Interesting Senior Discounts to Add to Your Repertoire in 2016

For many older adults living on a fixed income, opportunities for savings based on age are greatly appreciated. There's a variety of nationwide chains that offer senior discounts in categories like travel, entertainment, fitness, personal care, and retail shopping.

For franchises, senior discount pricing may vary from location to location, so it is wise to check with your local stores to determine whether a particular senior discount is offered in your area.

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If you are looking for unique senior savings opportunities, here are some steals and deals to consider:

Personal Care

If you are in the market for a haircut, Great Clips offers a $3 discount to people who are 60+. With over 3,700 locations in the U.S. and Canada, Great Clips locations are convenient to many older adults. Similarly, Fantastic Sam's stores typically have a designated senior discount day, where older adults can get 15 percent off the price of a cut.

If you are not interested in going to a chain salon, you might consider checking out your local community college cosmetology program. Many cosmetology programs offer free or reduced cost haircuts by students for seniors. The students are supervised by instructors, so there is no need to worry that you will be dissatisfied with your style.


You can show off your new style while enjoying a meal at one of several national chains offering senior discounts. Here are a few notable places to save while you dine:

• Applebee's offers 10-15 percent off for those 60+, depending on location
• Boston Market offers 10 percent off for those 65+
• Subway offers a 10 percent discount to those 60+
• Waffle House offers a 10 percent discount to those 60+ on Mondays

This is by no means a comprehensive list, but it will get you started with savings right away.

Travel and Entertainment Discounts 

You may be surprised to learn about the multitude of savings options for older adults who wish to enjoy entertainment and travel. Here are a few places that cater to those on a fixed income:

• Carmike Cinemas offer 35 percent off for those 65+
• AMC Theaters offer up to 30 percent off for those 55+
• Amtrak offers a 15 percent discount on the lowest rail fare nationally and a 10 percent discount on cross-border services into Canada for those 60+
• Avis Car Rental offers a 10 percent discount to those 50+ and a 30 percent discount to AARP members
• Many airlines offer senior discounts of about 10 percent off the regular fare

Super Senior Deals

If you do a little digging, there are many deals that are worth a look. Here are two examples of significant savings for older adults:

1) National Parks Lifetime Pass

For just $10, older adults can purchase a lifetime pass to all national parks. The pass allows older ones and their car companions to enter national parks without further entrance fees. An additional perk of the lifetime pass is a 50 percent discount on federal use fees for camping, swimming, parking, and tours within the national parks.

2) SilverSneakers Fitness

SilverSneakers is an active adult wellness program provided as part of many group health plans, Medicare Advantage plans, or Medicare Supplement plans. If your health plan includes a SilverSneakers membership, you get access to basic amenities and special fitness classes in over 13,000 fitness locations around the U.S. If you want to know if you are a SilverSneakers member, you can contact your health plan advisor for more details.

More Ways to Save

AARP Memberships: AARP is a membership program for people 50 and older.  AARP members enjoy discounts in restaurants, travel, insurance, financial products, retail, apparel and many more everyday discounts.  You can check out the list of AARP discounts here.

AMAC Memberships: AMAC is another membership program for people 50 and older. AMAC considers itself the “conservative alternative” to other older American membership programs.  AMAC members benefit from a variety of discounts including insurance, finance, automotive, travel and lodging and many more.  For a complete list of AMAC discounts, click here.

For a complete list of senior-related membership organizations, check out this article from Sound Mind Investing.

Beyond those mentioned here, there are thousands of local and national organizations that offer a stunning variety of discounts to older adults who identify themselves as seniors. For a more comprehensive list of available savings opportunities, check out our senior discounts list today.


