Pixie Review- Find what’s yours and keep it safe

Did you know that the average American spends 2.5 days a year looking for lost items? We’re sure you’re all too familiar with the frustration of looking for that wallet, phone, or bunch of keys that you just know you had earlier. When the folks at Pixie asked us to check out their solution to keeping track of our stuff, we couldn't resist.

Pixie is a clever, affordable new gizmo that makes hunting high and low for lost items a thing of the past. Pixie uses augmented reality technology to turn your iPhone into a lost item finder. There are other lost item technologies out there – but Pixie is the only one that actually shows you where your lost items are.

Pixie 4 Pack help you keep track of your things.
Pixie 4 Pack

Stay Ahead Of The Game With Pixie

Maybe you’ve been told losing things is just a natural part of aging. In fact, research by Pixie shows that millennials are actually twice as likely to misplace things as baby boomers! That’s good news for anyone who believes getting older means more lost items.

However, the research also shows that nearly a quarter of Americans misplace a key item twice a week. Television remotes, phones, car keys, glasses, shoes and wallets are the most commonly lost items (in that order).

That’s why we think Pixie is a worthwhile investment – it reduces stress, cuts down on time spent searching for misplaced things, and helps parents, forgetful teens and older adults keep track of their stuff.

Pixie can help you find anything
Pixie can help you find anything.

How Does Pixie Work?

Pixie is so simple to use. Every pack comes with at least two Pixie Points (small, light teardrop-shaped gadgets). Set up is very easy. Once you install the app on your iPhone, you pair the first Pixie by placing the first Point next to your phone. This Point then stays with your phone from now on, you can adhere it to the back of your phone with the peel and stick backing on the Point.

Once that's complete, the app walks you through a very easy setup process pairing the other Points.  The app even helps you find your first item to become familiar with how it works. Then, you attach the other Points to the items you don’t want to lose (up to 7 items). You can:

  • Stick them to TV remotes
  • Slip them into wallets or bags
  • Attach them to key chains
  • Hang them from pet collars (this will come in very handy with our little pooch who likes to visit the neighbors)
  • Attach them to tablets and other phones

And anything else you can think of! If you lose an item, just open the Pixie app and follow the on-screen instructions to be reunited with your lost item in no time. Pixie’s state of the art augmented reality shows you onscreen where your item is. It’s a bit like having x-ray vision, without having to wear a cape.

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Things We Love About Pixie

There’s so much to love about Pixie:

  • It’s water and dust proof which makes it perfect for everyday use with no worries about breaking it.
  • Setup is quick and easy with clear on-screen instructions.
  • Pixie guides you step-by-step to lost items – even if they’re in another room or you’re in a noisy environment.
  • The finder is accurate to a few inches so it takes you right to your item.
  • Fantastic range – works for up to 100’ outdoors (no walls to see through), or 50’ indoors.
  • Even finds out-of-range items by taking you to their last known location until they come back into range.
  • Powerful enough to find your iPhone even if it’s switched off or out of power.

The only drawback we can see with Pixie is that it’s not available for Android yet, but according to the website, an Android version is in the works so hopefully the range of compatible devices will be expanded soon. Currently, Pixie is available for iPhone 5s (or later) or iPad 4 (or later) only.

Peace Of Mind At A Reasonable Price

Pixie starts at just $49.99 for a two pack (remember one Point will go on your iPhone). You can also buy Pixie in packs of:

  • Four Points for $69.99
  • Six Points for $92.99
  • Eight Points for $109.99

Every pack comes with a free key ring/pet collar loop, spare adhesives, a curved surface adhesive sticker (for items like your eyeglasses case) cleaning wipes to use before applying the Points and a quick-start guide.

If you want to make lost items a thing of the past, we recommend Pixie. Visit today to find what’s yours and keep it safe.

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