On Hearing Loss and The Power of Hearing Aids

In this report on hearing loss and hearing aids we thought we'd take an opportunity to pass along a couple of our favorite videos on the subject.  The 2 videos below are wonderful reminders that illustrate the truly touching moment of folks hearing for the first time (due to hearing aid and/or implant technology). Enjoy!

29 year old deaf woman delights in hearing her voice for the first time (video)

Also Read (the follow-up): Ellen Takes Care of Hearing Impaired Mom

And these:
How Disruptors (like Costco & Embrace Hearing) In The Hearing Aid Market Are Shaking Things Up
Why Costco is Targeting the Hearing Aid Market
How to Choose the Right Hearing Aid for You
How Big Is The Hearing Aid Market?


  1. Very good information. Thank you. I’ve been wearing hearing aids for 57 years and it pays to search until you find a knowledgeable person that knows and can fit your aide. Also one that will tell you when they have nothing that will work for you and can you refer you elsewhere.

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