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Otofonix Elite

Otofonix Hearing Aids: Features, Costs & Pricing

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Otofonix Elite

As a caregiver, I’ve met individuals with hearing loss that ranged from mild to profound. Hearing loss can leave people lost at family events because they are unable to follow along and participate in the activities they love. This can bring out feelings of loneliness that can greatly impact well-being. Luckily, hearing aids can be an excellent solution.

Hearing aids are a pathway not only to better hearing but also to greater levels of independence. My clients who experienced hearing loss went through a transformation when they purchased hearing aids. Technology has come a long way; the clunky models of years past have been replaced by sleek, discreet models. Users can now switch through hearing profiles to adjust their auditory experience in places like a crowded restaurant or a movie theater. Otofonix is a great hearing aid option for those with mild to moderate hearing loss. They are budget-friendly, comfortable, and easy to use.

Who Is Otofonix?

Hearing loss can be a contributing factor in higher levels of depression in older adults. This is something Otofonix understands well. When their founder, an ENT physician with over 25 years of experience, began experiencing hearing loss, he couldn’t find an affordable or appropriate option for his needs, leading him to start Otofonix hearing aids. The company is headquartered in Cornelius, North Carolina, and it focuses on making high-quality, low-cost hearing aids so everybody can experience greater peace of mind in their day-to-day lives.

Otofonix hearing aids are over-the-counter, so they are technically called personal sound amplifiers (PSAP). Prescription hearing aids can be over $5,000 for a single pair. Personal sound amplifiers fit many people’s needs and are much less expensive than prescription hearing aids. The company’s mission is to help make hearing loss treatment affordable and accessible to all.

Otofonix Hearing Aids at a Glance


The Apex hearing aids are Otofonix’s most affordable option. The devices are meant to help people understand conversations in noisy environments. They can also help you hear people who speak with soft or low voices.

Starting at $190, these hearing aids are Otofonix’s most basic model. The hearing aids work on 312 batteries, and users can control volume from the device itself. These hearing aids feature four sound profiles with nine volume levels, noise-canceling capabilities, and a directional microphone to help you focus on specific sounds.


The Elite hearing aids are Otofonix’s mid-tier hearing aid. Like the Apex model, they offer four sound profiles; however, they offer 10 volume levels instead of nine. They also offer noise cancellation and directional microphones, making them ideal for noisy environments. At $395, Elite costs a little more than the Apex, but they offer a higher, clearer volume level.


The Encore hearing aids are Otofonix’s most powerful hearing aid. The Encore hearing aids have dual-directional microphones to understand what is happening in front of and behind the wearer. The devices are for moderate hearing loss, and they come with a power kit to power 53 dB of audio gain. Additionally, the hearing aids feature telecoil technology to connect with sound systems in theaters and churches.


The Helix hearing aids are Otofonix’s rechargeable option. While the other Otofonix models use disposable batteries, these models come with a charging station, so users may charge them at night for up to 18 hours of power. Rechargeable batteries can be a cost-effective option as the user does not have to keep replacing physical batteries. They can also save trips to the store.

Tip: You can also order refurbished hearing aid models at a reduced price on the Otofonix website.


The Sona hearing aids come with Bluetooth technology that connects to your smartphone. The app has a built-in hearing test, so users can get their hearing aids up and running as soon as they open the box. The app also allows users to easily adjust the volume and sound profile right from their phone. I particularly like this feature because it allows users to fine-tune their hearing experience on the go. I had a client that went on a walk with a friend to a restaurant, and on the way, she could discreetly change the sound profile from “outdoor” to “restaurant” straight from her iPhone. This allowed her to hear her companion perfectly in very different environments.


The Groove hearing aids take the best parts of the Sona and Helix model and combine them. The Groove hearing aids are rechargeable, so no need to purchase batteries, and they connect to a smartphone app for a customizable audio experience.

Otofonix Hearing Aid Comparison

Apex Elite Encore Helix Sona Groove
Price for a Pair $190 $395 $745 $1,171 $1,112 $1,465
Fitting Required No No No No No No
Style Behind-the-ear Behind-the-ear Behind-the-ear Behind-the-ear Behind-the-ear Behind-the-ear
Batteries Disposable Disposable Disposable Rechargeable Disposable Rechargeable
Battery life 6-8 days 6-8 days 6-8 days 18 hours 4-6 Days 18 hours
Hearing Loss Mild to moderate Mild to moderate Moderate Moderate Moderate Moderate
Bluetooth Connectivity No No No No Yes, but only to the smartphone app Yes, but only to the smartphone app
Smartphone App No No No No Yes Yes
Noise Cancellation Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Trial Period 45 Days 45 Days 45 Days 45 Days 45 Days 45 days
Warranty 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year 1 year

Otofonix Accessories

Otofonix offers several accessories with its hearing aids. Since Otofonix does not require fittings, these accessories help fit the devices to any ear size. Users may order replacement sound tubes and ZipTips for every hearing aid model. This medical-grade plastic tube wraps around the ear and keeps the hearing aid in place comfortably. These materials should be replaced periodically when the plastic becomes discolored or stiff. Ear domes can be purchased to help amplify audio naturally. These are offered in three sizes and should be replaced every three months or whenever they become stiff or discolored.

For the more advanced models, users may order the EarHook Power Kit, which boosts the device’s volume. The EarHook must be trimmed prior to use, and Otofonix provides a guide with helpful instructions on how to do this.

The Otofonix Protection Plan provides insurance against all types of damage. This includes water damage, battery corrosion, or other accidental damage. The only things the protection plan doesn’t cover are loss, theft, or unauthorized repairs.

Otofonix Returns and Warranties

Otofonix has a 45-day return policy. If you would like to return your hearing aids, you may do so within 45 days of the date of purchase for a full refund. In order to return hearing aids, fill out a form on the Otofonix website to request a return merchandise authorization number. A representative will get back to you with return instructions. Customers must return devices in their original packaging with all included manuals and accessories.

Devices are also protected by a one-year factory warranty. This covers any defects in the devices or workmanship for one year from the date of purchase. Simply send the devices back, and Otofonix will examine them and either repair or replace the devices for free.

In Closing

Otofonix offers high-quality and low-cost hearing aids for those with mild to moderate hearing loss. The important thing to keep in mind with this brand is that these hearing aids do not require a prescription. While that means they are much less expensive than prescription options, it also means they are not as powerful and do not require an audiologist appointment for purchase. If you have severe to profound hearing loss, these hearing aids may not be for you. However, if you simply have trouble following along a conversation at dinner, Otofonix provides budget-friendly hearing aids. We offer a handy guide on how to choose a hearing aid that will help you figure out which type of hearing aid will work for you.

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