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Seniors are increasingly expressing the desire to “age in place.” In fact, 87 percent of adults over the age of 65 want to remain in their current homes and communities as they age, according to the AARP Public Policy Institute. However, many of these same people also face new, age-related challenges pertaining to caring for themselves while living alone.

Enter Silver Mother Smart Sensors

This in-home “smart sensor” enables seniors to continue to live healthy, independent lives while simultaneously providing critical peace of mind to the people who love them.

Silver Mother is an example of creative technology for Alzheimer's by monitoring a variety of activities around the home
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The Origins of Silver Mother

The latest offering from smart system innovator, Silver Mother was a response to company founder Rafi Haladjian's personal experiences following the death of his father. With his mother left alone in her home, Haladjian and his sister found themselves struggling to keep up with all of her needs — particularly her medication.

“When we looked at my mother's pillbox we realized that she often forgot to take prescription drugs that were critical for her health. So, I thought that I could make a sensor that could make sure that she always takes her pills on time and call her automatically if she didn't. My mother was absolutely non-tech savvy so I needed to do something very very simple that acted as if it wasn't there and used objects she was already familiar with.”- Rafi Haladjian

But that was only the beginning. Haladjian realized that medication management was just one of many ways in which sensors could be used to improve and enhance the lives of seniors. And so Silver Mother was born.

The Benefits of Silver Mother

This easy-to-install, life-monitoring solution offers remote monitoring across a number of different aspects of senior living. When utilized as a pill management system, for example, Silver Mother detects when a pill is taken and/or if it is missed. It automatically sends reminder calls to the user as well as smartphone notifications to family members and caregivers if a dose is missed.

In addition to medication reminders, Silver Mother can be customized to meet a number of other health and lifestyle needs including:

  • Daily activity monitoring through sensors placed on the television remote, refrigerator door, and/or coffee machine to record and report on living patterns while also revealing if a particular activity is missed.
  • Hydration measurement, including the ability to check water drinking habits and prevent dehydration, through a sensor placed on drinking bottles.
  • Sleep tracking, including observations about sleep quality, potential sleep disorders, and other health issues, through a sensor placed on the mattress.
  • Mobility alerts, including tracking and dementia wandering prevention, through a sensor places on the front door which not only helps track arrivals and departures but also alerts family members and caregivers if their aging loved one leaves his/her home.
  • Temperature monitoring through sensors placed around the house which record the temperature while tracking trends to make senior homes are both comfortable and energy efficient.

In our home lab, we utilized the Silver Mother to track sleep patterns, daily activity, home monitoring (by attaching a cookie to the front door) and medications. Every aspect worked well, from the notifications to the smartphone app and weekly reports we received. If you purchased these individual products separately, you would spend much more money and have to manage them all separately. The Silver Mother simplifies our home monitoring, plus it saves us time and money. I love how we can easily modify what the cookies are used for as our needs change- Amie Clark

One of the most amazing things about Silver Mother is not just that it monitors senior behaviors in real-time, but also that this data can be aggregated into key takeaways for members of the healthcare team — from caregivers to physicians — in order to protect and promote senior safety and health.

Other benefits of the Silver Mother? Non-tech-savvy users will have no problems using this device, which simply involved plugging a “mother” hub into your router, which then pairs with the sensors (AKA cookies) and commences the monitoring.

For people concerned about discretion, Silver Mother sensors are small, quiet and unobtrusive. Silver Mother is also compatible with NEST and IFFT resulting in seamless integration and connectivity.

How much does Silver Mother cost?

Keep in mind that Silver Mother isn't free. Its flat-rate price of $299, ($294.75 from Amazon Prime) includes the hub and four sensors but requires no monthly subscription fee or add-on prices. In other words, once you buy the device, it's yours to use and adapt forever. In fact, the only other dime you'll spend on Silver Mother is in replacement batteries — which last between four and 12 months.

The verdict on Silver Mother? Just under $300 is a small price to pay for this visionary device — not only in terms of the value it provides in safeguarding seniors but also in delivering peace of mind for the people who love them.

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  1. This WAS a great product for our son with ADD and autism as well as seizure disorder to be able to live on his own, until the company disappeared! It had sent daily texts about medications to him as reminder and to me if he had not taken, What a wonderful help! But now all their social media has been pulled, it stopped sending the messages (refund???) and is a useless doorstop.
    1. Hi Sue,
      That’s really odd, I haven’t heard anything about them changing, but I do see that the social media has been pulled. Have you tried contacting support? I see their info here: Hope this helps. Best, Amie

      1. Hi Amie, just found your reply. I have sent repeated requests to every single email I can find on their site as well as twitter message to founder. Zero response! Even set up Google alert on them–nothing. Tried under different email account I have, same no response. Really annoying and hate to spend more on another product. I thought maybe they were selling company and by now up and running. If u find out anything please respond. We’re going to purchase Pill Drill as only other RFID with texts I can find. Thanks!
      2. Amie, apologize if you got this twice…sent two different devices. Yes, I have sent an email to every address listed on their website. Even a message via Twitter to their founder and not one single reply. I have tried to tell them how important that weekly report showing meds taken is. My son with autism has communication issues and right now, even tho he says he did or forgot to take meds makes a huge difference. He could say he took them and blood work shows low amount and they double up his dosage. I really don’t get them…if the founder added Silver Mother for his elderly parent, surely he understands how important it is. I even set up a google alert to see if he’s in jail somewhere! LOL. Actually hoping he sold the company if he’s got management problems…it’s a great idea. I even tried contacting them under a different email about a “purchase.” NOTHING. I also found (thru Google) an business that provides services to seniors. He bought 200 of them…right now they are useless. So if you have access to any investigative skill/abilities, would love to find out what is going on. Hate to have to purchase another product. Thanks!
  2. I may be really close to being a “senior” citizen but speaking as a former single mother with a developmental, disabled child, this would have been a much needed aid to caring for my child. He had Asperger’s Syndrome & ADD, this could have been a great asset to not only monitor his daily life but also to teach & condition him to a very necessary habitual, regiment that all children with autism or ADD need. Also, being a single mother, I couldn’t be there all day, every day when he needed me. This system would have not only helped with that but also it would have been able to help teach him what needed to happen & when but also give him more independence in his own life as he got older. The possibilities with this system for ANYONE with daily living challenges is endless. I hope this company looks deeper into the possibilities of their product.

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