Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Senior List all about?

The Senior List® is a community based website where you can find ratings, reviews, discussion, and debates about products and services for boomers and seniors.

Who visits The Senior

The Senior List® is visited by a wide variety of users,  but our main demographic consists of baby boomers that are looking for resources online (either for themselves or for family members).  Baby Boomers were born between 1946 and 1964.  They are 77 million strong here in the USA.  AARP says that by 2015, 45% of the population of the USA will be 50+.  82% of adults age 50+ use the internet to research health and wellness information.  Finally… (drum roll please) 96% of baby boomers participate in word-of-mouth or viral marketing by sharing product (or service) information amongst friends (ThirdAge and JWT Boom).

Can you recommend a medical alert system for me?

You may find our Buyers Guide to Medical Alert Systems helpful to narrow down your choices.  You can also check out our yearly list of recommended medical alert systems.

A Senior Discount you listed is not available in my area.

We update our senior discount lists on an ongoing basis.  Many of the companies we have researched are nationwide and many are franchises or individually owned.  These businesses will not always offer the same discount or any at all.  As a general rule of thumb, you should ASK before you order.  Here is our new List of Senior Discounts.

What if my product (or service) receives a poor rating?

There is a chance your product or service may receive a below average rating or review.  The reality is, sometimes you can't please everybody all the time!  As your business grows, your online reputation will grow as well.  If you strive to do the right thing, it's likely your business will weather a few snarky comments just fine.  In fact in our experience, retailers and/or providers that provide excellent customer service often get defended by satisfied customers when issues do come up.

If one of our community members wishes to post a review or a comment on The Senior List it will be posted (as long as the consumer has valid credentials).  If you wish to dispute a rating or review because you believe it to be fraudulent, we will investigate on your behalf.  Our inquiry will focus on the validity of the report, and whether it was submitted by a legitimate consumer of your services.  Please contact us if you suspect fraud.

I am a business: How can I improve my online reputation?

Here's a Tip-  The best defense is a good offense.  As a business owner, you should be aware your customer satisfaction levels and your online reputation.  You should be tracking it constantly.  Savy business owners are proactive.  Ask your satisfied customers to take a moment to provide a review for your product or services, especially if we are talking about it here.  Most people that receive superior service are happy to talk about it.  On the contrary, most folks receiving lousy service will scream about it.  This is the way word of mouth has worked for hundreds of years… Ask your happy customers to sing your praises – If you're doing the right thing… they usually will.

I am a member of the media: How can I learn more about The Senior List?

First, feel free to contact us.

There's more info on our About Us page or on our In The Press page.

Here are a few additional company tidbits: 

Founded:  In 2006 as a regional resource for Portland, Oregon Consumers.

National Launch: Fall 2007.

Company Description: The Senior List® ( Provides Ratings, Reviews and (grown-up) Discussions on Products and Services for Boomers and Seniors.

Tag Line:  Word of Mouth… It Works!

Headquarters:  Portland, Oregon, USA

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