The Best Retirement Gifts for 2023

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Celebrate a coworker or parent’s much-anticipated retirement by sending them off with thoughtful parting gifts. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best budget-friendly retirement gifts to help retirees unwind, relax, and easily transition into their new life journeys.

Our Favorite Retirement Gifts of 2022

A Luxurious Robe

Cost: $51-$170

For the ultimate pampering gift, consider purchasing a bathrobe made from comfortable cotton. A unisex bathrobe can be a great gift for seniors to throw on after a warm bath in their walk-in bath. It can also be a fashion statement for simply lounging around, staying warm, and enjoying a lazy Sunday.

We recommend purchasing Linum Home’s personalized bathrobes priced at $51 from Macy’s. This product is made from durable and fast-drying Turkish cotton. It also comes with the option of personalizing the letter of a loved one’s name on the robe to make it an even more special retirement gift.

If you’re looking for a similar personalized robe, we also recommend purchasing the Brookstone robe, which has two huge side pockets and is embroidered with an initial or full name, priced at $62.99.

A Wellness Basket

Cost: $29.99-$170

We could all use some more self-care and wellness tools in our daily lives. A retiree will thank you for getting them a wellness basket that’s filled to the brim with candles, soap, and other aromatic goodies. For $168, the Ultimate Wellness gift set by Knack offers a relaxing candle, detox bath cube, tea collection box, and a cozy eye pillow — among other wellness products.

One of the main perks of gifting a retiree a wellness basket is that they will frequently use it and think of you. A person can enjoy using a candle while they take a bath, or they might sip on some tea to help destress after a long day.

If you’re looking for something more affordable, we recommend checking out Etsy for a list of small businesses that sell wellness baskets for men and women. You can purchase a wellness box from HeritageBeeFarm on Etsy, which is priced at $57.95 and features handmade soap bars, a beeswax candle, and soothing lotion and lip balms for treating chapped lips.

A Set of Linen Sheets

Cost: $80-$229

For those who don’t have time to do the laundry, a new set of linen sheets can help transform their space. Made in Portugal from 100 percent European flax material, the Linen Sheet Set by Parachute helps newly retired seniors start their day with cozy, luxurious, and soft linen sheets.

A person may enjoy these linen sheets because they can keep them warm and prevent irritation to the skin. One of the things we love about these eco-friendly sheets is that they have antimicrobial properties and great insulation throughout all seasons. Priced at $189-$229, these extra durable and soft linen sheets can help seniors get even better sound sleep.

We also recommend the Washed Linen Sheet Set from TJ Maxx, which is made from 100% Belgian flax linen and pre-washed for softness.

A Kindle e-Reader

Cost: $89-$299.99

For seniors who prefer reading on an electronic device, a Kindle e-Reader might be a good gift idea. A Kindle e-Reader is an alternative option to carrying around physical books and keeping track of multiple books. For retirees who plan to travel often, an e-Reader can save space and help seniors browse through hundreds of books all in one place.

The Amazon Kindle 8 GB e-Reader is priced at $89.99 at Target. As a bonus, the Kindle e-Reader has an adjustable front light that’s easy on the eyes and gives seniors access to millions of newspapers, books, and other written material. It’s particularly helpful for seniors who need additional tools to highlight passages for clarity or zoom in on text using the nifty features that Kindle offers.

A Meal Kit Subscription

Cost: $5.99-$8.99 per serving

Meal preparation can be a hassle as we get older. To cut down the time in the kitchen, a meal kit subscription for retirees might be a great option. Home Chef is a meal delivery service that lets seniors customize their meals and have them delivered straight to their door. You can either choose from a Home Chef plan, which lets you pick from a variety of recipes and prepare your meals, or you can choose the Home Chef Fresh and Easy no-prep recipes. On average, a fresh weekly meal kit costs $6.99 per serving, and you can build your own box or change up the frequency of meals delivered.

A Cooking Class

Cost: $75-$120

What better way to celebrate retired life than the art of cooking? Buy a cooking class gift through Cozymeal, which has locations in major cities throughout the U.S. Taught by chefs, these cooking classes are a great way for seniors to try new recipes and authentic cuisine. Choose from classes like “Sourdough Bread Baking” or “Fine European Fusion” cooking. In addition to the instruction from the class, students can also enjoy a variety of tasty meals and learn different cooking techniques.

