 12 pair, and they have been wonderful. I do wash on gentle and air dry. They’re several years old and still in really good condition. I wanted to order more, but they have discontinued the moderate and now only offer the 8 teaspoon version. The padding in these is just way too bulky and extends far up the back. I am so disappointed that I cannot buy any more of the version that I love.
    1. My six pairs are a couple of years old now and I still really love them but of course they are showing signs of wear. If the size and bulkiness has changed plus the newer ones retain smells, then perhaps I won’t bother with buying any more. I certainly love the ones I did get with the first supplier and am greatly disappointed they have changed.
    2. Completely agree! I wish they would bring back the moderate as I’m not happy with the 8 teaspoon version. Not only are they bulky, but they tend to bunch up and get stuck that way in the wash if you’re not careful. I used to recommend them to friend but I feel that I can’t anymore.
  3. I am interested in your product for my 101 year old mom but am concern that she may contract yeast infections if using this underwear. I was told by my doctor that cotton versus nylon and polyester is best for the crutch area because nylon and sometimes polyester causes yeast infections. Reference your website states the crutch is nylon and polyester. How does your underwear provide protection against yeast infections?
  4. I have been wearing these exclusively for over 2 years. Love them. Introduced my sister to them and she loves them as well. Before iconI had to wear a pad every day and it was a pain. Have only had one pair out of 6 that the elastichad started to come out a bit and that’s bc I put them in the dryer. Always air dry now. Will buy more when these wear out.
  5. I have started to throw them out one by one as the stretched out waist elastic could fit round a pot belly pig Having odor issues also without any leakage–thinking of adding pine sol to wash load & do them separate
  6. I have five pair. They do look great, but they do smell after you launder them in cold water (false advertising). I now wash them in warm water and the smell is not as bad. But washing them in vinegar seems really inconvenient. I am not happy that these panties were falsely advertised. I won’t be buying anymore. I’m at the point where if I have a problem, I change panties.
  7. By reading the comments, the price of $30-$35, for one pair of panties, that hold odor, don’t fit well, come apart, that don’t hold much leakage, etc., means they are not worth that much money nor worth buying.
    1. There are always some women who will not like any product. I’ve had mine for almost a year, wear them almost constantly and have only had 1 pair that was a bit tight. Now, I never have to worry about whether I make it to restroom! That’s peace of mind! Try one or a set, they’re guaranteed. If you don’t feel more confident while wearing them or don’t’ like the fit, send them back, but go with the MANY women who won’t go without these awesome undies!
  8. Agree with comments about odor & adhesive coming loose. Using shout or zout prewash helps, but maybe that loosens adhesive faster? vinegar wasn’t enough to get rid of odor. Bikinis don’t fit well, gape at leg. The higher ones fit better. But still they did improve my life significantly.
  9. Have been wearing for several months. Feel great on. Only problem for me is the odor after a few minutes of wear . I have about 10 pairs and wear every day. Odor by bedtime is strong and wish this did not happen. But for the odor icons would be perfect!
  10. Thank you for sharing your review about icon underwear. It is very helpful in choosing the right underwear that best fit for women.
  11. I purchased one pair last year and liked them very large. I just ordered four more pairs. They seem different. They are smaller and the absorbent area seems larger. They seem to not fit as nicely as the first pair I bought. I do not like these as much.
  12. I have been extremely pleased with these, which were recommended to me by a good neighbor and friend. No problems determining my size. No problems with my order or delivery. I’ve had them for four months and will buy more as soon as these wear out. What a relief to have an easy solution to what had been an embarrassing and uncomfortable problem.
  13. These are not for me. I agree with Phyliss they do not breathe . I ended up with a really bad urinary tract infection after the first time I wore them all day.. I also agree with the commentator who said they do not have any way to give negative feedback. If you have sensitive skin , problems with UTIs stick to cotton underwear and frankly I am considering having a second surgery. Had the sling 12 years ago and it was great but it doesn’t last forever and my urogynecologist said we could do it again.
