Best Lightweight Mobility Scooters

It’s an unfortunate fact of life that many of us struggle with our mobility as we get older. Sometimes that’s because of arthritis or other joint problems. Other times it’s due to cardiac issues, breathing troubles, or problems with balance or eyesight.

The loss of independence is distressing, and seniors can find themselves more isolated than before. This can have an impact on mental health and overall enjoyment of life.

A mobility scooter gives seniors back their independence and helps them go out and about more easily.

What Is A Lightweight Mobility Scooter?

A lightweight mobility scooter is a small motorized vehicle consisting of a padded seat positioned on a wheeled base. Steering is by way of the handlebars. Some mobility scooters are designed for all-terrain use, but lightweight models tend to be better suited to sidewalks and other flat areas such as malls.

Lightweight scooters can be either 3 or 4 wheel models, and some are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Most scooters also come equipped with a basket so you can store items when you’re out shopping.

Why Should I Choose A Lightweight Mobility Scooter?

Lightweight mobility scooters are ideal for seniors who want to keep running errands, meeting friends, and enjoying their local community. Being small and easier to transport than their larger counterparts also makes them good for day trips or traveling.

Lightweight models are also easier for seniors to manage. Most of them fold down or disassemble quickly for transport in an average-sized car. If you’re looking for something small and light enough to transport and maneuver easily, a lightweight model is just the thing.

How Do Lightweight Mobility Scooters Work?

Mobility scooters get their power from an on-board battery. You can expect anything from 6 – 15 miles of driving per battery charge. You can easily charge the scooter at home. The best thing to do is charge overnight, so your scooter is ready to go the following morning.

Some models even feature a removable battery pack so it’s even easier to charge it.

Mobility scooters usually travel at 4 mph – 7 mph, though some go faster.

What Do I Need To Know About Buying A Lightweight Mobility Scooter?

Before buying a scooter, it’s important to know which features are most important to you.

When it comes to choosing a lightweight model, give some thought to how and when the scooter will be used. Unless you’re driving it straight from your house to your destination you’ll need to transport it somehow.

Most lightweight models either fold down or disassemble so you can fit them in the trunk of your car. Some foldable models fold down in such a way that you can wheel them along like a wheeled suitcase. Check the dimensions before purchase to make sure it fits your car.

Consider who will be folding or disassembling and loading the scooter into the vehicle. Every model is different but on average a disassembling model will come down to 4 – 5 parts, with the heaviest weighing 40 lbs or less. That’s equivalent to one of those 5-gallon water bottles you see on water coolers. Keeping that in mind gives you an idea of what you’re dealing with.

Where will you use the scooter? Some models are suitable for driving on gravel, grass or sand, while others are strictly for sidewalk use only.

Finally, think about which comfort features you need. Most scooters have a padded seat and flip-up armrests as standard. Some have extra legroom, deeper padding, a wider seat, or easy-touch steering. If you need any of these for comfort, be sure to pick a model that offers them. You’ll get more use out of your scooter if you enjoy driving it.

Are There Any Other Features I Should Look For?

Now you know how and when you’ll drive your scooter, check out:

  • Whether it has suspension. Some lightweight models don’t. It’s not usually an issue for smooth easy routes, but it’s still good to know.
  • How much weight it can support. Lightweight scooters can’t always hold as much weight as their heavy-duty counterparts.
  • Weight isn’t just about how much the driver weighs, but about any added luggage such as an oxygen tank or concentrator, or groceries.
  • If it has any safety features. Many models feature anti-tip technology, which is fantastic. LED lamps are a great addition, too.
  • The controls. Some scooters are made for easy one-handed steering, which is good for seniors with dexterity issues.
  • What kind of warranty you get. You need to know you’re covered if something goes wrong!

Best Lightweight Scooters for Seniors

Here are four lightweight mobility scooters that are made for travel and adventures.

(Prices are based on current prices we found at some online sellers who have these models, and are subject to change at any time and depending on where you buy your scooter from.)