If your friend or loved one can’t attend a cooking class in-person, there are also convenient virtual options. You can also buy an online cooking class starting from $29 from Sur La Table and enjoy a variety of cooking classes such as “Blueberry Cheesecake Macarons” or “Classic Pad Thai.”

Considering getting a meal delivery option for a loved one? Read more about meal delivery options for seniors like Hello Fresh and Uber Eats.

A Massage Gun

Cost: $34.99-$229.99

For seniors who have pain in their back, legs, or shoulders — a massage gun can be a useful and generous gift. Starting at $119.99, the Sonic Handheld Percussion Massage Gun from Amazon is a deep tissue massager that comes with five different high-intensity speeds and is fully rechargeable for convenience. The best part about this device is that it is portable and easy to use for older adults who might not feel comfortable going in for a professional massage. They can customize the settings and use a speed that is gentle on their body.

For a gentle massager with 20 speed settings, we’d recommend the AERLANG Massage Gun, which provides a gentle percussion frequency to improve blood flow and alleviate back stiffness and pain in the body. With more speed adjustment settings than most traditional massage guns, this product is easy to use and durable.

New Cookware

Cost: $18-$269

A new cookware set can be just as tantalizing as dessert! For seniors who enjoy hosting friends and family for dinner, a durable and reliable cookware set can make cooking fun, mess-free, and easy.

We recommend this cookware set from Rachael Ray, currently priced at $169 on Amazon. Seniors can enjoy an easier time in the kitchen with pots and pans equipped with nonstick technology. Plus, they can cook their favorite cuisine and come up with a variety of dishes ranging from minestrone soup to pad thai and vegetarian chili. The options are endless, and a sturdy cookware set makes it all possible!

You can also look into stainless steel cookware sets for a polished look. Consider purchasing a Cuisinart set for $139.99 from Bed Bath and Beyond. It has Cool Grip safety handles for seniors who may have dexterity or grip problems, and it also is freezer-safe with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.

WellBe Smartwatch heart rate monitor
WellBe Smartwatch heart rate monitor

A Smartwatch

Cost: $159-$199.95

For seniors who want to upgrade their traditional watches, a smartwatch may be a great option. A smartwatch has many advanced features such as GPS and location tracking, step counters, health monitors, voice commands, and fall detection. Some smartwatches may even have water-resistant capabilities and SOS buttons for emergencies.

We recommend the SOS Smartwatch by Bay Alarm Medical for older adults who are looking for an SOS button with two-way communication and an easy-to-use interface. Currently, the SOS Smartwatch costs $159 in addition to the monthly subscription of $29.95 per month.

We also recommend looking into Medical Guardian’s MGMove Watch, which has superior health and safety features at an affordable price of $39.95 per month and a one-time device fee of $199.95.

A Homemade Scrapbook

Cost: $10.99-$99.99

A homemade scrapbook can be a fun (and inexpensive) gift for retired seniors. It can also give you the chance to get crafty and go through old photographs to tell a story. For older seniors, a scrapbook can help them reflect and reminisce about the years leading up to their retirement. It can also be a wonderful way to document and share snippets of their life over the decades.

We recommend purchasing an eight-by-eight Bstorify Scrapbook Album with 60 pages from Amazon for $10.99. This scrapbook includes high-quality, durable Kraft paper and an aesthetically pleasing vintage hardcover with a spiral-bound spine.

If you want to spend more money on the scrapbook project, you can opt for the Scrapbook Album by Artifact Uprising for $85. This specialized scrapbook album provides a variety of fun prompts in a chapter book format.

A Museum Membership

Cost: Free-$1,500

A trip to the museum can be a stimulating and educational activity for newly retired seniors to participate in. The cost of a museum membership may vary depending on the location. We recommend finding a variety of museums with a focus on art, environmentalism, and history.

The Met offers different tier memberships ranging from as little as $10 to up to $25,000 annually. Seniors can enjoy a variety of ongoing or temporary exhibitions on fashion, contemporary art, and a collection of European paintings, for example.

Additionally, we recommend checking out the Skirball Museum in Los Angeles, which offers an annual $65 tax-deductible membership for seniors ages 65 and up. Some of the benefits of joining a Skirball Museum membership include discounted tickets to select museum programs and all of the benefits associated with general membership.

Pro Tip: You may also want to check for local museums in your area to see if they offer free or discounted membership for seniors or members of the military.

To find other travel destinations beyond museums, read our senior travel guide.

