Senior Gifts Guide

While there is no need for a special occasion to bestow gifts upon a senior friend of loved one, celebrations such as birthdays, retirement, anniversaries, and holidays such as Christmas or Grandparent’s Day may warrant something special. The best gifts for seniors will be something they can use that makes their life a bit happier, safer and easier. Here are some great gifting ideas for an aging loved one in your life.

Medical Alert Systems

Medical alert systems are a wonderful gift for any senior, and there are numerous companies to choose from with an array of price ranges. Give yourself and the one you love greater peace of mind knowing that help is just the press of a button away should an emergency arise. The most desirable senior alert systems boast features like automatic fall detection and GPS tracking abilities. While The Senior List can guide you through senior alert system companies and reviews, it’s important to keep in mind that spending more doesn’t necessarily mean better service. Some of the most affordable companies have the highest ratings and positive customer reviews.

Emergency ID Bracelets

Today’s emergency identification bracelets can become beautiful, life-saving gifts for any senior in your life. They are available in styles ranging from inexpensive waterproof or silver tone options to jewelry-like bracelets crafted from gold or sterling silver. Emergency ID bracelets typically feature the wearer’s name, a contact number and notes of any medication allergies or chronic health conditions. This is a great way to show an aging loved one that you care.

Personal Item Location Devices

Everyone misplaces items from time to time, and seniors are certainly no exception. Consider a gift like personal item location devices that can help seniors quickly locate specific items quickly. There are models that use keychain receptors that attach to commonly misplaced items like purses, wallets, keys, etc. The device sends out an alert when the master fob button is activated. More modern options like the Chipolo Plus models connect via Bluetooth, and users can activate the finder alert by calling the device from their phone.

Smart Home Assistants

What better gift to give someone than their very own personal assistant? Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant, and Amazon Echo are high tech but very easy to set up and operate. Seniors can schedule reminders for appointments, medications, wake-up alarms, make hands free calls, play music, get answers to questions, and much more with these smart home devices. They can also be connected to any smart home features such as lighting, door locks, and home security systems. These affordable gifts are sure to be appreciated by any senior in your life.

Adaptive Eating Tools

While eating utensils and plate ware may sound like an odd gift, adaptive style dining sets are often greatly appreciated by seniors, particularly those who have had a stroke, suffer from arthritic conditions or have hand weakness. Consider handy gadgets such as easy-off jar openers that only require one hand and minimal grip to operate. Another idea is ergonomic flatware that angles to ease eating and features easy grip handles. Complete this gift with an adaptive plate ware set that typically features a curved design and slanted inner surfaces to keep food on the place and ease picking it up.

Give the Gift of Caregiver Support

While it may not be feasible to offer full-time caregiver support for a senior, you’d be surprised how affordable part-time respite care assistance can be. Home companions, home health aides, or even a bi-weekly housekeeping service can be of great assistance an aging loved one. Senior home care can be offered from as little as once a week or a few hours per month, depending on need and budget. The Senior List has a special section that can help you find the right type of care at a price that fits your gifting budget.

Chip in on a Vacation Voucher

Did you know that there are numerous travel agencies and booking sites that offer steep discounts for seniors? You will find a detailed section on The Senior List filled with information about the best places to find such discounts in addition to reviews of the best places for senior travel today. A gift such as this would likely require a voucher to be purchased that the gift recipient can apply to a future vacation booking, so they can receive their discount. If more than one person is planning to give a gift for the occasion, consider getting everyone to chip in.

Gift Certificates

Who doesn’t love receiving a gift certificate to spend any way they like? Here are The Senior List, you can explore dozens of restaurants, retailers, and service providers to find just the perfect place to treat your recipient too. Simply find a listing that offers a senior discount and make your purchase. When the senior uses the certificate, they can show their identification and receive a lower price so that your gift goes even further.

Of course, one of the greatest gifts you can give a senior loved one is quality time with you. However, if you are looking for a special something to honor an occasion, check out the free information available here on The Senior List.

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