Eargo Max vs Eargo Plus: Which Is the Better Value?

Though Eargo does not provide hearing aids for those with profound or severe hearing loss, it is quickly becoming a leader in hearing aid technology, competing with longstanding contenders Phonak and Oticon. Eargo's hearing aids are designed to promote active, social and comfortable lifestyles for those who experience some degree of hearing loss. Each of their models — the Neo, Max and Plus — are nearly invisible, making them ideal for those who wish to keep their hearing loss a secret. Moreover, because Eargo products do not require a prescription, they are more affordable than similar models from other top brands.

Features of all Eargo Hearing Aids

Each of Eargo's hearing aid models boasts similar features with only slight differences between them. For this reason, we choose first to focus on the features you can expect from the brand, regardless of whether you go with the Plus or the Max:

  • A barely-there design provides for ultimate discretion and fits comfortably within the ear canal.
  • Because the design does not wrap around the ear, as many other brands' models do, the sound transmitted from the device comes from in front of you (as is natural) instead of behind you.
  • Eargo devices offer four sound profiles to cover a range of mild to moderate hearing loss. For your convenience, all you need to do is tap on the device to switch between profiles. Eargo stores data that allows it to remember which profile you prefer best, meaning you don't have to reset the aid between uses.

Each Eargo device comes with a small case that also serves as a charging dock. Once the case is fully charged — which you can do via a standard USB charger — you can carry it around with you and count on it to charge your hearing aids for up to one week.

Customer Service

When you purchase an Eargo device, you'll be assigned a Personal Hearing Professional. If you have questions, call up your PHP, and he or she will be able to assist you. Because your PHP makes it his or her job to familiarize him or herself with your ears, the support and advice you'll get are 100% customized to your hearing loss and device.

The Package

Of course, there will be slight differences between the Eargo Max and the Eargo Plus. One of the first differences you'll notice is in what you'll get. Though the difference isn't substantial, it goes a little way to making up for the price discrepancy (which we'll discuss in a bit). With the Max and the Plus, you'll get the following:

  • Two Eargo devices
  • Two large flexi-fibers
  • Six regular flexi-fibers
  • A wax guard
  • Micro-USB cable for charging
  • A charging case/dock
  • A USB plug
  • A cleaning device

The Max's package is only slightly bigger, as it includes two additional large flexi-domes.

Warranties and Return Policies

All Eargo products come with a free one-year warranty. However, if you purchase the Eargo Max, you have the option of protecting your device for one additional year for an extra charge. With both the Max and the Plus, you have the option to return the device within 45 days and receive your money back, no questions asked.

Technical Specifications

The technical specifications between the Eargo Max and Eargo Plus look virtually the same as well. Both devices are 18.4 mm in length, 9.4 mm in height and 6.8 mm in width. Both weigh 1.1 gram. The battery capacity for both models is 24mAh.

In terms of the Gain Maximum output, the Eargo Max and the Eargo Plus both feature 110dB SPL. Both have noise reduction capabilities of 12dB gain reduction.

The Eargo Max features wind noise reduction of up to 14dB gain reduction. The Eargo Plus, however, does not have wind noise reduction technology.


Price is where the real difference between Eargo Max and Eargo Plus lies. The Eargo Max is $2,150. You can purchase the model on a flexible payment plan and pay as little as $100 a month for pristine hearing.

The Eargo Plus is considerably less expensive at $1,650. If you opt to pay in installments, you may pay as little as $77 per month.

Side by Side Comparison

Eargo PlusEargo Max
Sound ProfilesFourFour
Warranties1-year1-year (2 for an extra cost)
Gain Maximum Output 110dB SPL110dB SPL
Noise Reduction 12dB gain reduction12dB gain reduction
Wind Noise Reduction None14 dB gain reduction
Battery Capacity 24mAh24mAh
Price$1,650, or $77/month$2,150, or $100/month

Though, from a side-by-side perspective, the two models appear to be more or less the same, Eargo's website, in its own side-by-side comparison table, does claim that the Eargo Max features better sound amplification, better dynamic feedback reduction and better active noise cancellation than the Eargo Plus.

What We Think

From the looks of it, it doesn't seem as if there's enough difference between the Eargo Max and the Eargo Plus to warrant a $500 price difference. However, if you plan on spending many a day outside in the wind, or if you want those extra two large flexi-domes the Max package comes with, by all means, splurge.

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