LifeStation FAQs

How Long Does It Take To Get LifeStation? 

All you need to do to receive the LifeStation system is to place an order online. The medical alert system will be sent out shortly via UPS expedited shipping services at no additional cost to you. Based on your method of payment and location, you can expect your system to arrive in the mail in one to two weeks.

Does LifeStation Work Anywhere in the Country? 

No matter which state you live in, LifeStation will work for you. Emergency personnel will respond to all alerts anywhere in the United States.

What Are the Billing Options? 

You can decide to pay for your alert system on an annual, quarterly or monthly basis. Electronic Funds Transfer is available although you can also pay via American Express, Discover, Mastercard or Visa.

How Much Does LifeStation Cost? 

The price of LifeStation can be as low as 85 cents per day. You will find even greater discounts if you decide to pay on a quarterly or annual basis. With LifeStation, you also enjoy free shipping and no long-term contracts. There are no hidden fees. Extra accessories, such as the additional user help button, bathroom and hallway button, and lock box come with extra charges per month.

What Type of Agreement Must Be Signed? 

Before you can receive your medical alert system, you have to sign a monitoring agreement. This document outlines all the services LifeStation will provide over the course of your contract.

Do You Have To Pay Two Monitoring Fees If Two People in a House Want To Use LifeStation? 

You do not have to have separate contracts if two people will rely on LifeStation. All you need to do is pay one monitoring fee. To add other people to the plan, you only need to pay an extra $3.99 per month. This will provide you with the extra help button.

What Repair Service Comes With the LifeStation System? 

LifeStation is ultimately responsible for the repair and replacement of any faulty or defective equipment. This includes battery replacements. You will not receive an extra charge on your bill for any of these services.

What Equipment Is Involved? 

It is very easy to set up the LifeStation medical alert system. The system only consists of an emergency console and a help button.

How Long Does the Battery Last? 

LifeStation uses a lithium battery. With normal operation, this should last you up to four years.

Can LifeStation Be Installed in a Parent’s Home and Billed to Someone Else? 

Yes. Many children purchase LifeStation as a gift to their parents. Many customers with the system actually have this arrangement.

How Long Will It Take Emergency Personnel To Arrive? 

It should take approximately 20 seconds for personnel to respond. It is recommended to test out your system at least once a month to see how long it takes someone to pick up. At this time, you will be able to see for yourself how long a representative will answer.

Who Do You Contact After Pushing the Help Button? 

After you press the help signal, the experienced care specialists will answer the call. They are standing by around the clock, 24 hours a day, to assist you. They are available every day of the week.

Does the Help Button Work Outside of the Home? 

LifeStation has a range of up to 500 feet. That means it may work directly outside of your home, depending on the size of your abode. After you first set up the system, you should test out its range around your house. This should also entail walking outside. You will then know where you will be able to communicate with the care specialists. LifeStation may not be able to connect with you in certain parts of the home, but the specialists will receive your signal and follow whatever instructions you provide.

Who Will Know About Any Emergencies? 

When you first sign up for LifeStation, you can provide a list of contacts. LifeStation will get in touch with these people so they are aware of the situation. Most people list their immediate family, friends, doctors and neighbors.

Does LifeStation Affect Telephone Services? 

LifeStation has no impact on your home’s phone service or your phone bill. It only utilizes the phone line in the event of an emergency. It also uses the phone for the weekly check-in the system automatically performs. All of these calls are toll free.

Can You Move LifeStation If You Move? 

You can absolutely move LifeStation if you decide to move. All you need to do is call 877-833-2020 to inform a customer service representative of what your new phone number and address will be.

How Can You Alter Information You Already Gave to LifeStation? 

You can call 877-833-2020 if there is any information you want to update. LifeStation can change your phone number and responder list as soon as you ask.

What If the House Loses Power? 

In the event there is a power outage in your area, your LifeStation system will still retain power. The system comes with a backup battery that maintains communication. This backup battery lasts for up to 32 hours. Once power comes back to your home, the backup battery will automatically self-charge, so it has power in the event of another power outage.

How Does Emergency Personnel Get Inside the Home? 

You can provide a key to a nearby neighbor, friend or family member. LifeStation will alert these individuals of the emergency, and they can drive to the house to open the door for emergency personnel. However, you may also want to consider getting a lock box key door. This box will be on the outside of your home. A LifeStation care specialist will provide emergency services with the combination to open the box so help can get inside your home without damaging anything.

Will LifeStation Work If You Fall Inside a Tub? 

The LifeStation equipment is waterproof. You can continue to wear it any time you take a bath or shower. That way if you fall, you can still get in touch with care specialists.

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