ORA Personal Alert Offers Seniors Safety With Style

Safety is a major concern for seniors. The risk of falling or having a medical emergency is at the forefront of the minds of many seniors and their caregivers. Staying safe is also a concern for more active seniors who like to go out and about but may worry about having an emergency while out of the home.

Medical alert systems provide an obvious and reliable answer to this problem. However, sometimes older adults don’t want or need a monitoring center, but do want an easy way to notify others in the event of an emergency.

Serese Founder and CEO of ORA
Serese Selanders

ORA is a new personal alert device that is relatively low cost, smart, easy to use, and stylish to boot. We think ORA offers a lot of potential for people who need extra peace of mind but who do not feel the need for a traditional medical alert system.

The Founder and CEO of ORA, Serese Selanders, created the device when she couldn't find a solution for her active father who still lived at home that he would wear. “There is no way he was going to wear something that looked like a garage door opener” says Serese. “He's young and active, but I also needed to make sure he was safe.”  So, Serese created her own solution and ORA was born (you go girl).

How ORA Works

The heart of the ORA system is the Link – a button that is so small it can be worn in a keychain or on a necklace.

The Link is paired with the ORA smartphone app. Users set up a support network of people (as many as you want!) who will receive alerts when the button is pressed. Each support person also downloads the ORA app (free for support network).  The user can add non-smartphone users to their network, and those people will receive a text message instead of a push notification.

ORA works wherever there is cell phone coverage. When the wearer presses the button, the app sounds a loud alarm and sends alerts to the support network. A live map shows them where their loved one is located. If the ORA account holder does not receive and answer a phone call within two minutes of the button being pressed, ORA automatically calls emergency services.

Thanks to ORA’s patent pending technology, the app places emergency calls even if the phone is in sleep mode, or the lock screen pass code is activated.

Keeping False Alarms to a Minimum

False alarms are an irritant and frustration of many medical alert users, especially those with fall detection pendants. The ORA team designed the Link to be easy to use – but difficult to use accidentally. The button is positioned so that wearers have to deliberately find and press it, making it hard to press by accident.

In the event of a false alarm, users can simply cancel the alert from the ORA app on their smartphone.

No Monthly Fees

Yes, that's right. No monthly Fees. ORA is a great choice for anyone concerned about monthly fees and doesn't need or want a monitored medical alert system. Users make an initial payment for the Link and their choice of holder(s), and that’s it. ORA is yours to use forever at no extra cost.

Safety Meets Style

One of the things we love most about ORA is how stylish it is. The Link fits neatly into ORA’s range of specially designed accessories for maximum wearability.

ORA accessories include a belt clip, a Flex pendant (which has a sporty look), and a teardrop pendant which comes with a range of covers and looks like a jeweled teardrop. The pendants can be worn with the stainless steel chain (with an easy-to-remove magnetic clasp) that comes with it, or you can match it with your favorite necklace. ORA is perfect for anyone who doesn’t like the idea (or look) of a traditional medical alert pendant. ORA is water resistant and has a battery life of 24 hours.


It’s hard to find a drawback with ORA! The only three things that come to mind are …

  1. ORA requires a smartphone to work, so if a user does not have or can't operate a smart phone, a traditional medical alert system would be more appropriate.
  2. There is no monitored service, which makes it unsuitable for seniors who need the reassurance of a call center rather than directly alerting people in their network.
  3. Because ORA pairs with the user’s phone via Bluetooth, it won’t work if the phone runs out of charge or is out of Bluetooth range.

ORA Cost

ORA is an affordable option with no hidden fees or monthly payments to worry about. Once you purchase your Link and its holder, it’s yours to keep forever. Each ORA offers unlimited alerts, and free tech support.

Ora stars at $199.95 for the Flex pendant, (sporty look), or the Teardrop pendant (as seen above) goes for $299.95.  Each ORA has a 30-day money back guarantee, ships for free and comes with a one year limited warranty.

We think ORA is a great medical alert device alternative for seniors who don’t need a full call center service, but would benefit from extra backup at home or when out and about. Plus it looks great too!


  1. Ora is a great device to help out in emergency. Silent Beacon is also a safety device that helps in emergency. I have personally used it and can recommend to try it once. It is very helpful and easy to use.

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