Frontpoint Security

Frontpoint Security has only been in operation for approximately a decade, but already it has revolutionized the security industry. For example, it is now fairly standard for security systems to operate on wireless cellular systems that are not vulnerable to being disabled by intruders, but Frontpoint was one of the first to adopt this technology. Similarly, it is currently not unusual to find a security system that is easy enough for consumers to install while still offering professional monitoring, but Frontpoint was a pioneer in this regard too.

Frontpoint's goal is to make security simpler, safer, and smarter. It was the first alarm company to include smart security in its systems on a nationwide level. It seamlessly integrates home security with home automation, and the app provides control from any smart device. Professional 24/7 monitoring provides a dedicated link to emergency responders., a website devoted to researching and reviewing the security industry, has given Frontpoint a number-one rating for 10 years.

Frontpoint Considerations

Frontpoint has a lot to offer the senior homeowner, but there are some important points you need to know before you decide to purchase and install a system from this company.

First, there is no option for professional installation. The system is designed for easy self-installation by the consumer, and able-bodied homeowners should be able to cope with no problem. However, seniors who have limitations in mobility or fine motor skills may struggle with the setup and need to enlist the help of a friend or family member.

Second, there is no option for self-monitoring. To use the system, you must commit to a contract for professional monitoring service and pay a monthly subscription fee in addition to the initial upfront costs for the equipment. Usually a three-year contract is required, but under certain circumstances, the company may offer one-year contracts.

Third, the company requires credit approval to qualify for a system. Your credit influences the price you pay for equipment and the length of your contract. Those who do not meet minimum credit requirements may be able to attain a 12-month contract.

Frontpoint Equipment

Like most security companies, Frontpoint offers its equipment bundled together in different packages, with relatively inexpensive packages containing less equipment and more comprehensive packages offered at a higher price.

The most basic, and therefore least expensive, of Frontpoint's equipment packages is the Safe Home Starter. It includes seven products, three of which are stickers, signs, and decals that you can place around the exterior of your property to warn away potential intruders. The other four items include the Frontpoint hub and keypad, i.e., the base unit that is included in every package, a motion sensor, and a set of two window/door sensors that set off an alarm when opened.

The largest equipment package available from Frontpoint is the Safe Home Elite. With 18 pieces, it is more than twice the size of the Safe Home Starter. In addition to the items included in the former, the latter also includes more motion sensors and door/window sensors, along with one outdoor and indoor camera apiece, a heat and smoke sensor, an extra motion sensor, and two glass-break sensors.

The advanced Safe Home Elite system has a retail price of $1,332.84, while the retail value of the basic Safe Home Starter System is $430.95. However, pricing for each of Frontpoint's packages depends on your contract. With a three-year contract, your price to purchase the Safe Home Starter package is only $99, while the package price for the Safe Home Elite is $832.84 with the same three-year contract. Again, contract availability depends on credit approval.

Altogether, there are six equipment packages available from Frontpoint. The following table details pricing for the other four:

Name Size Retail Price Package Price with Contract
Safe Home Everyday 9 pieces $528.93 $99.00
Safe Home Plus 9 pieces $548.93 $99.00
Safe Home Select 12 pieces $701.90 $201.90
Safe Home Preferred 14 pieces $834.88 $334.85

Frontpoint Plans

You need more than the security equipment, however. For the system to work properly, you need a Frontpoint monitoring plan. There are three plans available at three different monthly rates. All of them offer the same basic services:

  • Hourly automated system check
  • Protection from power outages and tampering with a 100% wireless/cellular system
  • Portability/expandability
  • 24/7 monitoring by trained professionals

Needless to say, the more advanced monitoring plans that involve a higher monthly fee also provide more services, as demonstrated in the following table:

Plan Services Monthly Price
Protection Basic services $34.99
Interactive Basic services, plus the following:

·         Email/text mobile alerts

·         Geo-location services

·         Crash and Smash protection

·         Remote access

·         Sensor history

Ultimate Basic services, plus Interactive Plan services, plus the following:

·         Light and Smart Lock Control

·         Live video streaming

·         Motion-triggered alerts

·         Night vision

·         Video and image history


For seniors on a fixed income, you can save on Frontpoint security systems by looking out for deals and sales.

Frontpoint Features

One feature that makes Frontpoint unique among security systems is that, in addition to its equipment packages, it also offers an à la carte option that allows you to choose the items that you need and leave out the ones you don't want. The selection includes both environmental and intrusion sensors, home automation features, cameras, and other accessories.

Another Frontpoint feature that may be of particular value to senior citizens is that, unlike most other security companies, it does not charge an additional fee for environmental monitoring. Other companies offer fire, flood, and/or carbon monoxide monitoring only as an add-on for which you have to pay extra. Frontpoint offers comprehensive monitoring of both external threats and internal hazards for the same monthly price.

You may worry that the monthly monitoring charge will increase over time. With Frontpoint, you get a price-lock guarantee that your fee will not go up. Additionally, Frontpoint offers a 30-day risk-free trial period and a limited lifetime warranty.

Perhaps the most desirable feature that Frontpoint offers is its superior customer service. It is a point of pride for the company to listen to customers and try to provide products and services that fit their needs rather than trying to sell them on a plan ill-suited to their lifestyle. Frontpoint consistently rates high on review sites in terms of customer service, with several ranking it at number one.