6 Qualities of Ideal In-Home Care Service Providers

In-home care is a large and thriving service industry in the United States with nearly twelve million senior American citizens receiving care from over thirty-three thousand home care service providers for permanent/long-term disabilities and/or terminal illnesses. By 2050, the number of senior citizens receiving in-home care is expected to double.

All those who claim to be skilled in it may not necessarily be qualified for the role. Therefore, selecting the most suitable in-home care service provider can be extremely baffling.

A good home-care provider can play a key role in ensuring the speedy recovery of your senior. When looking for the ideal in-home care service for your aging family member, you should expect specialized services that will ensure your senior lives a comfortable life.

6 Traits of the Best In-Home Care Providers

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Here are six essential characteristics of a good in-home care service provider that you must take into consideration before selecting one for your senior.

1. Possesses a Skilled Team That Offers High-quality Services

A professional in-home care service provider will be well-equipped with a trained team of caregivers and nurses who can provide expert care to your elder. Well-trained staff will not only know their job, but also approach the patient with empathy. A good homecare service provider will employ only the most seasoned in-home caregivers who are capable of customizing the services as per the requirements of your senior. Moreover, a well-resourced agency will be able to effortlessly fill a shift with other skilled personnel on occasions when a caregiver is unable to show up. Make sure you meet the team of caregivers and interview them about their knowledge of senior-care before hiring them.

2. Caters to Special Requirements

Your senior loved one has a unique set of needs and the in-home care service provider should be able to fulfill them. Life changes after an illness, injury, or surgery, and this can severely disrupt your senior’s quality of living. He/she may require assistance with running errands, going for doctor’s appointments, medication reminders, nursing services, preparation of meals, and laundry. Choose an in-home care service provider that can cater to each of your elder’s special needs.

3. Has Significant Experience in Senior Care

While most in-home care providers regularly engage their staff in continuing education related to eldercare, certain skills can be developed only through experience. These qualities enable them to perform their functions empathetically and as per the requirements of the patient.

Only an experienced care provider will be able to study the patient’s behavior/mood, understand medicines/prescriptions, use medical supplies appropriately, and handle an emergency effectively.
The above qualities differentiate ace homecare providers from the average ones. Therefore, it is crucial to screen in-home care providers for their experience in the field of geriatric care.

4. Possesses High Levels of Commitment and Dedication

Elderly individuals may require assistance at any time of the day or night. Professional in-home care providers understand their duties and responsibilities towards their patients. They are available 24 hours a day throughout the week, depending on the needs and the condition of the patient.

Moreover, seasoned service providers are passionate about their job, honor their commitments and carry out their responsibilities in a professional manner.

When you interact with a homecare provider, pay close attention to the manner in which he/she communicates. If he/she is too busy marketing the agency/services without listening to your needs, it is a sign that the person isn’t really interested in helping you, but merely wants to achieve his/her numbers.

5. Enjoys a Strong Reputation in the Senior-Care Domain

When service providers offer excellent services, they enjoy a good reputation among their clients and healthcare professionals. Ask your healthcare provider to suggest a few local home care service providers that are well-respected in the field of senior care. Check the reputation of the home care provider you are planning to recruit by talking to a few of their current and past clients.
You can also check for client reviews on the website/social networking page of the homecare service provider. For instance, if you (or your senior) reside in Albuquerque, going through the Facebook/Twitter page of a reputed home healthcare provider in Albuquerque will enable you to understand the services it provides through client experiences and reviews.

6. Adapts to the Changing Needs of Your Senior

The senior-care industry is driven by professionals who are keenly aware of the ever-changing needs of the aging population. Depending on your senior’s health condition, special and additional assistance may be required every now and then. Your senior will depend heavily on the caregiver you select for assistance and care. Thus, you must make this choice wisely.
Good in-home care providers are responsive to the varying requirements and customize their care strategy accordingly. They are also capable of offering extra support, if and when required.

When striving to hire the best in-home care professional, your primary aim should be to make your senior’s aging process easier and more comfortable. The ideal in-home care provider will ensure that your loved one is safe, happy, and healthy under its care. Looking for a professional caregiver for your senior can be a daunting task, especially when there are umpteen options available. Checking for the aforesaid characteristics will help you choose the most appropriate in-home care service provider for your much-loved senior.

Author Bio:
Evan Thompson, CEO and founder of Senior.One, has a longstanding interest in finding solutions for seniors. He helps connect senior citizens and their family members with eldercare service providers and find the resources they need in one place. He offers information on nursing homes, hospice, financial planning, adult care, lifestyle and assisted living facilities in Albuquerque. He provides information on housing, medical professionals, financial planning services, and lifestyle options.