Transport Easy Move (EV Rider)

The Transport Easy Move is a nifty little folding model designed to go anywhere, including planes, trains, and automobiles! The Easy Move folds down with just one touch of the remote control button, making it very easy to handle.

Speed: 4 mph
Distance per charge: 10 miles
Weight capacity: 250 lbs
Turning radius: 31”
Weight: 42 lbs including battery
Suspension: No
Other specs: Height-adjustable seat and LED headlamp included.
Anything else: The Easy Move both folds down and unfolds again with just one button press. When folded, you can wheel it along like a wheeled suitcase. Please note this model doesn’t have armrests or a basket.
Cost: $1999
Our verdict: This is a sleek, minimalist model that folds up and down in seconds with one press of the button. That makes it ideal for seniors who are traveling or want something they can handle on their own.

Buzzaround Lite (Golden Technologies)

The Buzzaround Lite offers the lightness and compact frame you’d expect from a lightweight scooter, combined with extra legroom and a comfortable stadium seat.

Speed: 4 mph
Distance per charge: 8 miles
Weight capacity: 300 lbs
Turning radius: 37”
Weight: The overall weight is 98 lbs. However, the Buzzaround Lite disassembles into five lightweight pieces, the heaviest of which weighs just 33 lbs.
Suspension: No
Other specs: Features flip-up armrests and an adjustable height seat for maximum comfort. The front basket is extra sturdy to easily hold your belongings.
Anything else: The charger port is located on the tiller, so it’s easy to charge the Buzzaround without bending down. You can upgrade the battery to extend the driving range to 10 miles. It also includes three color panels so you can change the look whenever you like. The tiller is easy to steer even one-handed.
Cost: $1345
Our verdict: This is an excellent lightweight scooter. It’s small and sleek, yet has the weight capacity and legroom of a much sturdier model. The tiller charging port and battery upgrades are nice convenient touches, too.

Spitfire Scout 4 (Drive Medical)

The Spitfire Scout is narrow and light enough to be suitable for even apartment dwellers, yet it has a sturdy 4-wheel frame and plenty of room.

Speed: 4.25 mph
Distance per charge: 9 miles
Weight capacity: 300 lbs
Turning radius: 53.75”
Weight: Weighs 94 lbs overall. However, it’s an easy to disassemble model, and the heaviest piece weighs just 39 lbs.
Suspension: No
Other specs: Features an adjustable-height seat and extra legroom for a more comfortable ride.
Anything else: You can upgrade the battery to get up to 15 miles out of one charge. The padded tiller makes steering even more comfortable.
Cost: $1200
Our verdict: This is a surprisingly robust model considering its small frame and lightweight construction. It’s strong enough to carry up to 300 lbs, yet easily comes apart to stow in the trunk of your car.

2019 Luggie Standard (Luggie)

The Luggie offers 4-wheel stability and the ability to drive up to 11 miles on a single charge, all in a super lightweight frame (the whole thing clocks in at less than 55 lbs!)

Speed: 4.5 mpg
Distance per charge: 11 miles
Weight capacity: 250 lbs
Weight: Under 55 lbs
Suspension: No
Other specs: Features flip-up adjustable armrests and adjustable tiller height and angle. It also comes with an under-seat basket for extra storage.
Anything else: The Luggie folds down just like a wheeled suitcase for quick and easy transport anywhere you want to go. It also features a 5 amp charger for quick charging. The Luggie can also go in reverse.
Cost: $2199
Our verdict: This is a tiny, sleek little model that folds down small as a piece of luggage, so you can take it anywhere you need to go. 11 miles per charge is excellent for a scooter of this size, which means you can take Luggie on your next adventure, be that to the local shops, or somewhere further afield.

Mobility scooters aren’t always big, heavy machines that need special lifts to get them into a vehicle. These small lightweight options can be either folded or disassembled for ease of transport and are light enough to take with you every day.

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