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A medical alert is a useful way for seniors to stay safer both at home and out and about. If you’re in the market for a medical alert for yourself or a loved one, it’s only natural to look for good deals. After all, who doesn’t love finding a bargain!

If you’ve been thinking about buying a medical alert system from Bay Alarm Medical, now is definitely the time to start thinking about Bay Alarm Medical coupon codes.

The Benefits Of A Medical Alert System

A medical alert is an excellent choice for any senior. Yes, we believe all seniors can benefit from a medical alert!

Wearing a medical alert means you can always get help when you need it. Just one press of the button connects you to the call center, where trained staff can assess the situation and make sure you get the help you need. Many medical alerts come with fall detection too, so even if you're unconscious and can’t call for help, you’ll still get the assistance you need.

Medical alerts are a good choice for active and more homebound seniors alike. If you’re out and about, a cellular medical alert means you can go about your day with confidence, knowing the alert has your back. If you spend more time at home, a medical alert helps you feel secure there, because help is always at hand.

Medical alerts give caregivers better peace of mind, too. They know mom or dad can always get help, even when their caregiver isn’t around.

Why Choose Bay Alarm Medical

If you’re looking for a Bay Alarm Medical Alert promo code, then the first thing you might ask is why choose Bay Alarm Medical?

Bay Alarm Medical is a popular choice for medical alert customers, and for good reason. They’re always at the forefront when it comes to developing products their customers truly love (like a specific in-car medical alert.) In addition, their equipment is reliable and works well, and their customer service is excellent. We’ve spoken to the Bay Alarm team, and we’re always impressed by their commitment to their customers.

As well as excellent quality products and service, Bay Alarm offers a 30-day risk-free money-back guarantee. You can try them out for yourself, and if they’re not what you need you can send the system back, no questions asked.

Bay Alarm medical alerts offer good battery life, a backup battery in case of power outages, fall detection and spousal coverage at reasonable prices, and a range of well-priced accessories such as lockboxes and wall buttons.

Does Bay Alarm Medical Offer Coupon Codes?

Bay Alarm offers fantastic promotions from time to time. Some of their previous offers include free shipping on bundle packages, free shipping for GPS alerts, free shipping and up to 20% discounts on certain systems, special discounts for AARP members, and a free pair of Bombas comfort socks with every order.

The best way to find out about Bay Alarm Medical codes is to check here at The Senior List as we would be the first to know about any special promotions, discounts or coupon codes that Bay Alarm Medical would offer.

We’ve noticed that Bay Alarm Medical often give great deals on shipping around holidays – Thanksgiving, Easter, and Christmas – so it’s a good idea to check back at those times and see what they’ve got on offer.

Coupon Savings With Bay Alarm Medical

So, how can you save money if Bay Alarm doesn’t have any active deals on their site?  One way to make good savings is to bundle and save. Here’s how it works:

  • If you bundle together in-home protection with a mobile GPS alert, you save $4.95 monthly (your total monthly cost is $39.95).
  • If you bundle together in-home protection with an in-car alert, you save $9.95 monthly (your total monthly cost is $39.95).
  • If you bundle together in-home, mobile GPS, and in-care, you save $14.90 monthly (your total monthly cost is $59.95).
  • You’ll also get a free vial of life with most purchases.

Bay Alarm also offers year-round savings even without a promo code, including:

  • Free activation, a 30-day trial, and a pair of Bombas Socks if you sign up to a monthly plan.
  • Free activation, a 30-day trial, free ground shipping and a pair of Bombas Socks if you sign up to a quarterly plan.
  • Free activation, a 30-day trial, free ground shipping, a pair of Bombas Socks, and a free safety lock box if you sign up to a semi-annual plan (that’s nearly $100 worth of freebies!).

What Kind Of Medical Alert System Can I Get?

Bay Alarm Medical currently offers three excellent systems:

In The Home is a traditional in-home system with a base station and a wearable button. This works on landline or cellular, so if you don’t have a landline, it’s not a problem. You can bundle this together with wall buttons for extra protection in slippery areas like the bathroom or kitchen.

The In The Home system was designed to travel wherever you go. That means if you’re going on vacation within the US or visiting family and friends, you can simply unplug it and take it with you. It starts at $19.95 monthly.

On The Go is a handy mobile system that works on AT&T’s 4G LTE technology which means so long as you’re in an area with AT&T service, you’re covered.

On The Go travels wherever you do. Simply pop it on and go about your daily errands, chores, and leisure activities, safe in the knowledge that you’re covered if you need help. On The Go is water-resistant enough for the rain or even to wear in the shower (this isn’t the case with all mobile alerts.)

Caregivers can also sign up for caregiver tracking so they can trace the device in real-time, see the location and usage history, and even get notifications if the battery gets low. You can also add optional fall detection. Starts at $24.95 monthly (plus a one time $79 fee for the device.)

In The Car is a unique medical alert designed for seniors who drive! This brilliant little device plugs straight into your vehicle and is always there if you need help. It includes automatic crash detection and response. It has a backup battery so you never have to worry about it running out, and it works in any vehicle.

In The Car also features a tracking app so caregivers can review location and route information, and driver profiles so in the event of an emergency first responders have all the important information to hand. It starts at $29.95 monthly.

If you’re looking for a medical alert you can rely on, look no further than Bay Alarm Medical. Even without a specific Bay Alarm Medical coupon code, they offer excellent value for money on Black Friday and all year round.

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