  1. My grandmother has started exhibiting signs of dementia and she lives alone, so I am thinking about hiring an in-home caregiver to help her. You make a great point that I should look for a caregiver who has a lot of experience working with the elderly. Also, it is important to me that the caregiver has a great reputation with their other clients so I can be sure that my grandmother is well taken care of and that the caregiver is kind and friendly.
  2. You are very out of touch. This does not exist in home health care. I have been dealing with this for over 10 years with my handicapped child. Most in-home care providers spend most of their time on their smartphone and don’t really want to do anything except have a house plant that’s bed down and needs no attention. There is a huge crisis in home health care and this country I have been through over 20 agencies and all of them awful even paying out of pocket.
    1. I am sorry to hear that you had such bad experiences. I have been in the healthcare field for over thirty years. A person would need to be compassion and caring. I only get paid $12.75 a hour and I work 124 hours a week and off the next week. I wouldn’t trade my job at all. Good luck and thanks for sharing.
  3. Hi. I am a State Certified Home Health Aide and I would love to find employment under the standards you provide in your article. could you help me with employment? I fit that bill and I’m also specializing in Alzheimer’s and Dementia care as I get along famously with this group of people. thank you.
  4. I like how you mentioned that home health care providers should cater to special needs per each patient. I am thinking of getting a home health nurse for my family. Thank you for the information on what qualities are ideal for home health providers.
  5. Thanks for explaining some things that you should look for when it comes to in-home care providers. I’m glad you mentioned that the provider needs to cater to the needs of the elder. This seems very important since they probably will know what service will benefit the elder the most.
  6. My brother is thinking of hiring a caregiver to look after our aging mom. I think compassion is the trait that we really should look for in a caregiver since her role is to tend to our mom’s physical needs and mental well-being. Our mom will surely experience loneliness, so the potential caregiver should understand her.
  7. Thanks for the rundown of the ideal qualities that an in-home care service provider should have. What struck me the most was when you mentioned that they should be able to cater to any special requirements that they senior has, say if the senior needs assistance when running an errand or preparing meals. One of my aunties went through operation before and consistently needs assistance so that she can do the basic activities such as eating and going to the comfort room. I’ll make sure to share this to my cousin so that they may decide if they are in need of in home care services.
  8. I like how you mentioned that the best in home care providers can react to emergencies and offer extra support if necessary. My wife and I are looking for someone for her mother right now. We don’t want to mover her out and also want someone with strong personal character. I think being willing to work extra says a lot.
  9. I hadn’t thought about how important it is to choose a service that will help your senior with their specific needs, like helping with medication. My father has gotten older and I think he might need a little help keeping track of things. I can see how it would be nice to have a service handle his medications for him. That way I don’t have to worry about him forgetting to take his pills.
  10. Yes this will help people like who wanted to stay with parents and provide all the comforts by hiring a perfect in home care taker. I would also suggest you to try Senior insight’s powerful assisted living management software tool. It makes care management easier for elders. Explore how Care management is made simple!
  11. My mother’s main debilitation is her growing macular degeneration, but her memory is getting a little hazy as well. I like that you mentioned how important it is for the senior home care provider to customize the care strategy based on varying requirements because I think my mother’s memory is going to become a larger problem. I should find someone to take care of her who can change their strategies when she starts forgetting things more.
  12. Evan, thanks for your comment about how in-home caregivers should be dedicated to helping their senior patients whenever they need assistance. I like how you said that they should listen to you and your needs more than just advertising for the business that they work for. My husband and I are looking into senior care services who are reliable and genuine to care for my grandparents.
  13. We have an aunt that is really old and needs some extra help around the house. We have been thinking about getting her some home care, but we don’t know what to look for. That is a good idea to look for an experienced care provider. They would know what to do in a lot of situations if they have experience. Thank you for the information!
  14. I was talking to a good friend of mine about her thoughts on getting her grandmother in-home care. She has been thinking about it for a while but is just now researching further. It would be beneficial for her to know that this care will adapt to the needs of the senior thus giving the elder a comfortable service.
  15. I love that you talked about senior home care, I found this article really helpful since I’ve been considering this rather than sending my mom to a retirement home. It’s relieving that there’s senior home care to help our elderlies with their aging process plus help them live their remaining years easier and comfortably.
  16. I like that you mentioned choosing a service provider that can cater to an individual’s specific needs. My father had a stroke a couple years ago and has been going downhill ever since. It’s getting harder for my siblings and me to care for him all the time, so having someone that specializes in in-home care to help him when we can’t be there would be tremendous!
  17. My grandmother is diagnosed with dementia. Our family can’t take care some of her needs because most of us are working. We are now looking up some in-home care service for her. These qualities are exactly what we’re looking for in a home care service.
  18. I’m glad you brought up that good home care services are responsive to various requirements and can customize their care strategy accordingly. My parents are getting to the stage of their life where they could use some in-home care, and having somebody that could adapt would be the kind of person I would want taking care of my parents. A service that has a strong reputation in the senior-care domain is also something I would look for in a care service.
  19. A good way to make an assessment of your first and fifth statements would be to ask their customers’ opinions and reviews. You can check their online reviews as well. I agree, though, that our loved ones deserve the best care that they could have so it is important that we make sure that they get just that. Thanks for the tips!
  20. I’ve been looking for a great senior care service for my mom. I like how you mentioned that an ideal home care should possess high levels of commitment and dedication. It’s something I would definitely consider. Thanks for sharing!
  21. You’ve saved my life with this idea! I would never want to leave my mom in a retirement home. She raised me and helped me raise my kids and being there for her is the best thing I could do. Thanks!
  22. Thank you for sharing the list with us. It is crucial for family caregivers to check whether the care living facility is clean and safe for their loved one or not. There are many nursing homes which overlook the quality of food and living standard. You have shared the most effective ways to judge senior care facilities.
  23. I like your point that every senior has a unique set of needs that will require the special personalized assistance of the caregiver. For example, the senior may be Muslim. From what I understand, there are certain times of day that Muslims pray; the senior may need help from the caregiver to do this everyday.

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