Qmedic FAQs

Accidents happen every day. Your home should be a safe place, but too often it is filled with hazards that put aging people at risk. A simple trip or fall can turn into a health emergency if nobody is available to immediately help, but the emergence of medical alert systems has provided countless seniors with the safety and peace of mind they need. Finding the best system is difficult, though, when there are so many options to choose from. One such system, Qmedic, is a popular option — but you might have questions about what to expect. Consider the following FAQs to learn more about this medical alert system.

Where Can I Buy a Qmedic Medical Alert System?

Qmedic products and plans are available through the company’s website. If you would prefer to order over the phone, you can also call the company. Qmedic does not make its products or subscriptions available through third-party retailers, so if you choose to invest in one of its systems, you will need to purchase through the company directly.

What Features Makes Qmedic Unique?

With so many medical alert options on the market, you need to know what features set each one apart. Qmedic caters to aging clients, but it also specializes in services for blind and disabled persons. Rather than routing all alerts to emergency services or to a single call center, Qmedic allows users to customize the direction of their alert so that a response is faster and more accurate. Other unique features include the following:

  • Abnormal behavior flagging
  • Proactive wellness calls to user
  • Always wearable waterproof design
  • Two-way communication function
  • Caregiver dashboard features
  • No need to recharge battery

In addition to these features, Qmedic is unique in its exclusion of fall detection technology. This type of alert, which is used by many other medical alert devices, purports to detect when a user falls — even if the alert button is not pushed. Though this may be beneficial to some, it can also generate false alarms and thus discourage users from wearing their devices as intended. Instead, Qmedic offers proactive wellness checks based on the following metrics:

  • Activity tracking
  • Sleep tracking
  • Wear compliance

How Much Does Qmedic Cost?

Qmedic offers several different membership plans that make it easy for users to customize the level of care they want and need. The following is a breakdown of the costs and features associated with each of Qmedic’s options:

Membership OptionBilling OptionsFeatures
  • Monthly subscription of $30.00 for bracelet or pendant
  • Annual subscription of $300 for bracelet or pendant
  • Users can choose a wrist bracelet or neck pendant
  • Five-minute setup
  • Ideal for homes with optimal cell coverage
  • Two-year battery life
  • Waterproof alert button
  • Monthly subscription of $30.00 for bracelet or pendant
  • Annual subscription of $300 for bracelet or pendant
  • Users can choose a wrist bracelet or neck pendant
  • Simple plug-in installation
  • Ideal for homes with strong cell coverage
  • Two-year battery life
  • Waterproof alert button
Mobile GPS
  • Monthly subscription of $45.00 for neck pendant
  • Annual subscription of $400.00 for neck pendant
  • Ideal for more mobile users
  • Two-week battery life
  • Mobile GPS allows for remote activation of alerts
  • Water resistant

Does Qmedic Require a Contract?

There are no long-term contracts required when you enroll in a Qmedic plan. It is worth noting, however, that users do not own the Qmedic equipment they are using. Instead, the devices are part of a lease that the user agrees to when they subscribe to a plan. If the equipment is not returned at the end of your subscription, you become liable for its full cost. If you decide that you no longer wish to continue your Qmedic plan, you can cancel at any time without fear of cancellation fees, but you are guaranteed a refund for the portion of your plan that you do not use.

How Do You Use Qmedic?

Qmedic’s three plans offer different options for how to use the company’s services. If you have a landline phone, the company’s landline subscription option is likely the best plan for your needs and will offer the most reliable service. The device must be linked with your phone to function if you should need to activate an alert. If you do not have a landline phone but live in an area with good cell coverage, you can use Qmedic’s cellular alert system simply by plugging in the cellular base station and linking the device. The mobile GPS device can be used simply by installing the charging cradle and activating the GPS on the pendant — it will then work wherever the user takes it. With all three systems, users receive a call from Qmedic’s emergency response center if the alert is activated with the push button.

Is Qmedic Right for Me?

Qmedic is an attractive option for aging seniors who want to ensure help is available if an accident were to take place. It is ideal for their loved ones and caretakers, too, who want to keep track of seniors’ wellbeing through an intuitive and accessible dashboard. Qmedic is not only for senior citizens, though. The brand is also tailored to meet the needs of users who are blind or disabled, so the diverse potential uses make it attractive for people with a range of different needs. If you are looking for a simple medical alert system, including options that are mobile, Qmedic might be the right choice for you or your loved one’s needs.

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