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Scooters For Seniors: Does Medicare Pay For My Scooter?

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Where did all the advertisements for scooters go?  New rules have made it harder and harder for Medicare to cover scooters for seniors.

It wasn’t so long ago that a prominent “scooter store” got itself in a pickle for pushing doctors to write prescriptions for Medicare furnished scooters (whether necessary or not).

Scrutiny surrounding The Scooter Store case has led to tighter restrictions on Medicare-covered scooters, making eligibility for these scooters a complicated issue to wade through.

Scooters for Seniors

Here’s CBS News discussing The Scooter Store’s advertisements which targeted seniors all over the country:

Some members of Congress say the ads lead to hundreds of millions of dollars in unnecessary spending by Medicare, which is only supposed to pay for scooters as a medical necessity when seniors are unable to use a cane, walker or regular wheelchair. According to congressional testimony, Medicare accounted for about 75 percent of The SCOOTER Store’s revenue. – CBS News

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The Medicare spending issues surrounding scooters and other durable medical equipment (DME) led to tighter restrictions on where you can purchase scooters for seniors, who is eligible for Medicare reimbursement, and the steps you need to take in order to be in compliance with Medicare Part B (medical insurance) rules.  Let’s dig into the details…

Who is Eligible for a Scooter Covered by Medicare? says that all people who meet criteria with Medicare Part B are covered for scooters (which they define as “manual wheelchairs & power mobility devices”).

What Steps Do I Need To Take?

Keep these facts in mind as you consider the steps you need to take when considering a scooter for mobility;

Where Can I Purchase a Scooter?

You can purchase a scooter anywhere you wish if you’re paying out of pocket.  You can find them online (new and used) or you can visit your local DME supplier in town.

If you’re planning on some help from Medicare however, you need to visit an enrolled DME supplier that accepts the assignment cost from the federal government.  Here’s more:

Medicare will only cover your DME if your doctors and DME suppliers are enrolled in Medicare. Doctors and suppliers have to meet strict standards to enroll and stay enrolled in Medicare. If your doctors or suppliers aren’t enrolled, Medicare won’t pay the claims submitted by them.

It’s also important to ask your suppliers if they participate in Medicare before you get DME. If suppliers are participating suppliers, they must accept assignment. If suppliers are enrolled in Medicare but aren’t “participating,” they may choose not to accept assignment. If suppliers don’t accept assignment, there’s no limit on the amount they can charge you. –

How Much Will It Cost Me?

If your DME provider accepts the Medicare assignment costs, you’ll be paying 20% of the Medicare-approved amount, and then the Part B deductible applies. says, “depending on the type of equipment, you may need to rent the equipment, you may need to buy the equipment, or you may be able to choose whether to rent or buy the equipment.”

After you’ve visited your (Medicare enrolled) doctor, and he/she has written you a prescription for a scooter, you can obtain details from a (Medicare enrolled) DME provider, and they can share options with you.  General prices for a decent (new) scooter will range from $750-$2,000.

Scooters for Seniors: The Bottom Line

Medicare is making it more difficult for folks who want help with purchasing a scooter today.  One of our community members “Dennis” has this to say about Medicare reimbursement for scooters; “Medicare rarely pays for senior scooters. We submit claims all the time and they always deny them. You will end up paying out of pocket for a senior scooter.”

So the best thing you can do today if you feel you’re eligible for Medicare assistance is to follow the new strict guidelines and work with a sanctioned DME provider in your local community.

If you have tips to share, or would like to comment on this issue (or other mobility issues) give us a shout in the comments below.  

Written By
Amie Clark

Amie has been writing about senior care products and services for the last decade. She is particularly passionate about new technologies that help improve the quality of life for seniors and their families. Seeing her parents and grandparents age made Amie ask herself, “Would this be good enough for my loved ones?” In her spare time, Amie enjoys outdoor adventures and spontaneous road trips. Learn more about Amie here


