Steeltech Mailboxes Review

Mail theft is on the rise. Thieves break into millions of mailboxes every year stealing mail, money, personal information and peace of mind. The USPS recommends people retrieve their mail from their mailbox soon after it’s deposited. But how realistic is that? We all have lives to lead and standing by, waiting for your mail, isn’t practical.

Steeltech Mailboxes keep your mail safe
Mail theft is on the rise.

Steeltech Mailboxes: Securing Your Mail From Theft

Locking mailboxes are one option for protecting and securing your mail from theft. Locking mailboxes come in a wide range of prices, materials, colors and styles.

Today I’m reviewing secure locking mailboxes by Steeltech Mailboxes. I compared the following features: Security Design, Durability, Style Selections and Pricing.

Steeltech Mailboxes are made of 100% Stainless Steel.
Steeltech Mailboxes are made of 100% Stainless Steel.

Security Design Features – Pros

  • Steeltech Mailboxes are made of 100% Stainless Steel. Stainless steel is 25%-30% stronger than regular steel and significantly stronger than aluminum (a popular material for mailboxes). Vandals and thieves can not easily bash or break stainless steel.
  • All the hinges and parts are also 100% stainless steel giving them both strength and durability.
  • Mailboxes have rolled edges providing structural stability and anti-pry defense. Vandals or thieves trying to smash the mailbox or use a crowbar to pry the edges open won’t succeed.
  • These mailboxes have recessed doors providing even more anti-pry security. It’s impossible for a crowbar to gain the leverage needed to pry the doors open.
  • An anti-shear protective plate is behind the cam lock and protects the lock from crowbar force – the lock can’t be pried out or bashed in.
  • Each mailbox is constructed with spot welding. Instead of using screws and rivets that rust out or can be removed, these mailboxes are spot welded giving them pry-resistant strength.
  • The hopper style mail intake makes mail “fishing” impossible. Two of the Steeltech styles feature a hopper intake. The smaller style has a slot instead of a hopper.

Security Design Features – Cons

  • Spot welding is strong but not as strong as traditional seamed welding. However, it’s more affordable so spot welding keeps consumer costs down while offering solid strength.
  • The mail intake slot on the smaller style is too small for hands to reach in but still allows the possibility of “fishing” mail out.
  • The American made cam locks are top quality but tubular locks are a bit more secure.
Typical rural, roadside mailboxes - not secure, not durable
Typical rural, roadside mailboxes – not secure, not durable

Durability – Pros

  • Stainless steel is non-corrosive. Unlike regular steel or aluminum, it won’t rust out – even when scratched or dented.
  • All Steeltech mailboxes are made of 16-gauge stainless steel which offers a balance of durability with cost.
  • Steeltech mailboxes hold up in spite of abusive weather. After years of blizzards, salt water and dust storms, Steeltech Mailboxes continue looking great. The pictures customers share are impressive.
  • The natural finish stainless steel requires almost no maintenance.

Durability – Cons

  • 16-gauge stainless steel isn’t as strong as the 14-gauge that some competitors offer. But it isn’t as heavy either. The 14-gauge is expensive to ship and the weight can make installation of the mailbox difficult.

Style & Color Selection – Pros

  • Steeltech mailboxes come in three sizes: the No. 5 Standard, No. 7 Large, No. 13 Extra Large. They hold anywhere from 2 days to 1 week of mail (depending on how much mail you get and which size you select). Mail stays secure and dry until you retrieve it.
  • Mailboxes come in two colors: Natural Stainless or Powder Coated Black
  • Two styles of mail intake are offered: Slot style (on the No. 5 Standard) and Hopper style (on the two larger boxes).
  • All styles include dimpled anti-moisture floor bottoms to keep mail and packages dry.
  • Each style is well suited for inserting into custom surrounds. The mail is retrieved from the front. (See picture above).
  • The Standard mailbox accepts small packages (example: box of checks), magazines, periodicals, regular sized books and regular sized padded envelopes. The larger boxes with the hopper style can receive legal sized padded envelopes, mail order medications, larger books, etc. Some clothing packages might fit in the largest mailbox.

Style & Color Selection – Cons

  • The black powder coated mailboxes need some limited maintenance after a few years.
  • Mailboxes come in two color options – natural finish or black. Some people might consider Steeltech Mailboxes too “industrial” looking, especially the natural steel look.
  • You access your mail by unlocking the retrieval door. The retrieval door is located in the front of the mailbox. If your mailbox is improperly installed close to the roadway, it may be unsafe or challenging when collecting your mail.

Price Comparisons

  • Prices for Steeltech mailboxes are $625, $725, and $825 which is mid-range
  • Competitor locking mailboxes range between $199 – $1275
  • Steeltech offers FREE shipping
  • Steeltech Mailboxes has a Comparison Chart of Top Popular Brands – Click HERE


Steeltech Mailboxes are USPS approved. They’re suitable for most town, country, rural or suburban neighborhood homes and businesses. You can consider investing in a Steeltech mailbox if your mail is delivered to individual mailboxes and not cluster boxes.. These days, many neighborhood associations require residents to use the group mailbox kiosks.

One thing to keep in mind, these are mailboxes – not shipping containers. If you regularly have large packages delivered to your home or business, these mailboxes may not be large enough. Large packages will still be left on your doorstep.

Steeltech Mailboxes are a good quality product at a fair price. Certainly there are less expensive options. Any locking mailbox offers more security than a traditional mailbox. But the cheaper mailboxes made of regular steel or aluminum won’t hold up over time. If you plan on moving in the next year, don’t spend the extra for stainless steel.

Definitely consider a Steeltech mailbox If you plan to stay in your current home long term. You’ll get great security, durability, enhanced property value and peace of mind. Overall, a mailbox from Steeltech Mailboxes is a solid investment in security.

Steeltech Mailboxes can be purchased from Amazon or the Steeltech Mailboxes website.


  1. With the traditional post mount mailbox, what’s to stop the perpetrator from simply ripping the mailbox off and taking it away? I assume the only way a mailbox like this one is any good against theft is if it’s bolted on a steel post secured in the ground with a cement footing or mounted in a cement or stone, etc. structure of some kind that would make it difficult to rip off.
    1. Hey Markel, thank you for your comment and question! Yes, if someone invests in a locking mailbox, it makes sense to also invest in a heavy-duty or stainless steel post. Steeltech mailboxes (and posts) come with bolts, washers, and nyloc nuts. The nyloc nuts can’t be backed off the bolt without a tool holding the opposite end (the end locked inside the mailbox). If a thief tries, the nut and bolt will only spin around but not come loose. A thief could dig up a post and mailbox as a unit and take off with it. The USPS guideline recommends not using concrete when installing your mailbox post. However, I would cautiously suggest that you do use a mixture of gravel and a minimal amount of concrete for the security reasons you mentioned. And, as you mentioned, inserting your locking mailbox into a brick or stone surround makes the mailbox virtually theft proof.

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