Numactive Medical Alert System Review: US and Canada

Numactive medical alert offers a variety of medical alert options. They are also the first Canadian company we have reviewed in the medical alert industry.

We were especially interested in checking out the Numactive cellular option for the people we know who travel between the U.S. and Canada. Numactive ensures that medical alert service wouldn’t be disrupted for snow bunnies and sun-seekers alike.

The Stuff We Liked: Numactive offers three options for medical alert systems. Numactive uses high-quality equipment, monthly monitoring fees are competitive and they use an in-house monitoring center. No long term contracts. One month free with the use of promo code “seniorlist“.

The Stuff We Didn’t: Activation fee for some options, depending on the length of the term chosen.

The Bottom Line: Numactive sets itself apart with excellent and friendly customer service, flexible terms and pricing, discounts for prepayment and quality medical alert systems.  Serves Canadian and U.S. markets.

Visit Numactive to receive your first month FREE with your code “SeniorList” or call 855-953-7333.

Numactive Medical Alert Systems

While many medical alert companies outsource the monitoring side of their business, Numactive has it’s own ULC-listed monitoring center with trained and professional care operators. This means that monitoring and dispatch are highly customized to meet the individual needs of each client.

We had a chance to test out the equipment Numactive offers. Specifically, we wanted to check out their cellular option, the Numactive Alert Freedom which also includes fall detection. Like many real medical alert users, we are not interested in being confined to the home and like the freedom (no pun intended) that the cellular option allows.

Numactive Alert Freedom- what’s in the box?

Numactive medical alert system Alert unboxing.
Numactive Alert Freedom unboxed.

The Numactive package includes the medical alert unit, charger, both a lanyard and belt clip (options!), power cord, Quick Start and User Guide.

Step 1: Plug in the charger and place the alert unit in the cradle.

Step 2: Wait for a few minutes. The lights around the button started flashing as the cellular unit was searching for a signal. This took at few minutes. Once it was connected, a recording came on through the built-in speaker that said “It’s time to meet your response team. Please press and hold the call button to connect to your response team now”.   After a series of beeps, I was connected with a friendly young man who then activated the alert device. We were able to clearly help each other, and even at 6ft away from the device we were still able to hear each other, although less clearly.  Check out the video below to see for yourself.

I carried the pendant around for several days, testing it in and out of my home. True to its word, I had a connection wherever I had cell service. The communication on the two-way speakerphone was clear, helpful and polite, even though I was just pushing my button for fun. The pendant was lightweight and easily concealed under my clothes.  The Numactive Alert Freedom must be charged daily, I did so at night and it was fully charged each morning. It’s also water resistant for use in the bathroom.

Fall Detection and GPS Location

The Numactive Alert Freedom is equipped with fall detection and GPS location services.  The cellular unit is water resistant and can be worn in the shower or bath. You will be connected to the mobile option anywhere you have cell coverage.

Numactive Medical Alert Options for Home

Numactive offers three different types of medical alerts, depending on your needs.  All three options come with a 24/7 alert button, have a 24-hour battery backup and are water resistant.  The Canada-based service provider offers free shipping within Canada and seamless deliveries to anywhere in the US.

Numactive Alert Home

The Numactive Alert Home base station includes rechargeable AA batteries in the event of a power outage.  The base unit connects to an AC power source as well as to your phone line to communicate with Numactive care center.  The base unit has two buttons, one for emergencies, the other for caregivers which can be programmed to contact a family member or friend.  The accompanying pendant has a range of 600 ft and can only be used to call the emergency call center. The battery life on the pendant is 1 year, no two-way speakerphone.  The Numactive Alert Home starts at $29.99/month.

Numactive Alert Home based medical alert system
Numactive Alert Home

Numactive Alert Plus

The other home base unit offered by Numactive is the Alert Plus. The biggest difference between this and the Alert Home is the pendant range which covers up to 1,000ft and the Alert Plus has a two-way speaker in the pendant.  The battery life of the pendant is 1 year.  The personal pendant comes with a lanyard, wristband and belt clip mount so that it can be worn a variety of ways.  The base unit (phone line required) can have up to four pendants connected to it, making it ideal for spouses or small care home settings. The Numactive Alert Plus starts at $34.99/month.

Numactive Alert Plus
Numactive Alert Plus

Installation and Activation of Numactive medical alert systems

Regardless of the option you choose, you will have to power up the base unit, and the personal unit for the Freedom cellular option and call customer support for activation. I found the tutorial videos on the official website very helpful to installing and activating the unit. The simple and straightforward installation and user guides ensure that most people will be able to set up Numactive on their own, regardless of what option is chosen.  Numactive performs daily system checks for low batteries, AC power failure, and communication errors.

Numactive Pricing Plans

Numactive offers monthly, quarterly and annual monitoring plans.  You will save big on the annual plan, a monthly plan is a good option for those who aren’t sure of how long coverage will be needed.  Best of all, you will receive your first month free when you use our code “seniorlist”.  Since Numactive is a Canadian company, purchases made from the U.S. will be getting more bang for their buck with currency exchange rates.

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