Caring For Aging Parents

caring for aging parents“The Most Beautiful Home”

In a video that's sure to require a Kleenex, The Housing and Development Board produced a tear jerking video about a son's promise to his father.  The promise… “When I grow up, I'll give you the most beautiful home.”  What we learn from the video is that the home is not just about the place, but the love in the family.  That's what makes this video so touching, and something that many of you can probably relate to.

The home is not just about the place, but the love in the family.

There are millions of caregivers in the US and abroad.  Many of those caregivers are family members taking care of loved ones.  Make no mistake, it takes a great deal of work (and training) to bathe a loved one, to feed a loved one, and to provide medication management to a loved one.  That's just 3 of hundreds of duties that caregivers routinely manage on a daily basis.  Caring for aging parents is a very difficult job.

This video is NOT meant to advocate for or against placing someone in a nursing home if your loved one cannot care for themselves.  In many cases, care facilities can provide a fabulous environment for aging adults, while offering safety and care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The key is educating yourself about care needs, and senior housing options BEFORE a crisis hits.

The video certainly is thought provoking, and very well done.  We hope you enjoy it.

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  1. My grandmother is getting pretty old and my mother is thinking about being her caregiver. So, I liked you pointed out that caring for your parents can be very difficult. It seems like it might be a good idea to look into getting a professional caregiver for my grandmother for a while. That way, my mother’s relationship won’t go sour.
  2. Like, last year, my wife and I renovated one of our bathrooms to make it secure for my 83 yr old grandfather, whose legs were not working and he was coming to our home for a 3 month holiday. On the recommendation of my friend, I get into contact with the professional contractor for a walk in bathtub in Tacoma who changed my bathtub into a walk in bathtub, which was built with a bench and a handhold component on the shower head. He used the walk in the tub which him to live an independent life.
  3. We’re taking care of my grandmother right now. She has always been the smartest, most intelligent person I’ve ever known… but now, she is nothing but a shell. It kills me to see her being confused, not knowing who her husband was, forgetting how to use a shower. But I know that when she’s with people who care for her, she’s happy. It’s so much more about the little things now, instead of the long conversations or the big family trips.

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