A Guide to Identity Guard Identity Theft Protection for Seniors

Identity theft is a serious concern today. This is especially important to older Americans. Technology is constantly evolving, and it can be hard to keep up with all the safety precautions you need to take. Furthermore, even the most careful people can still fall victim to identity theft. Identity Guard identity theft protection for seniors may be the best way to get peace of mind.

What Identity Guard Offers

Identity Guard is an around-the-clock digital identity theft monitoring service. It keeps track of your critical information and watches for it being used or shared illicitly. Additionally, the company offers assistance if your identity is stolen. These are some of the services provided by Identity Guard with its identity theft protection plans:

  • Financial Monitoring: Identity Guard helps monitor for any unusual financial activity associated with your identity. This includes loans and credit cards taken out fraudulently. It also monitors for account takeovers such as name and password changes on financial accounts.
  • Criminal Monitoring: The service monitors for any reported criminal activity that may affect you. For example, if someone is caught stealing or selling credit card numbers, Identity Guard will check if your numbers are included.
  • Social Security Monitoring: Your Social Security number is an essential identifier. This is even truer for senior citizens who may be receiving financial benefits through the Social Security Administration. Find out if it is being used or shared illicitly.
  • Dark Web Monitoring: The dark web describes websites that criminals use to conduct illicit activity. Identify Guard scans the dark web to find if your information has been posted anywhere.
  • Social Media Monitoring: Identity Guard scans your social media to help determine if you are likely to be a victim of identity theft. Many criminals find likely targets by searching public profiles.
  • Anti-Phishing Tools: Most identity theft is achieved by tricking people rather than through computer hacking. A common tactic is called phishing, which involves pretending to be someone else to get passwords and other sensitive information. Identity Guard offers tools to help protect against such attacks.

Identity Guard uses IBM’s Watson artificial intelligence to help power a lot of its services. This advanced technology lets Identity Guard efficiently process information and identify possible risks. Rather than simply scanning for your information, Watson helps to find patterns that may put you at risk.

Along with its plans, Identity Guard provides insurance up to $1 million. This can help to recoup stolen funds and other damages from identity theft. The company provides services to help with restoring your identity, credit and finances following a theft.

Although less relevant for senior citizens, Identity Guard also provides cyberbullying monitoring. This can help ensure that family members are not being mistreated online. Such issues often go unreported for extended periods of time. While this is most commonly a problem for children and teenagers, it can also affect adults.

One of the financial monitoring services Identity Guard offers, which some competitors do not, is payday loan monitoring. These are fast-turnaround loans that are easy to qualify for but very expensive. They may be more likely to be used by thieves due to the low barriers for application. They also may have less recourse for fraud, making this monitoring service quite valuable.

Pricing for Identity Guard Identity Theft Protection for Seniors

Identity Guard offers three levels of protection for individuals and for families. The Value plan is $8.99 a month for a single person and $14.99 for a family. It includes threat monitoring, insurance, risk assessment, transaction monitoring and anti-phishing tools.

The Total plan is $19.99 for individuals and $29.99 for families. This includes all the features of the Value plan plus monthly credit score monitoring, credit bureau monitoring, account takeover protection and monitoring for new accounts being opened in your name.

Identity Guard’s highest-level plan, Premier, is $24.99 for individuals and $34.99 for families. It includes everything that the Total Plan offers plus a more advanced credit bureau report and the social insight report.

None of these plans appear to have any upfront costs. To get started all you need to do is sign up for an account and start paying the monthly fee. Keep in mind that you will have to provide your Social Security number and other identifying information in order for Identity Guard to be able to monitor for them. However, this is the case with any such protection service.

There do not appear to be any current discounts on Identity Guard identity theft protection for seniors. However, the company does periodically have discounts off the monthly pricing. Additionally, it offers a 30-day free trial. Identity Guard is aware that AARP offers similar protection for a similar price and seems committed to offering more bang for your buck.

Considerations For Seniors

Identity Guard offers senior citizens a way to help ensure protection against identity theft in a complex technological world. Some may argue that a lot of the monitoring could be done for a lower price or even free. However, automated protection is worth the monthly fee for others, especially when more hands-on processes require more technological savvy.

One of the reasons that people purchase identity theft protection is to have a backup plan if something does happen. Identity Guard offers some recourse for this, including insurance. However, other providers may offer more, particularly in terms of services to help restore your identity.

A drawback of Identity Guard compared to some other providers is the lack of sex offender monitoring. However, for most senior citizens this is less likely to be a major concern unless they are living with children.


There is a lot to like about Identity Guard identity theft protection for seniors. Compared to some competitors, Identity Guard takes a very proactive approach. The company’s use of Watson is a significant advantage in terms of highly diligent monitoring and prevention. However, the company is less advanced than some competitors in terms of identity restoration.

This can be a wise investment for seniors, especially those with significant financial assets to protect. The automated monitoring can provide significant peace of mind by helping prevent theft and responding to it quickly in the event of a problem.

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