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Fresh N Lean delivers healthy meals to your doorstep. Meal delivery services have come a long way (who remembers the milk man?). As a kid, I can recall a certain yellow food truck rolling down the driveway of our rural home in hopes of making a sale. Unfortunately for him, my mother is a superb cook and my folks grew, raised, and hunted their own food. Making cold calls to small farmers was probably not the best approach. I digress…

Fast forward to 2015, I’m an occasional suburban gardener in the warmer months and a busy working mom. The tomatoes and pumpkins I haphazardly watered only go so far and I’m always on the lookout for a healthy, easy meal. I’m a conscious eater and I prefer organic, so frozen meals rarely see a spot on our dinner table.

fresh and lean delivered meals

To My Surprise- Healthy and Delicious!

I was pleased as punch to give Fresh N Lean a try. Admittedly, I was excited for a few easy meals for the family that I wasn’t responsible for preparing. I was pleasantly surprised when they actually tasted good! However, my plan for easy meals for the family backfired because I am the only one with sophisticated taste buds. My kids and veggie-adverse husband did not appreciate the copious amounts of vegetables and complex flavors, and I was just fine having them all to myself.

The food I sampled from Fresh N Lean was very tasty, contained lots of still-crunchy veggies and had great flavor. The portion sizes were larger than I expected for a single serving, I was unable to finish them in one sitting (leftovers, yay!). I dined on Smoked Black Beans and Veggies, Blueberry Almond Oatmeal, Mushroom and Broccolini Pasta and Muffins. Check out the Fresh N Lean sample menu for other offerings.

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So What Does This Have To Do with Seniors?

Excellent question. My husband and I each have a grandmother who lived at home alone for many years. I have seen firsthand how they would have benefited from having hearty, well-balanced, healthy meals that were easy to prepare. They didn’t, and both suffered the consequences of being malnourished and underfed. Malnutrition in seniors can cause weakness, increase the risk of falls and can lead to a weak immune system.

Fresh and Lean meals

Is Fresh N Lean a Cost Effective Option for Meals?

Fresh N Lean has a variety of options depending on your budget for delicious meal delivery. For one day worth of meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) the cost is $27.99 (free shipping). That’s less than $10 per meal. Fresh N Lean also offers other meal plans starting at $14.99 and an à la carte option allowing you to hand select the meals to be delivered to your home.

Fresh N Lean has some great recipes on their site and recently published a nice round-up of top vegan recipes.

Promo Code “SENIOR” to Receive 15% off a Meal Plan

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  1. Loved this meal plan program. Found them easy to work with, the food was always delicious and I loved the No Brainer on meal prep. There is no waste or spoilage from over shopping the veggie department at the grocery. We stopped the program with ease when we traveled to our winter home in Florida, and I missed the convenience of the Fresh and Lean delivery. We will continue to use this great meal delivery when we return to Washington.
  2. Thinking of getting this as a gift for my friend who is expecting her 2nd child soon. I’m wondering how many servings you suggest ordering for her family of 3 (mom, dad & 3yr old). Would 2 servings suffice or do you think 3 should be ordered? Thanks!
    1. Hi Dana, I’m so sorry to hear about this- would you like me to share your concerns with the Fresh n’ Lean folks? Best, Amie

    2. I ordered Fresh and Lean for my mom who is legally bling and was changing her diet due to cancer. When we had too many meals and visitors for a couple of months, one phone call cancelled the service. The service helped immensely in transitioning to a diet for someone living with cancer. BTW, the oncologist reports that her NHL is now metabolically inactive!
    3. I hope you are wrong about being hard to cancel because I just canceled an order of 10 meals. So far I have tried to eat my 5th meal and sorry to say none of the meals have been anything I can eat! I find them very bad to look at and not to my taste to eat. For one thing the unnamed vegetables are mostly a pile of mush. Purple “ broccoli “? Wow! So far I don’t really want to toss the last 5 meals, but probably will. Hard to think about when you are living on just your social security check. Sorry about being so negative but it’s the truth. Probably won’t be printed.
  3. At the end of your day, any diet that highlights real food rather than European junk food that is common is not unlikely to result in weight health and loss improvements.

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