GetSafe Medical Alert FAQs

GetSafe offers a medical alert system designed to free users from wearable lanyard and wristbands. The company, which also offers home security products, wants to offer a more modern take on medical alert systems. Below are some of the most common questions asked about this product.

How Does GetSafe Work?

GetSafe offers an a la carte medical alert system solution. The basic version includes a communication console that connects to your home internet connection and allows two-way communication with the 24/7 monitoring service. The company reports that this console is very sensitive, so users can activate it from several yards away.

Additionally, customers can add on extra consoles and other equipment for an added subscription. These add-ons include remote mini-consoles, a wall button, mobile GPS help button and more. Customers can choose exactly how many of each item, if any, they want to include with their plans.

Where Can I Buy GetSafe?

GetSafe is available through the company’s website. The company provides a simple order form that lets you choose your subscription plan and equipment. Products are then shipped to your home. Ordering is as quick and simple as almost any other online purchase.

How Much Does GetSafe Cost?

The main cost of GetSafe is the subscription plan. For the basic monitoring, this is $24.95 per month no matter what subscription plan you choose. However, you can select how often you will pay (monthly, quarterly or semi-annually).

In addition to the subscription plan, you may choose to pay for additional equipment. Most equipment items come with their own monitoring and, consequently, a subscription increase. Here are a few examples:

  • Fall detection lanyard – $10 per month
  • Wall button – $2 per month
  • LTE connectivity – $10 per month

The prices for monitoring are per item. So, for example, having two wall buttons adds $4 per month. For one of every offered medical alert item, the monthly subscription would be $105.95 per month. All three subscription plans include basic monitoring for two people and the semi-annual plan includes a free camera.

How Difficult Is Setup?

The system is ready for out-of-the-box use and only requires a few minutes to set up. GetSafe aims to make its products as easy to use as possible.

Who Monitors GetSafe?

GetSafe’s monitoring is provided by America’s most trusted UL0Cerficied 24/7 medical alert monitoring center. So, you can be confident that a fully trained and professional assistant will always be on the line when you send an emergency alert.

Is There a Trial Period?

Yes, there is a trial period for all equipment and subscription plans. This is 30 days and provides a full refund minus shipping costs. The trial period refund appears to be no questions asked.

How Long Is the GetSafe Contract?

The GetSafe medical alert contract is broken into three subscription levels. These offer the same features but are different lengths: monthly, quarterly and semi-annual. The month-to-month plan includes no commitments or long-term contract. The quarterly plan provides the addition of free ground shipping. The semi-annual plan offers an HD home security camera as well as free shipping.

What Is Included With GetSafe Medical Alert?

The basic equipment is a landline hub and a free wristband/lanyard button. The communication console hub includes an integrated microphone, an emergency button, two-way communication and battery backup power. GetSafe also offers extensive other equipment options, including the following:

  • Voice-activated mini console
  • Wall button
  • GPS help button for mobile use
  • Smoke detector
  • Lockbox lock
  • Indoor camera

These additional equipment items, as well as any extra consoles or wristband/lanyard buttons, require an additional subscription. Users may customize their subscriptions to include the necessary equipment.

Is there a Warranty?

All GetSafe products come with a one-year warranty for any manufacturer issues. Additionally, you can return the products for any reason within the 30-day trial period.

What Is the GetSafe Refund Policy?

GetSafe offers a trial period of 30 days for all products and subscriptions. You can cancel within this time, no questions asked, and get a full refund minus the shipping expenses.

If you cancel beyond the trial period, you simply need to terminate your subscription. There are no cancellation fees and you do not need to return the equipment. However, the subscription will not be refunded nor prorated.

What Do I Need to Set Up GetSafe?

You need an internet connection to connect the communication console. Additionally, it needs to be plugged into a power outlet, so you need a place where you can plug it in.

What Happens If My Internet Connection Stops?

If you lose your internet connection, GetSafe can continue working. There is an optional LTE version of the main console that includes an AT&T LTE sim card so that the device can work on a cellular connection. This costs an additional $10 per month.

What Happens If the Power Goes Out?

The GetSafe equipment includes battery power as a backup or the primary power source. For the communication console, this lasts up to 32 hours.

Where Can GetSafe Equipment Be Placed?

The communication console should be plugged into a power supply; thus, it needs to be close to an outlet. Most other GetSafe equipment is battery powered, so it can be placed anywhere. Additionally, the system operates wirelessly, so you can largely use it cordlessly. 

Does GetSafe Work With My Existing Lanyard?

No, GetSafe does not work with any other systems. Only GetSafe equipment will work with the system. 

Is GetSafe Equipment Wireless?

Yes, GetSafe equipment can operate wirelessly. So, you can position many of the items wherever you want. The central communication console should be plugged into a power source, however.

Can I Move My Equipment When I Move Home?

Yes, you can move your GetSafe equipment easily. All you need to do is plug in the communication console and other equipment in your new home.

Why GetSafe?

In short, GetSafe is an easy-to-use medical alert system that offers excellent, professional monitoring. It is a modern approach to medical alert systems that will blend seamlessly into your home décor. GetSafe is one of the best ways to get that sense of security you want from a medical alert system.

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