Best Wall Mounted Medical Alert Systems

Wall mounted medical alert buttons are an important add-on to any medical alert system. They can extend the range of an in-home system, as well as ensuring your loved one can get help even if they aren't wearing their alert pendant or button in the home.

Wall mounted medical alert buttons are an important add-on to any medical alert system. They can extend the range of an in-home system, as well as ensuring your loved one can get help even if they aren't wearing their alert pendant or button in the home.
#1 MobileHelp

Their Wall Buttons:

MobileHelp’s voice-activated wall buttons can be placed throughout the home. The button costs range from $2/mo to $5/mo.

Why We Recommend MobileHelp

  • No long-term contracts
  • Best in class equipment
  • Voice-activated wall buttons
  • Free lockbox with every order
#2 Medical Guardian

Their Wall Buttons:

Medical Guardian also uses voice-activated wall buttons to compliment their in-home medical alert systems. The standard button costs $2/mo and the voice-activated button is $5/mo.

Why We Recommend Medical Guardian

  • Month-to month pricing
  • No contracts, no hidden fees
  • Variety of equipment to choose from
  • Standard and voice-activated wall buttons
#3 Bay Alarm Medical

Their Wall Buttons:

Bay Alarm Medical’s ultra-durable, waterproof wall button is available for $2.95/mo or save when you purchase four for $10/mo.

Why We Recommend Bay Alarm Medical

  • 5 year battery life
  • Plans start at just $19.95/mo
  • Month-to-month, no long-term contracts
  • Vial of Life included with every new subscription
#4 GetSafe

Their Wall Buttons:

The GetSafe wall buttons can be added on to the in-home medical alert packages for $2/mo for the standard wall button or $10/mo for the voice-activated button.

Why We Recommend GetSafe

  • 30-day, risk-free trial
  • Simple and affordable pricing
  • High-quality medical alert equipment
  • Other home safety equipment available

Medical Alert Wall Buttons- What are they and why do you need them?

The best thing about medical alerts is the sense of safety they bring. The thought of falling and being unable to get help is frightening. A medical alert means seniors know help is there for them whenever they need it.

However, no matter how good the intentions, there are going to be times the medical alert button or pendant isn’t being worn. It’s not uncommon for seniors to remove them in order to sleep if they’re not comfortable enough to wear all night. Seniors who take the alert device off to sleep don’t always remember to put it back on – especially if they get up in the night to visit the bathroom or get a drink of water.

Even though most medical alert buttons are either waterproof or water-resistant, some seniors might take them off to bathe “just in case.”

Ideally, it’s good to have a backup plan if mom or dad needs help and isn’t wearing their button. The answer? Medical alert wall buttons.

Medical Alert Wall Buttons Can Be Placed Throughout the Home

Medical alert wall buttons are wall mounted buttons that connect to the monitoring center. The buttons are typically large enough to be easy to press, and usually have an eye-catching red sticker on them so they’re easy to see.

Wall buttons are a fantastic add-on feature, and we recommend them for any senior who has a medical alert.

We especially recommend putting the buttons in the bedroom and bathroom, and near the stairs. Having them in the bedroom means that even if someone isn’t wearing their button, or have it close by, they can still get help in the night. The bathroom and stairs are prime places where seniors are at risk of falling, so we recommend placing buttons there as well.

Two-way voice, more than just a button

We think the best medical alerts with wall buttons are the ones where the buttons have two-way speakers embedded in them. These kinds of buttons are especially helpful because seniors can talk directly with the call center, even if they’re not near or within the range of the in-home medical alert base station.

Having one or more two-way voice button around the home gives seniors more accessibility to get help, even without their wearable button or if they’re out of range of the base station.

We think wall mounted buttons are helpful for any seniors with a medical alert device. They’re especially helpful for seniors who are more frail and at risk of falling, or for those who live in larger homes and thus might wander out of range of the base station.