    1. Please tell me about your bladder sling surgery. Two of my friends had synthetic mesh slings, and they were disasters! Perpetual pain, and it didn’t even stop the incontinence. Was your sling natural tissue or synthetic?
  14. This is my experience. First of all I sweat a lot and live in humid climate. The moisture from the humidity seemed to make the panties feel icky and I noticed the outside of my pants were showing dampness, so much so that I went in the restroom to dry myself off. The fabric does not seem to breathe. Even though the pair I ordered are suppose to be full coverage they seem to ride up my butt and the crotch is still to narrow for my liking. They are not for me. I have a more comfortable day with good cotton panties and an everyday panty liner. The price is way too much to get so little. Hope this helps someone.
    1. Thank you for this comment. I have to wear cotton underwear because I get rashes and utis if the material is not cotton. You have saved me a lot of money.
    2. I have experienced similar, they make my crouch area sweat, and irritate where the skin where the touch between my legs, not all the time but often enough. Also, I was having irritation at the opening of the vagina, I say my gynecologist she told me it was the icon underwear, that she has seen it a few times. Such a bummer, because it is a great idea, but what ever chemical they use for absorbency or oder-guard is causing issues for the more sensitive of us.
    1. Yes, they work day and night, depending on how much leakage you have at night. Each pair holds between 3-8 teaspoons. Hope that helps! Amie

  15. Please be more , much more, discreet with your mailing pkgs!! I live in a small town where Everybody knows everybody. My mailman is a friend and another friend works in the post office. I would order more of your products; if you were more discreet in your mailing packages. I realize you want to advertise, but your packinging is so indiscreet. Grow up!!
    1. So no one else in your town has bladder or incontinence problems? Doubtful As the old saying goes, put on your big girl (ICON) panties and get over it. How old are you anyway?
  16. Soak the underwear in a vinegar and water solution to deodorize the panties after using them. Wash in cold water and dry on low. The vinegar smell will dissipate with the heat of the dryer. I bought some of these 10 months ago. After 6 months, the legs on 2 pair were coming unglued. They use an adhesive hem rather than stitching them. There are a couple of fixes they could make but you can also use a small surge stitch on each of the corners of the pad area to fix it. About 4 months ago, I notified them about the leg issue and to their credit, they replaced the 2 pair no questions asked. However, this is when I realized this was starting to happen on all of them. The replacement pairs are not as comfortable as the original high wast brief. They added a waist band and now the sides of the panties are stitched. And worst of all they now feel about a size smaller. I’ve lost weight since my purchase. So they have to be cutting corners on the sizing. Sorry to see this happen as I only need these for when I sneeze or laugh hard.
    1. I got several pair last winter because I had a long-lasting cough. The bacteria fighting pad gave me a yeast infection as my own bacteria were killed off. The pad for the only large size is like a hard kotex pad. I could have saved myself all the bother and gotten kotex mini-pads.
  17. I agree with Michelle and Baker about customer service and odor. Following their laundering instructions leaves the panties smelling horrible–and I don’t have a severe leakage problem, just the occasional stress incontinence. They asked for a rating at some point and I mentioned the problem. No response. I think they are too busy being hip young Millennials to want to deal with their chief demographic, which is seniors (read their blogs–hey, they touch their breasts in public all the time!!!. Now THAT’S important to know, and relevant to bladder problems.). For what it’s worth, the smell does disappear when the undies are laundered in hot water. I don’t know what this will do to their longevity, but don’t care, since I’m not willing to go around smelling bad to preserve them.
  18. The customer service at this company is horrible. Save yourself some aggravation – because if you need them to help you with anything, no help will be forthcoming. Probably the worst customer experience I’ve ever had with a company. They are counting on dissatisfied customers to be too embarrassed about needing their product to complain publicly. When I tried to give a one star rating on their website, the system wouldn’t allow it. Surprise, surprise.