A Spa Treatment

Cost: $225-$450

Retirement is a time to unwind, pamper oneself, and take a moment to reflect on all the hard work you’ve done over the years. It’s a time that many seniors look forward to. Why not celebrate the start of retirement by gifting a loved one or friend with a spa treatment? We’d recommend searching for local spas near the destination you plan to visit.

For example, the Spa at Terranea is a perfect California spa getaway for seniors, boasting a total of 25 spa treatment rooms that help revitalize and nourish one’s spirit. You can choose from a variety of spa treatments such as a Relaxing Classical Massage for 60 minutes starting at $220. Or you can receive a restorative CBD massage starting at $280 to help seniors enjoy a restful sleep and alleviate anxiety and pain in the body.

For seniors who don’t enjoy massages, you can also give them a gift of a European facial at a spa setting. A facial can help exfoliate and rejuvenate the skin, while treating impurities on the face and environmental abrasion. We recommend browsing through Groupon to find the best deals on facials at your local day spa.

A Movie Theater Subscription Pass

Cost: $18-$23.95

There’s nothing like going to the movies and enjoying a bag of popcorn with friends and family. Although seniors can stream their favorite movies and shows on Netflix at home, there’s something much more exciting about visiting the theater in person.

If you have a senior friend or loved one who frequently enjoys watching movies and shows, consider gifting them an AMC Stubs A-List membership, which lets members watch up to three free movies a week in any cinema format with no blackout dates. Plan prices may vary depending on your location, so check with your local AMC to inquire about subscription pricing. In our experience, a basic AMC Stubs A-List membership starts at $23.95 per month.

Alternatively, you can also look into the Regal Unlimited Movie Pass, which starts at $18 per month, and lets members watch as many movies as they’d like. The plan also includes discounts on food and beverages at the theater as well as other member benefits.

If you’re a movie and TV show enthusiast, we recommend browsing through our list of the best cable companies for seniors.

Art Supplies

Cost: $1.79-$20.39

Hobbies can take on a whole new meaning during seniors’ retirement years. For one, it helps older adults stay busy; secondly, taking up art or another hobby they love can bring them joy. We recommend purchasing various art supplies to help bring out their creativity. You can even join in on the fun and make it a community wine and art night.

With locations throughout the U.S., Michaels craft stores offer a variety of art supplies to help inspire artists and crafters alike. We recommend purchasing colorful acrylic paint for $5.49- $8.99 and pairing it with a Stapled Canvas by Artist’s Loft, priced between $1.79-$20.39, depending on the size of the canvas.

A Cruise

Cost: $474-$4,000-plus

What’s the first thing you would want to do when you retire? Many would say they would love to book a one-way cruise to get away. If you’re looking to splurge on a retirement gift, we recommend choosing Regent Seven Seas Cruises, which provides all-inclusive luxury cruises for seniors and frequent travelers.

Alternatively, if you’re on a budget, we recommend Carnival Cruises, which offers a variety of savings for seniors ages 55 and older. For example, a three-day trip can start as low as $474 per person.

To see our picks for the best cruises for seniors, check out our latest guide.

A Cameo Message

Cost: $40-$500

To make retirement even more sweet, consider looking into a special personalized cameo message from a celebrity. A cameo message consists of a personalized video recording message from a celebrity or someone of special importance to your retired friend, loved one, or parent.

To make someone’s day, you can purchase a cameo message directly through and browse through categories such as athletes, TV actors, comedians, and more. For example, a Cameo message from actor Jamie Farr from M*A*S*H* would start at $125 for personal use. If you have a retired friend who religiously watched M*A*S*H*, then they’re going to love getting a personalized cameo.

A MasterClass Subscription

Cost: $15-$23

Learning a new skill or taking up a new hobby is important to brain health as we get older. Learning is lifelong, so giving the gift of an educational subscription can be a great gift for someone who has recently entered retirement.

Currently, you can purchase a MasterClass subscription starting at $15 per month for as many classes and sessions you want, with unlimited access to over 150 instructors on a variety of topics and subject matters. Some of the upcoming courses offered by MasterClass include prominent individuals such as Melinda Gates, The Duffer Brothers (“Stranger Things”), and singer Christina Aguilera. We’d recommend upgrading to the $20 per month subscription, as you can share and stream the plan at the same time, with one additional household member.

Bottom Line

Finding the perfect retirement gift can be stressful but worth the effort. No matter what gift you decide to buy, the gift of quality time is always on the table. We hope that this guide has helped give you some fun ideas on retirement gifts for the friends and loved ones in your life!

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