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Protect America has been providing home security solutions to customers since 1992. At present, approximately 15 percent of the total U.S. population has a functional alarm system. The vision of Protect America is to offer home security benefits to the entire nation in addition to educating the population about the vital need for home security.

Home security has multiple advantages. Burglars may first try to determine if a house has an alarm system before attempting to break in. The presence of a security system is likely to deter criminals on its own, with the added peace of mind that help would be on it’s way if a break-in did happen.

The Stuff We Liked: No installation or activation fee, affordable pricing starts at $19.99/mo., lifetime equipment warranty (replacement parts are shipped free), price-lock, and competitor price match. High-quality equipment, high res camera, can all be controlled through a smart-phone app. Customizable plans depending on budget and size of home, DIY installation. Landline, broadband or cellular monitoring options.

The Stuff We Didn’t: Initial term is 3 years, month-to-month after the term expires, however, customers have 14 days to cancel and return equipment for a refund.

The Bottom Line: Protect America offers excellent customer service, competitively priced monthly monitoring pricing and high quality, free equipment making them our top pick for DIY home security solutions.

Customizable Pricing Plans Monthly Plan Sensors Included
Copper $19.99/mo 3 + motion detector + control panel
Silver $37.99/mo 9 + motion detector + control panel
Platinum $42.99/mo 14 + motion detector + control panel

Whether you have a large home or a small apartment, Protect America is able to customize a package providing home security to fit your budget and coverage needs.

Protect America platinum package for home security
Protect America platinum package for full coverage home security.

Protect America Features

Protect America is a home security company that custom designs each and every home alarm package to meet the specific requirements of a family. It has enjoyed the reputation of being a highly transparent, affordable and flexible home security system for some time.

Protect America goes beyond offering just home security equipment and packages. With a security system from Protect America, you can also enjoy the safety and convenience of medical safety, home automation and as surveillance products.

Protect America has a range of wireless home alarm systems which allow you to keep your home and family members safe at all times.

Have you ever imagined your home talking to you? Well, the SMART Connect app from Protect America makes use of cutting-edge technology that allows you to view your alarm system status and activate or deactivate the system, even when you’re away.

Don’t have a landline? No problem. There are three different choices for monitoring. Landline, broadband and cellular monitoring options are available.

Protect America Home Security Services

Protect America offers the following security solutions to homeowners and renters:

1. Alarm Systems

Protect America offers a range of different alarm system elements and accessories including control panels, door, window and garage door sensors, motion detectors, and panic alarms to ensure that you and your home is secure.

Protect America video camera

Protect America phone app home screenProtect America camera through phone app2. Home Automation and Live Video Surveillance

Home automation is available in addition to home security with Protect America’s state-of-the-art security solutions. The SMART Connect app allows you to control your entire home through the app. It is available for both iPhone and Android users and makes remote security, energy management, live video and home automation super easy and convenient. We were impressed by the quality of the live video and how easy it was to monitor through the phone app.

3. Life Safety

The life safety equipment offered by Protect America is not only meant to secure your home, but to also protect your life and those of your family members. The life safety includes smoke detectors, disaster sensors, carbon monoxide detectors and even a medical panic pendant. All of these components can be customized to fit your home and specific needs.

There is also a driveway sensor that can alert you to any vehicle pulling into your private property.

24/7 Monitoring

Protect America believes that the installation of a home security system is only the first step towards making your home safe. The company’s systems take DIY home security to the next level by offering 24/7 monitoring. Whenever the alarm goes off, your security system will send a signal to the company’s monitoring station. This will allow them to contact you as well as the authorities.

The 24/7 monitoring service is a key advantage of installing a home security system from Protect America. This kind of service might not be offered by other DIY home security companies that tend to provide only self-monitored systems.

Installation and other benefits

Protect America does not charge an installation fee. DIY installations are offered by the company along with multiple other support services. In setting up my system, the tech spent a whopping 50 minutes with me on the phone making sure that each component of the system was set up correctly and subsequently tested to ensure it was working properly.

Protect America offers all these technologically advanced home security packages at affordable pricing along with a lifelong equipment warranty. In addition to this, activation is free without standard equipment costs charged by other home security companies.

Protect America is also known for its excellent customer service and offers both live chat as well as excellent phone support. You can read the FAQ’s and watch videos to help with installation, daily use and troubleshooting. As we discovered, a quick phone call was also a great option to solving our questions.

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