Product Review: Teasia Coffee – Single Origin Whole Roasted Coffee Beans

A couple years ago, we received samples from a company called Teasia and was able to enjoy their Formosa Variety pack of teas in K-Cups. You can read that review here (hint, we really liked the tea).

They reached out again and announced they started roasting single origin coffee beans. Here’s a little bit of a background of their story.

Teasia coffee believes in two things: our people and our coffee. Striving to make the best cup of coffee possible, we begin at the source. Our coffee beans are carefully chosen in consideration to the origin, quality and flavors profiles. The beans are sourced from one single producer, crop, or region in one country (aka single origin). Our high-quality beans are then roasted in our Southern California facility in small batches to ensure the most unique flavor profiles.

All their coffee beans are 100% specialty grade and sustainable Arabica coffee, definitely a step up in flavor from my usual morning cup of joe.

Their coffee is roasted in small batches and packed within 24 hours to ensure quality and freshness.

Teasia sent The Senior List® samples in exchange for an unbiased review and hands-on test of the product. All opinions expressed here belong to the writer and reviewer of the product.

Take a trip around the world with a wide selection of coffee beans

The three sample coffees that were sent to me were all medium roasts: Colombia Huila, Brazil Fazenda and El Salvador.

Colombia Huila

Teasia Coffee – Single Origin Whole Roasted Coffee Beans

These beans are well balanced, creamy and full bodied with notes of caramel, red apple, tangerine, and honey.

Brazil Fazenda

Teasia Coffee – Single Origin Whole Roasted Coffee Beans Brazil Fazenda

The Brazil Fazenda has a smooth, light acidity, mild and buttery taste with hints of hazelnut and cocoa that balance the light and sweet berry tones.

El Salvador

Teasia Coffee- El Salvador

This Central American roast has a gentle acidity and balanced body with the honey-like sweetness of caramel and fruity aromas of apple and lime.

I really liked the coffee Teasia sent- albeit, I know way more about wine than coffee. I do like the variety of their coffee offerings and the consistent good flavor from each sample. These will make excellent gifts for the upcoming holiday season.

How much does Teasia Coffee cost?

The 3 flavors that I have tried can be easily purchased on Amazon and quickly delivered especially if you have Amazon Prime for $16.50 for 2 lbs, that’s only $8.25 per pound! If you’re looking to sample several flavors, they also offer variety bundles listed below:

  • Teasia Coffee Central America Roasted Whole Bean Bundle – 3 (8 oz) bags – Panama Boquete, Honduras, Nicaragua Segovia for only $19.99
  • Teasia Coffee South America Variety Roasted Whole Bean Bundle- 3 (8 oz) Bags- Brazil Fazenda, Columbia Huila, Costa Rica for only $19.99
  • Teasia Coffee Asia Variety Roasted Whole Bean Bundle- 3 (8 oz) Bags- Bali Blue Moon, Timor, Indian Monsooned Malabar

Teasia Coffee – Single Origin Whole Roasted Coffee Beans, Central Amertica Bundle

Lastly, if you’re looking for coffee beans that are decaf, Teasia does offer their Peru Decaf which still is 100% Peru Decaf coffee and has a nutty and sweet citrus taste and brown sugar smell. There’s really something for everyone with all these varieties of roasts.

Teasia Coffee Brewing & Storage Instructions

To preserve your beans' fresh roasted flavor for as long as possible, Teasia recommends they be stored in an air-tight container (or very tightly seal the bag it comes in), and keep it at room temperature. Avoid light that will compromise the taste of your coffee, keep them in a dark and cool location. For best results, it is recommended grinding your Teasia coffee no more than 15 minutes prior to brewing.

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