Safety in the Home for Seniors

Older adults are often very capable of living independently in their homes, but worries about home security, medical needs and other accessibility concerns can make living in solitude a difficult and stressful situation. Fortunately, modern technology has provided many new tools to help seniors feel safe and confident about independent living in homes equipped with comprehensive security systems.

types of alarm systems to ensure safety in the home for seniors
Safety in the Home is a primary concern for family members and caregivers of older adults.

Plenty of Options for Safety in the Home for Seniors

These practical security systems can also be helpful for caregivers and neighbors of those living at home alone, and sophisticated features and options will give older adults and their loved ones peace of mind for security and safety in the home for seniors.

Video Surveillance Systems

Living alone can be frightening when there is a knock on the door late at night or a sudden loud noise from the backyard. A video surveillance system can hand the power of information to the older homeowner when cameras reveal a friend at the door and a stray cat in the backyard. Video surveillance can be triggered by motion sensors, and these systems can record activity or provide a real-time view of events as they occur. Video surveillance can also be used remotely through smartphone technology to keep an eye on the home even when the resident is absent.

Fire and Carbon Monoxide Alarms

Fire and carbon monoxide alarms are important for all homes, but they are especially critical for senior citizens to ensure their ability to escape the home in an emergency situation. Carbon monoxide alarms will detect the presence of this toxic, odorless gas which can be fatal. Fire alarms alert the home’s residents to the presence of smoke so there is an opportunity to escape a burning home and call for help. A loud alarm may also summon neighbors who can assist the senior with his or her safe escape from the home. Many home security systems come equipped with these types of alarms (more details), there are many options for your loved one to choose from.

Door and Window Alarms

Motion detectors, door and window alarms will improve an older adult's confidence and safety when he or she is home alone, especially at night. With a high-quality alarm system in place, a burglar’s attempt to open a door or window will be met with a rousing alarm that will instantly summon police and alert the senior to the presence of danger. Motion detectors inside the home can turn on lights and will also provide an alarm and summon police when inappropriate motion is detected by the sophisticated sensor system.

Medical Alert Systems

Medical alert systems are a particularly important tool for seniors who may be in failing or fragile health. The ability to wear a small device with an emergency button can mean the difference between life and death for a senior who has taken a fall or suffered a serious health emergency. A home security system that includes a medical alert alarm is an imperative addition to the homes of senior citizens. With emergency help within reach 24 hours a day, many seniors retain the confidence for living independently with the help of a medical alert system.

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With carefully selected security systems that alert people to issues in their homes and provide immediate access to police and medical help, seniors can continue to live independently with confidence and without fear. For more information about how to help seniors citizens remain comfortable and safe in their homes, these security safety tips provide additional ideas and information.

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