Poll Results: Senior Discount Programs Foster Loyalty

If any restaurant owners are reading this article, it's important that you take heed. Senior discount programs can foster customer loyalty – in a big way!

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Senior Discounts Foster Consumer Loyalty Among Those 50+

We posted a poll to our facebook page a couple weeks ago, and by an overwhelming margin. We asked consumers 50+:

For those age 50+: If a store (of any kind) offered a well publicized SENIOR DISCOUNT, would that make you more likely to be a loyal patron? (All other things being equal – like service, quality, etc.)

As you can see (by voting) 97% of consumers said they'd be “more likely to be a loyal patron” of a business offering senior discounts. Register your vote by clicking the response that most closely matches your feelings on the subject of senior discounts and loyalty.

Senior Discount Programs and Loyalty

By an overwhelming margin – Consumers said YES. Senior Discount Programs would make them more likely to be loyal. If you're looking at it from the business owners standpoint… Would you give up 10% profit margin to insure you bring back “repeat business”? Only the business owners can answer that, but I'd be willing to bet most would answer “yes”.

A similar poll we conducted back in 2015 showed similar results. With over a thousand responses, 96.22% of the people responded that they were “likely to frequent a business offering senior discounts”.  As many people know, AARP offers senior discount programs to their loyal customer base.  Did you know that there are other organizations offering similar programs for those 50+? Here is a handy list of other senior membership organizations (besides AARP).

The Senior List publishes a BIG LIST OF SENIOR DISCOUNTS each year. We have categories for restaurant discounts, retail discounts, travel discounts and more. If you're aware of senior discounts in your local area, post that discount in the comments section of the appropriate discount list we publish, and we'll be sure to add it during our next “refresh”.

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