800% Price Increase On Senior Park Pass Expected

If you're holding a Senior Park Pass for our National Parks today, it's likely you only paid $10 for it. This is one of the best deals going for seniors that enjoy getting outdoors… And we've written extensively about the senior park pass program right here on The Senior List®.

senior park pass for national parks
Zion National Park | courtesy The Senior List Inc.

Unfortunately, time is running out to get your National Park Pass at the $10 price. The National Park Service just announced that the senior park pass is going up 800% to $80 on August 28, 2017. Here's what the Park Service had to say about the increase:

WASHINGTON – In order to meet requirements set by legislation passed by Congress in December 2016, the price of the America the Beautiful – National Parks and Federal Recreational Lands Senior Pass will increase from $10 to $80. The change will take effect August 28, 2017. Pass holders are given lifetime access to more than 2,000 sites and parks. The fee increase will support critical investments in maintenance projects at national parks and federal recreational lands nationwide. – National Park Service, 7/10/17


The Senior Park Pass, otherwise known as “America the Beautiful – The National Parks and Federal Recreational Lands Senior Pass“, is going up for the first-time since 1994. Even though the senior park pass is going up 800% next month, it's still a great deal for adults age 62+ that like to get outdoors and enjoy our national parks.

Beautiful Clouds Over Haleakala National Park

If you're 62+ and you're interested in obtaining the senior park pass at the $10 rate, you'll need to act fast. You can still purchase the senior park pass online, by snail-mail or in person at the lower rate until Aug. 27. If you're inclined to purchase your park pass online (or by mail) you'll need to shell out an additional $10 processing fee.  The Senior List is recommending against mailing your application for the senior park pass, as the processing times are getting obnoxiously long. (see below)

UPDATE: DO NOT MAIL-IN YOUR SENIOR PARK PASS APPLICATION USING TRADITIONAL SNAIL-MAIL.  The Park Service has just issued a statement saying: “If you need your pass in less than two months, consider purchasing your pass at the first site you visit.” (You actually need to purchase your senior pass by August 27.)

Here are all the details from the Park Service.


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