  1. My mobility wheelchair is in my shed for years now because I had no one to help me lift it, service it, or anything else for that matter. Never remarried so I was on my own and loved it. After a list of doctors telling me they wouldn’t touch me for knee replacement (heart) I gave up. Now I’m mad because I’m at the end of the road trying to get help. I have read these wonderful comments and I love you guys. I thank each and every one of you for helping me decide to throw up my hands, take a hold of my situation and go out and purchase a mobility scooter while I can still enjoy what little bit of time and freedom I have left. I refuse to keep sitting here in my old chair until they find me dead one day. I might be older than dirt, but I’m going to get up, find a dealer, and purchase the best scooter with whatever money I can scrap up. I’ve got one life, so why not enjoy it seeing my town going 5 miles an hour down the street. God bless you all, keep safe. And if you see a bright red scooter flying down the street give me a wave.
    1. So glad I saw your post this morning. My spine is rapidly compressing and in last 3 years have gone from being active working full time to sitting in a chair. I am almost old as dirt and have no one to help me either. Doctors will not touch me surgically and the prescription pain pills dont work as long anymore and injections either. BUT after reading your post I am going to find me a scooter somewhere and enjoy getting out and about my neighborhood for as long as I can. I want to enjoy the outdoors and see things even if only around my neighborhood. I love sunflowers so I will decorate my scooter with that in mind and set out exploring. Just need to find the best I can with what I can afford. Just have to be comfortable on my back so guess cushions will matter alot and maybe side arms and 4 wheels. I dont think can get any help from Medicare now days.
  2. So I spoke to a DME about a scooter and they say if approved Medicare pays about 800.00 for a scooter but the one I want costs 1200.00 do I pay the difference or is the dealer obligated to give it to me and accept the 800.00 Medicare pays and take the 400.00 loss?
    1. they should feel more for the people that really need them because that’s the only way they can get around. after all that can make them feel better about themselves. it’s hard enough to except that they’ve lost there independence. They didn’t ask to be that way. so please be more compassionate for people.
      1. I Agree with your opinion. I am not trying to cheat Medicare, but , like you would appreciate some compassion.
        1. i recieved a new wheelchair from a local dealer but it is only good for in house use acording to the government if i go to the store and my wheelchair breaks down i am responsable when i applied for a heavy duty scooter they refused me telling me i dont quailyfie this is wrong i am unable to go outside my home i havent left my appartment in 16 months.
    2. Good morning I received my scooter back in 2011 after my first stroke. My insurance paid for it. It’s time at 72 to get a new one. I’m seeing my Doctor next month. He will write a new prescription for a 4 wheel. I need a sturdy one. The 3 wheel isn’t doing it anymore. I have Medicare A&B plus Champ VA From all I read both should cover for a new scooter.
      1. WOW I know the feeling. Lived in pain for several years and finally gave in to surgery. Have had a lot oof bone spurs in my life. The back of my heel had a huge bone spur and also had pieces of bone in my tendon. Took steroids until I decided no more. My heel stayed swollen and was very painful could not hardly walk. Before the surgery doctor wrote prescription for knee sccooter. Humana said we will pay 20 percent. No …wrong says pharmacy pays 0 percent. I would not be able to even get to bathroom without it. I had to skip bills to buy a scooter. $297.00. To rent was $35.00 per week. Wow cheaper to buy. I have learned something since I have fetired is no one cares for the old including your children. Will be put in nursing facility.
    3. Medicare pays the $800 you still have to pay 20% of the $1200 which is $240. That’s if the dealer is a participating member of the medicare program then he doesn’t have a choice but to accept it.
  3. Just wanted to let you know that I went to my doctor had a face to face. My dr. filled out all the information but was still not enough for Medicare. I don’t know what they are wanting, what else can we do.
  4. I am handicapped disabled I fall a lot I am legally considered disabled and also through my doctor I have Medicare and Medicaid I would like to get some information from you about getting a electric wheelchair that I could work with thank you
    1. I need help in getting a folder scooter I am disabled and fall and can’t get up had to call emergency and they sent help I have Tricare for life and medicare my doctor said he was going to help me but no one never call I always have to have help when I have doctor’s appt. I am in so much pain with my knees,back and feet in
      1. I have same pain, my knees are rubbing bone to bone, and they want me to loose weight and I am 66 and obese, I am going to try and get help now. I am hurting so bad I just want a folding scooter to put in car, and for store shopping or just getting out and going places, I got my walker for in the house but I can only go so far walking before my lower back and heels hurt to, I also have arthritis in my whole body and I have vertigo and between my knees that makes me fall so does that, so I really do hope they do help me, can’t afford to pay for one.
  5. Ok let’s start you should get the V.A in on this get the dav number and need to get hold of the your local V.F.W. Thank your Father for his service…
    1. I’m disabled and in a wheel chair my arms hurt from pushing myself around I asked my doc to put in for an electric wheel chair I was denied because I already have a manual chair know I would like a motorized scooter so I can get out of my house I cant even go out side
  6. My husband has MS for almost 8 he isnt getting any better…he is constantly tripping or falling and im afraid he is going to get hurt really bad i dont want to come home from work and find him laying on the scares me i told him i think he would be better off in the long run with and electric scooter or electric wheelchair he even agreed…his balance is really bad has alot of trouble walking i have trouble holding onto him…im not that strong.