What To Look For When Purchasing a Medical Alert with a Wall Button

There are a lot of medical alerts on the market today. To make sure you’re getting the best medical alert with a wall button, we recommend ticking off all these boxes:

  • Straightforward pricing. It should be clear how much the medical alert itself costs, along with the cost to add a wall button.
  • Two-way voice. A wall button with two way voice is more useful than one that just sends an alert to the center.
  • No long term contracts. You’ll be purchasing the wall button as part of a medical alert package, so make sure you won’t be locked in to long term contracts.

Questions To Ask Before Buying A Medical Alert System with a Wall Button

Because your wall button will be part of a medical alert package, we recommend asking the following questions about that package:

  • Do I have to pay an equipment or setup fee?
  • Can I cancel my contract at any time?
  • How easy is it to cancel?
  • Will I be penalized for canceling early?
  • How long is the battery life?
  • What is my monthly cost?
  • What happens if the system stops working?
  • What is the typical response time for a call?
  • How much do I have to pay to add fall detection?

We’re strict about only featuring providers that are dedicated to providing the best equipment backed by excellent customer service. To make it on to our list of best medical alerts with wall buttons, each company had to offer:

  • Equipment that works as they say it does
  • Easy to cancel contracts that never lock people into the long term
  • Clear pricing on the medical alert package
  • Reasonable pricing to add a wall button.
  • Good customer service

Let’s look at some of the best companies offering wall mounted buttons today.

Best Wall Mounted Medical Alert Buttons

#1. MobileHelp

MobileHelp is well known for reliable, high-quality medical alert equipment. We’re delighted to note they also offer wall buttons to their customers.

Alert Systems they offer: A traditional in-home landline or cellular system depending on if a user has a landline in the home. They also have a mobile + GPS unit as well as a smartwatch.
Added extras: Medication reminders on in-home units, and an online caregiver portal that tracks device usage on mobile units. Activity checking is also available on some packages.
Two-way speaker on wall button: Yes and voice activated
Range for in-home base unit: 600ft
Battery on base unit: 30 hours backup battery
Medical Alert Cost: Starts at $19.95 monthly for in-home systems, and $37.95 monthly for mobile.
Wall button cost: The standard wall button is $2/mo and the waterproof wall button is $5/mo. The wall button is available as one of the free options with MobileHelp Connect Premium which is $5/mo.
Long term contracts: No
Equipment / set up fee: No
What customers are saying:

“I wear MobileHelp all the time. My son works for the company and he sent me the whole thing. It makes sense because I’m 83 and I’m alone, so if anything was to happen I push the little button and help arrives. It makes me sure that if I get into a bad spot I have a way to get some help.”
“ I appreciate MobileHelp and we’re glad we have it.”
“I am happy with knowing that help is nearby when I’m home alone or out on a trip. The experience I have had with this unit has been good. The people I talk to when I have questions are very helpful”

The Verdict: MobileHelp offers easy to use equipment designed to make senior’s lives easier. Their caregiver portal is a huge plus for mobile users, and we also really like the medication reminders. MobileHelp is reliable, straightforward, and reasonably priced. The addition of a wall button is just another strike in their favor!

#2. Medical Guardian

Medical Guardian has a fantastic range of medical alerts for every need and lifestyle. We think this makes them one of the best medical alerts with wall button out there today. Customers can choose from several in-home and on-the-go options.

Alert Systems they offer: Customers can choose from a huge range that includes an in-home system, an in-home system that runs on a cellular network, an in-home system with added activity sensors, two types of mobile systems (one GPS and one GPS plus WiFi), and a medical alert enabled smartwatch.
Added extras: Extra alert buttons, a car charger for mobile customers, and a lockbox to keep keys in so EMTs can access the house without breaking a door or window in an emergency.
Two-way speaker on wall button: Yes voice activated
Range for in-home base unit: 1300ft – very impressive!
Battery on base unit: 32 hours for landline in-home units and 30 hours for cellular in-home units.
Medical Alert Cost: Starts at $29.95 for in-home and $39.95 for mobile.
Wall button cost: $2 per button monthly.
Long term contracts: No
Equipment / set up fee: No
What customers are saying:

