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Alert1 is a system designed mainly for in-home medical/fall alerts. The company focuses on competitive pricing to stay one step above its rivals.  As people live longer and more fruitful lives, it has become more and more important to find ways to let the elderly retain their independence, and Alert1 strives to provide that service at reasonable rates.

With many options on a variety of pricing and equipment levels, Alert1 is a relatively easy system to use.  Here are some frequently asked questions that can help determine if this medical alert system is right for you.

What Services Are Provided?

Alert1 offers five levels of monitoring to tailor coverage to each individual.  Customers are urged to review each option to find the best fit for their lifestyle.

  1. Home Medical Alert: Landline The most basic option, this service supplies the individual with a waterproof medical alert call pendant designed to be worn around the neck.  When pressing the alert button, a signal is sent to a landline-based receiver/speaker system that contacts the Alert1 operators, who will send assistance immediately whether the individual can respond or not.
  2. Home Medical Alert/Fall Detection: Celular Alert1’s most popular option, this version does not rely on a landline and can be positioned anywhere in the home that has an adequate cellular signal. In addition to the standard call button, each pendant has fall detection in case the customer is unable to initiate a signal after an accident.
  3. Kelsi On-the-Go Using a cellular signal, Alert1’s portable option allows the wearer access to the service anywhere outside the home.  With a speaker in the pendant, customers don’t have to concern themselves with range to any static device.
  4. Kelsi On-the-Go/Fall Detection In addition to the standard Kelsi-based service, these pendants feature fall detection along with GPS tracking, allowing the customer to be found no matter where an accident occurs with the cellular coverage area.
  5. On-the-Go + In-Home with Fall Detection This full-coverage option comes with a pendant for travel and an in-home wristband option to communicate with a high-quality two-way speaker system.

All wireless pendants and speaker/receivers utilize the AT&T service map and coverage is based on reception.  Customers are urged to test their devices in their local service area to determine if it is still effective for their needs.

How Much Does the Service Cost?

Alert1 works off of a subscription-based service that can be paid on a quarterly, semi-annual or yearly basis, with savings adjusted accordingly and no upfront equipment cost.

Home Medical Alert: Landline$22.95$19.95$19.95
Home Medical Alert/Fall Detection$33.95$36.95$30.95
On-the-Go with Fall Detection$44.95$47.95$41.95
On-the-Go + In-Home with Fall Detection$55.95$58.95$52.95

Additionally, each yearly plan comes with a month free, which should be included when determining the overall price. Alert1 also offers options to cover an additional member of the household, reducing the price for a second individual by about half on every plan.

Are There Additional Fees, Contracts or Products?

All of Alert1’s plans are contract-free and do not include fees for cellular service or equipment rental.  The price listed on the website is the overall cost customers pay.

Alert1 does offer a variety of additional options to improve the experience, but these are one-time fees that don’t carry over from month to month unless specified.  These include a variety of products:

  • Exterior Lockbox $39.95 Holding up to five keys, this allows providers and emergency personnel to enter the home without needing to break doors or windows.
  • Medical Alert Wristband $19.95 Free with a subscription, this is an excellent alternative to a pendant. This device doesn’t include fall-monitoring.
  • Wall-Mounted Emergency Button $39.95 Waterproof and perfect for those times when an individual isn’t wearing a pendant, these buttons connect wirelessly to the main device and are easy to install.
  • Wireless Voice Extender $99.00 Alert1 realizes that not all homes are the same size and offers the voice extender to allow customers the use of speaker systems no matter where they are in their home.
  • Automatic Medication Dispenser and Organizer $149.95 A safe and secure option, these dispensers remind customers when to take their medications and are secured by lock and key to prevent tampering.

None of these accessories are necessary for every package, but it is recommended that future customers consider their options to get the most out the Alert1 system.

Will Customers Need Help Setting Up the System?

Generally, every Alert1 package is extremely easy to install.  The basic phone system connects directly to the phone line and include additional jacks for an answering machine.  Wireless devices can be set up anywhere there is signal, making their positioning even easier. All products, including additional options, are connected to each other before shipping, meaning they are ready to provide service as soon as they arrive at the customer’s home.

Where Does Alert1 Have Coverage?

Based in Williamsport, PA, Alert1 works with members throughout all 50 states The only restriction is the extent of AT&T service coverage for the wireless line of devices, which can be checked with a service map that illustrates strong signals across the nation.

What Happens When Customers Use Alert1 in an Emergency?

When the alert button is pressed, a call is sent directly the Alert1 reception center and is responded to by an American-based operator.  The operator immediately assesses the situation and provides emergency personnel with the appropriate information, even if the customer isn’t able to provide any information directly.

Fall-detection provides the same service in the event of an impact as well, though Alert1 recommends customers still press the alert button whenever there is need.  Operators can also provide alternate language options as well, allowing clients to choose what is most comfortable.

How Do I Subscribe?

To subscribe, call the company offices or order directly from the website. Alert1 promotes interactions that are free from salesmanship, aiming to find you the best program available for your situation. The staff can help you find the plan that’s right for you or your loved one.

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