  1. A discount is a discount. I may not be “entitled” to them but you can surely bet that if one is offered, why would I not take it? If all I save is $1.50 10 times a month on groceries, eating out, oil changes or whatever, that $15/month. That’s peanuts and not worth it you say. I say that $180/year and to me that’s not too bad! And to think if there are two together you save $360/year! If you don’t want it I’ll give you my address and you can send it to me.
  2. I think senior discounts are a good thing especially if your on a fixed income. Some of the people on this blog are very dumb. Hey, if you don’t want the discount don’t take it. And if you are not a senior and not on a fixed income then shut up. Why are you judging? When I apply all the senior discounts I can it can amount to over 50 bucks a month. 600 plus a year. While that’s not a lot of money to some, it helps put food on the table.
  3. “Pennies make dollars” my mother always said. I’ll take a savings anywhere I can. My husband is better at it than I am, but we both wrap up a lot of coins at the end of the month. No shame in that. Its your money, especially if you manage it well.
  4. for the people who think discounts aren’t senior entitlements you’re wrong. ive lived 65 years and i use every discount i can use with a smile. get real if you don’t want them don’t save any money, but it adds up if on a fixed widows social security. i asks always. life is always good but better when companies offer us discounts. becky
  5. why not use a discount if a senior, it helps when you are only recieving Social Security. 15 cents for a drink at Taco Bell is much cheaper than paying 1.50 .
  6. People talking about it’s not worth getting a discount at different places. With me I make an effort to tip the discount plus the 20 %, to the waiters or hair salons. They do need the money!
  7. I’m not sure why any of us think we are entitled to any discount in the first place. Because I am 60+?? So if someone offers ANY discount, we should be grateful. All this whining and complaining about “only 10%” or “so-and-so no longer offers senior discounts!”… Expecting a discount is absurd. Especially when considering that if a dollar or two is going to make a huge difference in your lifestyle, you probably shouldn’t be eating out in the first place. I would highly recommend dropping the whole entitlement mentality and understand that if a company is kind enough to offer a discount, be grateful. Otherwise just pay and be grateful you can go out to eat or whatever it is you are doing in the first place.
  8. Senior discounts are worthless, the amount you save on the item isn’t worth the effort. What do you save?, 10 percent on what , haircuts, diner meals, ? No great savings. Make the discounts worth the effort such as at Major Clothing Stores, Auto Dealerships, Real Estate Investments. All else is nickel and dime. When it’s figured in the end the discounts aren’t saved.
    1. Then stop expecting them. Why or how did you come to the conclusion you are entitled to a discount? I don’t even ask when I go into a place. For one, it is humiliating and degrading. If all I have to do is live to be a certain age to get a discount, that isn’t much of an accomplishment. Asking for discounts is the exact same thing as begging on a street corner. Rather than ask an owner of a business to voluntarily lose money by offering you a discount, go beg for a few dollars from strangers on the street, and when you have enough, just go back and pay full price with all the money you got from begging.
    2. Trying saving a penny on the first day and doubling it every day for a month. See what happens. You won’t need discounts.
    3. What do you mean “… the discounts aren’t saved.”??? Since when is getting ANY type of reduction NOT a savings? The exception would be if you are going out of your way to get something just because there is a discount available. I go regularly to get a haircut, and I ALWAYS ask for a discount. If they offer one, GREAT! If not, it never hurts to ask. Same with going to the movies, which my wife and I do a couple of times a month. I ASK for the senior discount. (We are both over 60). Saving $2 on each haircut, and $2-$3 per movie ticket IS A SAVINGS. I am spending less than I would otherwise. It never hurts to ask, as long as it is doing something I would normally be doing anyway. Did you know that if you stop at Dunkin Donuts to get your coffee in the morning, and you are over 55, you can get a FREE donut? I didn’t, until I asked one time. And now I can get my coffee AND a donut for no extra money. Please explain, in your logic, how that is NOT a savings.
    4. When you are living on a tiny pension and social security, those nickels and dimes make a big difference. I will never shop at major clothing stores; I make do with what I have. When my 12 year old car finally dies, I will have to trade it in for a bus pass. And real estate investments? Get real. You obviously are not in the bracket where a 5% discount at the local grocery store is a major benefit. Please don’t make the effort to get the discounts I count on — that way the retailer will have a few extra nickels and dimes to continue helping me with.
    1. While the Albertsons in your location may not offer a senior discount, the stores in southwest Idaho and other locations do. The first Wednesday of the month, seniors receive a 10% discount. Local competition and pricing drive a lot of these discounts.

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