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The next choice you'll have to make when purchasing a home based medical alert system is whether you want a traditional pendant medical alert button (depress and the base station calls for help) or a speaker phone (talk through) type medical alert system.

in-home medical alert system pendantA pendant style medical alert is the small emergency response button that is the most popular of the in-home medical alert systems. It is the smallest option, and the most intuitive.  Remember, it's only one button to press in case of an emergency.  When pressed, the pendant sends a signal to the base station that is plugged into the wall (phone) jack.  When the base station receives a signal from the pendant, the base station notifies the call center that help is needed.  If the call center gets no response from the user, they dispatch emergency personnel.

The speaker phone or talk-through medical alert systems allow you to actually speak into (and hear from) the hand held talk through medical alert systemdevice.  The talk-through medical alert systems are much bigger than a simple pendant, but they do offer some interesting options.  Those options can include the ability to call a loved one and/or family member, or speak directly to a call center for help.  You can think of the talk-through medical alert systems as a small cordless phone.  If the user presses the emergency button on the speakerphone device and doesn't respond, a call center will dispatch help on your behalf.  Some of these devices aren't connected to a call center, and will only call pre-designated numbers assigned by the user (usually family members, neighbors, or both).

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