Top 10 Pet Peeves On Airplanes

top 10 pet peeves on airplanes

One of our co-founders travels like crazy for work.  At any given time, he can be on the East Coast, West Coast, north or south…  One thing we get a kick-out-of are his stories of fellow passengers, and the things that frequent travelers deal with on a regular basis.

We asked Chris to give us his top 10 list of things NOT to do while traveling by air.  *Note- Some of these suggestions are from fellow passengers that Chris interacts with while he hops across the country… We hope you enjoy!

Top 10 Pet Peeves on Airplanes:

  1. Don't take your shoes off-  I can't tell you how many times I've been on a plane and had a passenger beside me slide their shoes off because “ohhhh these dogs are barking”.  First, if “those” dogs are barking, I sure has heck don't want see or hear them (let alone smell them).  This one is just plain disgusting (fellow travelers will back me up here) and it happens more often than you think.
  2. Don't have more than 2 (alcoholic) drinks-  OK 1 drink I get… 2 if you've had a stressful day… Fine… But anything over 2 is a head-scratch-er for most of us sitting around you.  Also, after a few drinks you get too chatty and frankly, we could care less what your batting average was in high school, or how many pounds you gained after your first-born.
  3. If you're going to chew gum, chew with your mouth closed-  Didn't your mother teach you any manners?  This isn't just younger kids mind you, but it can be full fledged corporate types.  Maybe it's lower oxygen levels or the altitude, but for some reason passengers lose their mind  the minute they pass 10,000 feet.  None of us want to hear your gum snapping while you type on your overly-priced MacBook… (PS: You sound like a 16 year old girl.)
  4. Don't Be A Loud-Talker-  OK, this one is a little less offensive depending on the nature of the conversation.  Frankly, it can be quite entertaining.  IF you don't know if you're a loud-talker (or not)… you might be one.  Most frequent travelers keep their voices down as a courtesy to those around them, but some folks just have a loud voices in general (even when they whisper).  Just make sure you know that you're sharing your son's sexual escapades with 6-10 of your closest seat mates when discussing “Nicky”…
  5. If you snore… Try not to fall asleep-  This one is a funny one for about 2 minutes, then it gets old real quick.  The last thing any of us wants to do is give mouth-to-mouth to the guy with sleep apnea in row 22… Once this nuisance starts, it's tough to get it to stop.  A few loud coughs is what we try (maybe even a shoulder nudge) but after that it's up to the (noise cancelling) headphones to do their job.  Yes that $300 I spent on those Bose headphones was worth it!
  6. Don't blast your music-  Clearly some folks don't care that they are causing themselves permanent hearing loss by blasting their iPods directly into their tympanic membrane.  I know you're a big fan of Rick Astley… but trust me when I tell you, it sounds awful to the rest of us.  Please turn down the volume…
  7. If your carry-on is too big to fit in the overhead bin… Check it!  This one kills us frequent travelers.  I don't know how some folks get past the first 2 gate keepers (security and the gate crew) but it happens all the time.  Someone gets to their seat only to find out their “carry-on” is stuffed so full it won't fit in the overhead bin.  When this issue occurs it's painful because the guilty party will try smashing it in there for at least 2 minutes while everyone waits in the aisle.  Finally, if they haven't torn their bag, or broken the overhead latch, the bag has to make it's way back to the front of the plane to be checked.  Ever driven the wrong way on a one way street?
  8. Don't emphatically recline your seat without checking behind you- This is another one that happens too often.  If someone behind you has a laptop open and your seat suddenly lurches back, that laptop is at grave risk!  Not to mention when you recline, you're almost laying in the other person's lap.  If you must… look behind you and let the person know you're coming back.  Then do it slowly.
  9. Don't lather on the perfume (or cologne) we don't care- You're traveling on a plane with a hundred strangers that don't care that you're wearing Sex Panther cologne.  Leave it at home or in the bag… We really don't want to taste it.
  10. Your kid isn't Pele, don't let him kick the seats-  For the record we love kids, and travel with them a lot.  One thing we don't allow is kicking the back of the seats.  It's so annoying for others, and we've seen folks come unglued because of it.  If you can't keep your kids from leaving boot marks on the tray-table, request a bulkhead.
  11. (BONUS Pet Peeve) Lighten up… You were a kid once too!  One of our biggest pet peeves is the uptight traveler that immediately gives the traveling mom (with toddler) a dirty look, and then sighs deeply at every chance they get… Lighten up Francis!  Or better yet, lend a helping hand!


Well that's it for now folks!  What are your top pet peeves while traveling?


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