Medical Alert Industry Going Digital

Medical Alert Industry: iWatch renderingIf you or a family member is wearing a traditional (tethered to your land-line based telephone) medical alert system, you probably won't be in a few years.  You see times they are a changing.  Traditional land-line based telephone systems are becoming a thing of the past… And those land-line based medical alert systems (think “I've fallen and I can't  get up”) will be pushed out of the way by newer digital mobile devices.

It's actually happening right now… The medical alert industry is changing before our very eyes!
The landscape in this market is changing at a rapid pace.  Traditional form factors like the iconic pendant buttons could also be replaced.  Did you know that there are medical alert apps out there for the iPhone and for Android devices?

Medical alert industry: emergency alert pendant

Wearable digital devices are the new rage.  Do you actually think the new iWatch won't have a medical alert app?  Think again! The innovators out there (the companies that will lead this space) have already begun to go mobile.

GreatCall, Philips and MobileHelp have already been leaning in this direction, and I'm guessing there are more innovators out there preparing to enter this space.

The Senior List recently published a profile of 5 cellular based medical alert system providers currently on the market.  There are 2 additional cell based medical alert systems scheduled to launch this fall.  One from Philips Lifeline and from MobileHelp.  Further “change agents” will see this market as ripe for innovation, and it should prove very interesting to follow.


  1. Better Alerts is a Medical Alert System that works with a waterproof Pebble Smartwatch, Better Alerts Android or IOS phone App, and a web service that include these features. BETTER ALERTS TOTAL PROTECTION SYSTEM FEATURES: -Fall Detection w/ GPS Location and real time alerts sent to 10 Emergency Contacts and the Primary Caregiver anywhere in North America -Medicine Reminders Sent to Pebble Smart Watch™ and the Primary Caregiver real time so they can follow up with the Client and be compliant with their medications. -Text & Email Alerts w/ GPS Locator sent in real time to the Primary Caregiver and Emergency contacts for Falls and Top Button Press -Dementia Fence w/ GPS Locator sent in real time to the Caregiver App allowing them to track their loved ones until they return to the predetermined fence. -Direct Call to 911 with GPS Location when the Bottom Button is pressed twice. This will also sent alerts to Caregiver and emergency contacts of the alert and the Clients location -Activity Reporting Daily- Better Alerts Pebble Smartwatch App has a pedometer and tracks the Clients steps taken each day. The Caregiver can run reports to see the Clients progress and how many steps they have taken and compare previous days. -Direct Call to Caregiver on Falls and Button Press
  2. I have been searching for a medical alert device for my mother, she has fallen a couple of times and is on a blood thinner, bad combination. She is very active so a mobile GPS device would be great however, she would also like it to be waterproof. Are you aware of any of the devices that would accommodate both, I am having difficulty finding one. Thanks
    1. Hi Beverly – Just noticed that GreatCall has a new waterproof pouch for their 5Star device. You can see this pouch on our facebook wall

    2. Any of these systems (including the SkyAngel911FD) can be tracked with GPS. The SkyAngel911FD is 100% waterproof.
  3. Thank you for the articles and your research on the newer items. It really helps to keep up to date. Great news on the alert systems that are the up and coming thing. Also going to check out the aps for android devices. Great service you are offering and I look forward to your emails.
    1. Is our pleasure Nance! We love writing about these topics, and glad you enjoy reading them 🙂 Thanks for the feedback.

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