GetSafe Home Security System Review

GetSafe is a new addition to the home security market and they are nailing it with a simple DIY, high tech, no-headache approach.

I’ll be the first to admit that home security systems are intimidating. From the wiring, in-home sensors, long term contracts and stories from friends about being jolted awake in the middle of the night because of an intruder alert that turned out to be a low battery or “something weird going on with the wiring”. Umm, no thanks. I’ll rely on my yappy dog, vigilant neighbors and bear spray.

Fortunately, I’m working on becoming a home security convert thanks to GetSafe. It’s a simple, do-it-yourself, no wiring and no contracts home security system. No contracts alone should have your attention since most home security companies require 3-5 year contracts.

Other features that set GetSafe apart are flexibility, move-friendly and “rule-based” triggers you create to determine how and when the alarm system works in your home with the easy-to-use smartphone app. In addition, GetSafe requires no tools to install, is scalable to fit your specific needs and is compatible with the Nest thermostat.

GetSafe Hands-on Review

GetSafe arrived a few days after I ordered it (which was an easy, hassle-free process). Even the dog was impressed and probably relieved to have some backup.

Get Safe home security system arrives nicely packaged.

The directions to set up the DIY home security system are simple and easy to understand.

What is included with a GetSafe starter kit?

The starter kit comes with a smart Hub (the brain of the operation), a door/window sensor, motion detector and a (very loud and effective) siren. The siren doubles as a door chime if so desired.

The Get Safe starter kit comes with everything you need to set up your own security system.
The GetSafe starter kit comes with everything you need to set up your own security system.

Home Security setup for the non-electrician types.

The GetSafe app is available for both Android and iOS.
The GetSafe app is available for both Android and iOS.

Setting up the system was easy. Once I downloaded the GetSafe app to my smartphone and registered my account, I then connected the hub to the internet. One awesome feature of the hub is that it is backed up by a cellular signal if you lose wired internet to your home. The hub communicates wirelessly with the paired sensors and the smartphone app (no electrician needed).

I was ready to start pairing the other sensors. Batteries for the sensors (and cords for the hub) are included in the starter kit. Pairing the siren, motion detector and door sensor was a breeze- the most difficult part was deciding where to place them in my home. Did I want to know when the front door opened? Or when the kids arrived home from school? Or did I want a notification when there was movement at the back door entry? Since the starter kit is ideal for small spaces, I will need to purchase additional sensors to cover all of my entry points. Each sensor is easy to install with super-duper-strong peel and stick tape that I used both indoors and out.

Security and disaster sensors for any home size.

Each hub can monitor up to 64 security sensors. To build on the sensors provided in the starter kit, you can also purchase:

  • motion detector cameras
  • indoor HD cameras (coming soon)
  • key fob to easily activate or deactivate the system, including a panic button
  • flood sensor for laundry rooms, basements or under a dishwasher
  • smoke detector- not meant to replace existing detectors but used as an additional layer of security

The smartphone app allows for flexibility and peace of mind for home security.

GetSafe App home screen.
GetSafe App home screen.

The smartphone app supports multiple users with specific notification options (text, email, etc.) tailored to each person. Each time a sensor is triggered, the event is logged into the “history” section of the app. If you utilize the camera sensor, you can view live video from your phone anywhere.

Excellent customer service.

I called customer service to clarify how to set up specific rules to trigger the motion sensor camera. The young man on the other end answered right away, was friendly, very knowledgeable about the security system and encouraged me to call back anytime with additional questions. I have also triggered my alarms to test the response rate of the monitoring center, and it was an almost immediate call to my cell when the sensor was triggered to make sure everything was ok. In the event that I did not answer or was unable to give dispatch my secret passcode, emergency dispatch would have been notified.

How much does GetSafe cost?

The starter kit pictured above costs $249, monitoring plans start at $19/mo with NO contracts. Additional sensors, cameras and gear can be purchased via the similarly easy to use and useful website. Two monitoring plans are offered: Self Monitoring ($19/mo) and Professional Monitoring ($29/mo). The biggest difference between the two is the Professional plan includes a call from the monitoring center to confirm that you are safe in the event of a break-in and will notify authorities if all is not well.

Compared to well-established brands like ADT ($28.99/mo with a 36-month contract) and Vivint ($54+/mo with 3+ years contract), this seems like a no-brainer. The best my local monitoring company could offer was $21.95/mo with a 1-year contract, plus $495 for the equipment- egads! The price for equipment comes down at the expense of a 3-year contract and a bump in the monitoring fee to $31.95.

All things (and all the people and things in my home) considered, GetSafe is a solid home security company that earns my two-thumbs up.

✔ Ease of Installation

✔ Excellent customer service

✔ Easily transferred when you move

✔ Programming rules for your specific needs

✔ Month-to-month monitoring, No contracts

✔ Compatibility with other smart home systems

✔ Cellular backup in the event of internet or power outage

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