Diet-to-Go® Meal Delivery for Seniors

To avoid developing certain medical issues, or to prevent existing conditions from becoming worse, it is necessary to achieve and maintain a healthy weight. However, it can be difficult to know which foods to choose and in what proportions, especially if you have special dietary requirements. Meal preparation can also pose a challenge for senior citizens, especially those with mobility issues or other limitations. Diet-to-Go® offers healthy meal options conveniently delivered to your door for a reasonable price.

Meal Delivery Services in General

Meal delivery services have increased in popularity in recent years, not only among seniors but also among younger people as well. People appreciate the convenience of having the food delivered rather than having to go out, purchase, and prepare it for themselves, which can be a hassle for people who lead busy and active lives.

There are essentially three types of meal delivery services. The first allows you to purchase food from restaurants, which a delivery driver then picks up for you and drops off at your home. These services make for a nice treat once in a while but are not either practical or healthy for everyday use.

The second type of meal delivery service ships the ingredients of a meal to your home, but it requires you to prepare the meal yourself. This is good for people who don't know how to shop for themselves or don't have the time. However, it is inconvenient for those who are unwilling or unable to cook for themselves.

The third type of meal delivery service prepares the food for you and delivers the meals directly to your door. They arrive frozen and need only to be heated before they are ready to eat. Diet-to-Go® belongs to this third type of service. While it is not a service intended specifically for seniors, it does have senior meal options available.

Diet-to-Go® Features

What sets Diet-to-Go® apart from the competition is that it is designed specifically for people who are either trying to lose weight or maintain their previous weight loss. You work with a team of certified health coaches, dietitians, nutritionists, and highly skilled chefs to choose a program that is right for you, and you receive healthy, well-proportioned, and ready-to-eat meals. You will get recommendations made on the basis of a free analysis of your body mass index. From that point, you have the option to choose your menu from one of four different plans.

Diet-to-Go® Plans

Some people have certain dietary requirements, often due to medical conditions such as heart disease or diabetes. Other people have particular lifestyle preferences for vegetarianism or the Keto diet. Diet-to-Go® takes all these variations into consideration and offers four plan options that allow you to get exactly the type of food you want and/or need, which includes the condiments as well as the entrees.

1. Balance

Balance is the most basic of the four Diet-to-Go® plans. Several of the other plans derive from Balance by making certain modifications. The Balance menu provides 1,200 to 1,600 calories every day. The nutritionally balanced meals offer a heart-healthy option in which calories, fat, cholesterol, carbs, and sodium are all carefully controlled. The plan also includes an option without any seafood for those who have allergies or just do not like it.

2. Vegetarian

Similar in its essentials to the Balance plan, the Vegetarian plan includes proteins from alternative, meat-free sources like beans, dairy, and eggs. Soy proteins are also used on occasion, although there is no data available about exactly how often they are included.

3. Balance-Diabetes

If you are diabetic or pre-diabetic, the Balance-Diabetes plan can help to control your blood sugar naturally and manage your condition. Balance-Diabetes can aid you in losing weight, which can help prevent type-2 diabetes and/or its complications. As implied by the name, Balance-Diabetes derives from the original Balance plan while following guidelines regarding fats and carbohydrates from the American Diabetes Association.

4. Keto-Carb30

With a daily caloric intake of about 1,300 and net carbs at around 30, the Keto-Carb30 plan can promote quick and efficient weight loss. Meals in this plan are based on a wide variety of proteins like eggs, meat, and cheese that replace carbs with fats. People who prefer an Atkins-style diet will likely appreciate this plan that has been designed specifically for them.

Whichever plan you choose, you have options as to how many meals you want each week and how you receive them.

Diet-to-Go® Options

If you want, you can receive three meals a day from Diet-to-Go®, seven days a week. However, this kind of schedule may not work for everyone so the company allows customizable options to better suit your needs. If you prefer to prepare your own breakfast, you can opt for two meals a day instead of three. You can also choose to receive meals for only five days a week instead of seven.

There's also no requirement that you have to eat each meal during the week that you receive it. Each meal will last for up to a month when stored frozen. When refrigerated rather than frozen, the shelf life of each meal is up to a week.

If you live in an area where local pickup is available, which includes greater Los Angeles, Baltimore, New Jersey, and the Washington D.C. Metro area, you can pick up your food fresh. Otherwise, it will be delivered frozen to you once a week.

Diet-to-Go® Pricing

Diet-to-Go® averages about $7 per meal, which is often less than the price to eat out. Exact pricing depends on the plan you pick and the options you choose. The following table provides estimated price ranges:

Plan(s) Average Price Per Day Delivery Charge Total Estimated Price Range Per Week
Keto-Carb30 $21 to $26 $19.98 $125 to $202
Balance, Vegetarian, or Balance-Diabetes $18 to $24 $19.98 $110 to $188

Diet-to-Go® Limitations

While a vegetarian meal plan is available, Diet-to-Go® does not appear to offer any vegan meal options. As of now, Diet-to-Go® delivery service is only available in the 48 contiguous United States because the food ships via FedEx.

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