Wall Mounted Medical Alert Buttons

Last Updated On: November 12, 2018

Did you know that many of the best medical alert system companies sell accessories for their medical alerts? One of the most popular is the wall mounted medical alert button.

Wall Mounted Medical Alert Buttons
Wall Mounted Med Alert Button

These buttons are most commonly found in the bathroom, where falls can occur at a higher rate than the rest of the house. The other place these wall mounted medical alert buttons are likely to used is the bedroom. Lot's of folks don't like to wear the medical alert pendant while they sleep. They find them to be uncomfortable. This why the wall mounted medical alert buttons are a great addition to the bedroom of an aging loved one.

Here's what Medical Alert World has to say about wall mounted medical alert buttons:

Wall-mounted help buttons offer extra peace of mind for seniors and their caregivers. They generally come with a large red “help” sticker on them, so they are easy for older adults to see and reach.  Wall buttons act just like a medical alert button – they activate a two way speaker system and allow the user to speak to trained staff at the call center.  Most models are simple to mount using strong sticky tape, so affixing them to the wall is a straightforward process. –

Wall Mounted Medical Alert Buttons 1
wall mounted alert button from Bay Alarm

Wall mounted medical alert buttons, like those from MobileHelp or Bay Alarm Medical, can provide peace of mind for consumers and their families. But keep in mind that medical alert systems can only provide protection when they are easily accessible. For these reasons (and more), we highly recommend that wall mounted medical alert buttons be considered, if only for the bathroom(s) in the house.

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