    1. I had no problems receiving my very expensive order but I thought the are terrible. The absorbent area is very small so they still leak, and the odor is awful. I tried leaving a poor review but surprise it never showed up.
  19. Wow. Seriously, women can’t wait to go to the ladies’ room? This is just bizarre. I’m almost 60 and have no problems with peeing all over myself. I really don’t get this.
    1. Congratulations on having a healthy bladder. Overactive bladder, bladder leakage and similar issues are problems that affect many, many women (and men too!). We are glad there are companies like Icon to help address this not-so-fun reality.

      1. Orange Iguana. Where have you been all your life as a woman? if you are one. Just thank your lucky stars and go congratulate yourself somewhere else please.
    2. Orange Iguanna, you’re almost 60 and you’ve never heard of women having urine leaking?! You live under a rock?! Well, bully for you! Guess you never had babies. It’s a trade-off dear Iggy.
      1. She also doesn’t have MS, another reason for bladder leakage. Although I never had children, at 52, am otherwise in perfect health. Some of us can’t ‘just hold it’. How very arrogant.
    3. So happy you have no bladder issues.Lots do and it isnt a matter of not making it to the toilet in time.Its health/bladder issues from a weak bladder to a cancerous bladder to a bladder destroyed from chemo/radiation..Show some empathy and dont be so judgemental and ignorant.If this product can give them back some dignity then what a great product
    4. I was injured at age 20 by a horse. My doc at the time told me when I had children, my bladder would be “tacked” back into position. I am 70 now, never had children, never been “tacked”. Leak all the time. Have used all manner of aids to keep clothing and myself relatively dry. Be glad Orange iguana you do not have this problem and try to understand those who do.
    5. It’s not a diaper! It’s for protection from urine leakage which can happen when you suddenly cough or sneeze. Jeez.
  20. I ordered two pair in large, the size was perfect. They are very attractive. I ordered them for occasional (cough or laugh induced) incontinence or road travel. However they only hold 5 teaspoons of fluid. That’s less than 2 tablespoons. That’s nothing, and won’t do it, and especially won’t do it at this price point. They need to hold around six ounces of fluid to be of service I’d think to most women, I also resent the 5 teaspoons measurement they give, as to make it seem a copious amount; THREE TEASPOONS EQUAL ONE TABLESPOON. Pleeeeese!
  21. My problem is not having a clue on what size to order. The site has absolutely no waist or hip size to go by. Also another site indicates the ordering process is a nightmare so not sure I am willing to spend that kind of money for a product I can’t get!
    1. Hi May- There is a chart on each style that includes pant size, waist and hip. I ordered two pairs of these for a family member recently and had no problems whatsoever. Hope that helps! Amie

  22. Will you be having a black Friday sale.. and when does it begin if you do? Also is the beige color in all 3 styles the same color.. and is it a nude color.. like a skin tone.. or lighter or darker than skin tone. Also I am 40 1/2 hips with a 35 inch waist at the moment. but on a weight loss program.. but for now I would like to try a pr.. not sure which of the 3 types I want yet… please give me a recommendation.. thanks and answer my questions as well..sincerely Mary
  23. I love these! I no longer smell like my mom did for too many long years! Anxious to find nude available in my size again.
  24. I also had a great experience with THINX. Then I ordered a pair of ICON as a gift for a relative and it has turned into a $34.00 plus shipping nightmare! They were never delivered!!!Contacting the company has been difficult. Their customer service seems to be nearly non-existent. I am about to resign myself to losing my money. For a company with a product aimed at a “mature” audience-one would think that the complaint process would be more supportive!
  25. I’m going to check these out! Thanks Amie! Although, they dont get damaged in the washer? And I wonder if they work for “light day” periods? I had a uterine oblation and have very light periods now…wonder if they’d be goodfor that…
    1. Hi Nancy! I promise, they wash like a charm. 🙂 I have used mine in a pinch when I run out of my Thinx underwear ( and they work great. They have a 30 day return, so worth a try! Also check out Thinx, they have more style options there.

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