Magic Kitchen Meal Delivery for Seniors

Magic Kitchen specializes in healthy, delicious frozen meals that appeal to seniors concerned about nutrition, as well as to other clients with limited time or inclination to grocery shop and prepare high-quality, vitamin-rich fare at home. Choose from subscription meal plans or customize your week with a la carte items.

This company was founded in 2005 with the mission of helping seniors and busy families give their bodies the proper fuel to thrive and stay healthy. In fact, the current president, Michelle Tayler, is a registered dietitian.

Menu Details

Magic Kitchen boasts that clients can create their own ideal meal plans with hundreds of possible options in thousands of combinations. Each meal contains a balanced combination of an entree with one or two side dishes. You'll find meals for all tastes with a wide variety of international options, including but not limited to Mexican, French, Asian, Italian and classic American choices.

For seniors and others with dietary concerns, Magic Kitchen is a great way to ensure you are getting the proper nutrients. Just a few of the special plans they offer include renal-friendly, low-fat, low-carb and diabetes-specific meals. In fact, nutritious low-sodium options are formulated specifically for seniors through consultation with a registered dietitian. These can be purchased as individual meals or in seven-meal variety packs.

Detailed nutritional information is available for each item. In addition, you can search the online catalog for dairy-free options, vegetarian options, low-sodium options and a wide range of other dietary categories and concerns. Keep in mind that although the company does offer a list of gluten-free meals, they do not guarantee that these are safe from cross-contamination with gluten.

About the Food

Every Magic Kitchen meal is prepared by a chef and contains approximately 350 to 550 calories. They use restaurant-quality products, including grain-fed beef and chicken along with organic produce wherever possible. All ingredients are free of antibiotics, hormones and pesticides. Meals are designed around seasonal items to take advantage of the freshest available foods.

Once the foods are made fresh, they are flash frozen to lock in flavor and quality. When you're ready for a meal, defrost it overnight in the refrigerator, then follow the included directions to reheat in your oven or microwave. Most meals are designed to feed two or four people, although single-serving meals are also available.

Senior meals designed to support the unique nutritional needs of the aging population are the key focus area for this company. However, these foods are appropriate for anyone who wants to eat healthy and save time spent in the kitchen and at the grocery store.

The Process

With the Auto-Ship Meal Program, meals are sent either weekly, every two weeks or monthly depending on your preference. You do not need to sign a contract and can cancel anytime. Clients can either select their own meals for each shipment or receive predetermined meals based on their dietary needs and preferences.

If you prefer not to enroll in a meal plan, you can purchase a la carte meals, bundles and add-on items separately. However, signing up for the program comes with a discount compared to one-off purchases.

Order before 2 p.m. CST on Monday or Tuesday to have your meals shipped the same day. Later orders will be shipped on Monday of the following week. Once shipped, meals will arrive within one to three business days. Magic Kitchen meals are available nationwide, shipped from a dedicated facility in Kansas City, Kan.

Shipping costs vary depending on your order. Magic Kitchen uses FedEx ground and charges customers the same price they are charged from FedEx, not a marked-up shipping charge.

Magic Kitchen offers clients a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Items that are missing, damaged or spoiled upon arrival are completely replaced at no cost to the customer. You are also eligible for a refund or replacement of any meals that do not meet your quality or flavor expectations. A toll-free customer service number is available seven days a week from 7:30 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. CST, though operators may also be available outside these core hours.

Meal Plans

The features and representative cost of Magic Kitchen meal plans are detailed in the table below, though the price will vary depending on the specific options you select.

Plan Features Cost
1 meal a day Choose from breakfast, lunch or dinner $75 to $85 per week
2 meals a day Create your ideal daily two-meal menu from 14 total meals $150 to $165 per week
3 meals a day Enjoy a full day of convenient, healthy premade food $225 to $250 per week

Senior clients receive a 10% discount on their first order and $10 off any order over $80. Each meal in the plan averages about $11, which is a significant discount compared to the company's a la carte offerings.

Meal Bundles

In addition to the subscription meal plans, customers can purchase individual meals, a la carte meals and bundles. Some of the most popular bundle options include:

  • Vegetarian bundle, with meat-free meals such as spinach quiche and eggplant parmigiana
  • Comfort food bundle, with homestyle favorites such as beef stroganoff and roast turkey
  • Customer favorites bundle, with bestsellers including smoked pork loin and shrimp fettuccine alfredo
  • Gourmet meal bundle, with high-end options such as crab cakes and beef Wellington
  • Homestyle specialties bundle, featuring choices such as penne with meatballs and macaroni and cheese
  • Kid-friendly bundle, with healthy and accessible meals such as chicken pot pie and cheese raviolis
  • Meat-lovers bundle, catering to the carnivore with beef brisket, smoked ham and more
  • Mini soup bundle for cold days, with fresh bread on the side
  • Dessert bundles with delectable selections of sweets

Bundle servings sizes and costs vary. Most are available either with or without dessert.

The Bottom Line

Magic Kitchen makes it easy to arrange meals for a senior loved one or streamline your busy schedule. New customers can take advantage of a risk-free trial to see if this meal delivery service fits their lifestyle. You can also send meals as gifts, whether your friend or family member is recovering from surgery, has a new baby or otherwise could use the gift of convenience and delicious, nutritious cuisine.

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