“This is my first medical alert device. They responded in a timely manner and it was a very successful experience.”
“ I have a watch type and a necklace and I make sure that I have them at all times. I feel very confident with them. I’ve recommended Medical Guardian to others.”
“ I feel more confident having it and it’s a cushion in case anything does happen. So far, it has been very pleasant and everyone is responsive. It has been a good experience and I’m satisfied with their service. “

The Verdict: Medical Guardian has a large range of medical alert systems to meet a variety of situations. They don’t offer as many caregiver options as some companies, but overall they’re reliable, dedicated to customer service, and so straightforward to use. For seniors who are more frail, the home option with activity sensors would pair well with added wall buttons for increased peace of mind all around.

#3. Bay Alarm Medical

Bay Alarm Medical has been around for many years now, and we’ve been consistently impressed with their devotion to their customers. We’ve met with the Bay Alarm team and experienced first hand how passionate they are about providing excellent customer service, and medical alerts for all situations.

Alert Systems they offer: Bay Alarm Medical offers landline and cellular in-home systems, plus a mobile GPS system, and an in-car system especially to protect seniors when they’re out driving.
Added extras: A lockbox, and extra insurance in case the system is lost, stolen or damaged. Mobile customers can also get access to a caregiver tracking portal (cost $4.95 monthly.)
Two-way speaker on wall button: No
Range for in-home base unit: Up to 1000 ft
Battery on base unit: 32-hour backup battery
Medical Alert Cost: Starts at $19.95 monthly for in-home and $29.95 monthly for mobile.
Wall button cost: $2.95 for each button monthly, or buy a pack of four for $10 monthly.
Long term contracts: No
Equipment / set up fee: No
What customers are saying:

“I am happy with the service. I have told others about it, and have recommended it.”
“The process for ordering, shipping, setting up and testing was very smooth! I purchased it for my mother due to her frail condition and living alone. I am very pleased with the support and product by Bay Alarm Medical and highly recommend it!”
“I highly recommend their service. I’ve fallen twice & had help very promptly. They are very reliable & their cost is reasonable.”

The Verdict: Bay Alarm Medical prides themselves on customer satisfaction and competitive monthly costs – their equipment is reliable, and we think the price is fantastic for the quality of service you get.

#4. GetSafe

GetSafe is a bit different than other medical alert systems. Rather than basing its service around a traditional base station and button, GetSafe works via a sleek, modern console, and a range of wall buttons and mini consoles that are spread throughout the home. Customers can design their system to suit them – GetSafe representatives can help you figure out how many mini buttons and consoles to add.

Alert Systems they offer: GetSafe has traditional in-home and cellular medical alert systems, as well as a mobile + GPS medical alert. Fall detection can be added for $10/mo.
Added extras: GetSafe offers accessories including a lockbox, an HD camera that caregivers can use to make sure mom or dad is doing ok, a vial of life for medical information, and a monitored smoke detector.
Two-way speaker on wall button: Yes, voice activated
Range for in-home base unit: 1300ft and the range can be extended as far as you need by adding more buttons and consoles.
Battery on base unit: 32-hour backup battery.
Medical Alert Cost: $25 monthly
Wall Button Cost: $2/button/mo.
Long term contracts: No
Equipment / set up fee: No

The Verdict: GetSafe is a truly modern system that’s perfect for seniors who don’t want to wear a traditional medical alert. We love how straightforward everything is, from the pricing to the ease of installation. The consoles and buttons are sleek and modern and will fit nicely into any home décor, too.

Wall buttons are an excellent way to add extra peace of mind to any medical alert package. Even more active seniors can benefit from a little extra help if they leave their device behind or happen to trip or fall when getting up at night. All the companies listed here offer fantastic service in addition to the wall buttons – why not check them out and see which one is best for your loved one?

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