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There is an assortment of hearing aids and accessories available in today’s market, with improved features in both in-ear and behind-ear models. Widex is one of the manufacturers offering tech features that let you plug into smartphone conversations, stream radio and TV programming and much more. Here is some essential information on Widex hearing aids to help you weigh your options.

About the Widex Company

Based in Denmark, Widex is one of the biggest hearing-aid makers in the world, offering its products in more than 100 countries. Using its proprietary wireless technology, the company debuted the first digital in-ear hearing aid and now provides a variety of tech-based features in many different aids and accessories. Widex is also working on a battery-free device it has dubbed the “Energy Cell,” due to its use of fuel cell technology. It comes with a portable refill unit that takes just 20 seconds to refuel a hearing aid for the next 24 hours.

Custom Hearing Aid

Widex offers a customized product made with laser technology to fit each user’s ear and capture a broad range of sounds. The model’s processors automatically determine your environment and adjust the sound so that you hear it from the right location, at the right moment.

You don’t need to worry about making adjustments in each new setting because the hearing aid does it for you unless you prefer to make your own adjustments. The Custom hearing aid also features a battery door designed for a quick and easy change of batteries.

Evoke Model

Billed as the first of its kind, Evoke is a smart hearing aid that you can customize to your needs. Evoke uses SoundSense technology, which “learns” from each new environment to create a better hearing experience. It can distinguish between places with a lot of background noise and filter those out, while also recognizing intimate conversations that you do want to hear.

Set your preferences using the Evoke app, then let the hearing aid adjust sounds in new environments based on your selections. This model keeps track of your changes in each setting. This rechargeable smart device can stream iPhone services, including conversations, music and more, to your hearing aid.

Unique Model

The Unique model offers a broad sound picture and an improved system for reducing wind noise. It also works to identify your listening environment for better adjustment and comes in both in-ear and behind-ear models. The Unique hearing aid has a battery life of about 16 days or 260 hours.

Super Model

The Widex Super model is for those with hearing loss that is considered severe to profound. This in-ear hearing aid delivers well-distinguished sound to these wearers.

Dream Model

The Dream hearing aid is available in both in-ear and behind-ear versions, each version having several different models. Dream provides a richer, more “true-to-life” sound.

Cros Model

The Widex Cros has two models. The Cros solution is for those who are deaf in a single ear but have normal hearing in the other, while the BiCros solution is for those who have deafness in one and hearing impairment in the second. These models offer superior sound quality and no distortion or echoing effect.

With the use of wireless technology, Cros hearing aids transmit sound from your deaf ear to your hearing ear, which reduces what is known as the “head shadow” effect. Because it picks up sounds from the side of your head with deafness and relays that sound to the hearing ear, you can hear sounds as they occur all around you.

Beyond Model

Wireless streaming is a feature of the Beyond, a tech model that allows you to customize your personal hearing preferences through an app, much like the Evoke hearing aid. Beyond allows separate volume control on two individual hearing aids. It also offers options for controlling microphone direction and speech clarity and is available in a rechargeable version. The Beyond Fusion2 model is another rechargeable model with audio streaming features.

Hearing Aid Accessories

Widex has put technology into a variety of accessories that open up many new possibilities for hearing-aid wearers. Take a look at the benefits each of these accessories offers

Phone Accessories

  • Phone-Dex: Smartphone-compatible, this can stream up to 80 hours of audio.
  • Call-Dex: Very compact, it plugs into your smartphone to stream conversations directly to your hearing aid. It offers up to 80 hours of sound.
  • Uni-Dex: Stream audio to your hearing aids from any device that has a mini-jack output. A built-in mic allows for hands-free driving. It delivers up to 40 hours of streaming and recharges in 60 minutes.
  • Com-Dex: Available with a remote mic, it streams sound from Bluetooth devices to your hearing aid. Adjust aid setting and mic using a free smartphone app. It works up to eight hours.

Radio and TV Accessories

  • FM+Dex: Converts signals from a telecoil, FM receiver or line in, streaming them to your hearing aids. Toggle between volume and program selection with a 10-hour battery.
  • TV Dex: This wireless device transmits excellent stereo sound from the TV or radio to your hearing aid. Turn off the mic to limit audio to the TV.
  • TV Play: Stream TV sound directly to your hearing aid and control volume, as well as environmental conversations, with the Evoke app.


  • Beyond: Works with all Beyond models, it allows you to customize hearing aid preferences via smartphone.
  • Tonelink: Compatible with all Evoke hearing aids, it lets you change programs, volume and directional focus.
  • Evoke: This app works only with Evoke F2 hearing aid but lets you control sound balance, volume and more from your smartphone.
  • Zen Tinnitus Management: Gets rid of annoying tinnitus, or ringing in the ears, by delivering a Zen-like pitch.


Widex has a lot to offer through the use of technology that enhances your listening experience. If you use a smartphone and are app savvy, these functions are very beneficial. If you’re not up to speed on technology, however, you may struggle with the functionality.

For customer service, the company offers live chat with a representative for matters dealing with an app and its connectivity. For hearing aid repair and service, you have to fill out an online form on the company website, which sends a request for a local partner business to contact you. The site also includes online tutorials and downloadable user manuals.

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