Ocean Outfitters Review: Tofino, BC

Last week, while vacationing in Tofino, BC (Canada) we had the pleasure of booking a Sea Kayaking adventure with Ocean Outfitters Tofino Adventure Specialists. We wandered into their office (overlooking the marina) to inquire about scheduling something, and luckily they had an opening first thing the following morning.

Ocean Outfitters Review
Our Guide (Spencer) Navigating the Waters Around Tofino, BC

Even though the first trip of the day requires an early wake-up call, we're always up for an adventure – Ironically, another party that was scheduled to join us didn't show, so we had the entire (half-day) trip to ourselves. 🙂


The adventure starts out with a safety briefing (life jackets, etc.) in the office before we walk down to the dock to meet our guide – Spencer. Spencer took us through his own safety briefing aboard the boat that would take us to Ocean Outfitters' own private dock.

Ocean Outfitters Review Tofino BC
Ocean Outfitters Private Dock for Sea Kayaking

Ocean Outfitters Review – Tofino, BC

Unlike some of the other outfitters around Tofino, Ocean Outfitters takes you to a private location among the many small islands and inlets that surround Tofino, BC. The boat ride to a private dock is actually a sight-seeing adventure in itself… BONUS!


Once at the dock, we're given a tutorial on setting up our sea kayaks, and for operating them once we get in the water. Since we had kayaked before, we picked it up right away, and eased ourselves into the gorgeous crystal-clear waters surrounding Tofino, BC.

Once in the water we cruised along the shoreline and listened to Spencer teach us about the history of Tofino, and the many ecological marvels to witness along the rugged shoreline. Our kids (who joined us on this adventure) loved the trip, and learned a lot at the same time!

Ocean Outfitters Review Tofino BC
Enjoying the sights and sounds of Tofino BC

On the way back to mainland, Spencer made a few calls to his fellow guide buddies and was able to find a couple bears to see during the low-tide. Our kids thoroughly enjoyed this, and we appreciated Spencer going out of his way to cap off our adventure in style.


Ocean Outfitters Sea Kayaking Adventure in Tofino BC
Matthew spots a bear on the shoreline!

We highly recommend Ocean Outfitters if you're ever up in Tofino looking for adventures. They do Kayak trips, bear watching, a hot springs trip, whale watching, fishing trips, and more! Tell them The Senior List sent you!! 🙂

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