    1. I too have MS turning 65 this coming March. I have all of the symptoms your husband is experiencing. Curious if you have any tips about getting a scooter paid by Medicare. Thank you in advance. Jeff
  7. I have had 2 back surgerys and 2 neck surgerys and have to have another one on my back. I can only walk about 15 steps and then it affects my legs I have to set down and rest my legs I would like a scooter it would help so much.
  8. my wife and my self are both retired and are both disable and are qufied for scooter but our doctor refuse to fill out the papers they save it to much trouble to much paper work
    1. That’s awful. They get paid enough from your office visits. Perhaps you can bring the paperwork to an appointment? I have a home fax and it usually helps when I fax them my paperwork with a cover letter explaining what I need. I also fill out my part of the paperwork. It usually helps.
    2. I have deteriorated discs and I’m only pain meds I can’t walk there for my legs give out I can’t breathe when I can’t breathe I can’t walk I would like to have one of their scooters if any way possible how can I get one thank you
  9. i have nuropohy in my lower right leg as a result of Vietnam, i also have an arthritis in the left ankle and I can’t walk more than 30 minutes without having pain in the left ankle and the right leg feels like I pulling a cement block . I was told by the VA that I get around to well. and they gave me a rolling scooter. the walker with a seat type. and told if it gets worse to come back and see them.. What are my chances of getting Medicare to approve a three wheel scooter . I have Tricare and AARP.
  10. I have right leg amputation, cannot walk far, left knee total replacement, broke right knee in joint, screw in knuckle, have lower degenerative disc disease, degenerative neck disease, equilibrium problem. Cane not working anymore very well, Still I am as active as can be, we camp. Go to beach, take weekend trips, are in all kinds of terrain, I need a scooter for all terrain that will go through sand, woods, rough terrain and folds. If I can’t get one paid by insurance and Medicaid I an stuck at home. Electric wheelchair tires do not work!! I need all terrain tires.
    1. I’m having the same issues. I live where we don’t have concrete sidewalks or driveways and we like being outdoors. But I was told they only pay for ones inside!
  11. My father is a 98 yr old former flying tiger veteran. He is the primary care giver for himself and my 93 yr old mother. He uses a walker as much as he can but sometimes his legs give out from stenosis and crumbling spine. He wont even try to get one. Says because he saved some money for nursing homes he would not be eligible? Does the v.a. help at all? He has never used their services. He spent the entire war fighting for his country. If i was not on disability myself with my own crumbling spine i would buy him one. Anyone know about the va or how much you are allowed to have in your bank account for nursing care when needed? Thank you.
    1. My dad was a Korean vet. He was doing great until he wasn’t. It was like someone just pulled his plug and that was it. We didn’t know it at the time. He didn’t have much of any savings and just Medicare pt A. But, he had to go into a nursing home bc my mom uses a walker & couldn’t take care of him. No one else could either bc he just had no strength to help at all. Long story short, my mom had to pay for a ,onto of nursing home (worried her to death bc it was so expensive) Dad never wanted to go to a VA facility either. The nursing home was wonderful in helping mom apply for Medicaid and dad was approved bc he didn’t have much $$. It was retroactive too, so mom got her $$ back. They did have to wait for a Medicaid room to open up at the nursing home. He ended up staying there 3 months before he passed, but they were very very good to him and us. Don’t just assume he wouldn’t be eligible. There are senior services that can also help. The nursing home also brought in Hospice, not bc they thought dad was going to die soon, but Hospice gives one on one care that nurses & aides just don’t have time to do. They were also fantastic – they will do extra therapy, visiting, bathing, etc. for patients. You might call around to nursing homes and ask some questions. Not all are as helpful as the one my dad got to go to. They had gourmet food too!
    2. VA does pay for scooters and many other kinds of medical equipment if he is enrolled with the VA to receive his health care. His primary care MD at the VA would need to write a order and referral for one and then he would be evaluated by their rehab department to determine if he meets criteria. I have been pleased with the care at the VA and their assistance with medical equipment and physical therapy to help me remain more independent. If he is not enrolled in the VA healthcare, you can go to any VA hospital or county VA rep and they can assist you in getting him signed up. If he doesnt have a service connected disability, they will look at your income to determine if you have any copays.
    3. My dad recently qualified for VA Aid & Assistance program through “Vet Assist”. The purpose of this was to obtain needed home care. There is an application process and he now receives up to 14 hours of home health aide services weekly and we couldn’t be happier with his home health aide and Vet Assist. ….google Vet Assist….great benefit for our veterens who need home care…many don’t even know it exists…..Good Luck….?
    4. i am a disabled vet who uses the VA.had my doctor put in a consult for motorized wheelchair and was approved and recieved in 4 weeks
      1. Hi James, glad to hear of a success story! That is fast, four weeks. I’m a spouse caregiver, paid by VA. Special Allowance Program. After my husbands surgeries, he became an Amputee. He couldn’t use a cane, nor a wheelchair, too much Arthritis in arms and shoulders. We decided he had to have a scooter, got one ourselves. Then a second one later on, for outside. Thier not cheap. Have issues at times, with little things not working, mostly the batteries go out. My husband uses his all day long. Warranties do help at times don’t know how he would survive without one. I help with his personal care, done sound care, I V at home too. He is almost 81 now. Determined for sure! So God bless our Veterans!! Thanks for your service. My guy is a marine.
    5. Ok let’s start you should get the V.A in on this get the dav number and need to get hold of the your local V.F.W. Thank your Father for his service…
  12. I have pulmunary hypertension I can get around the house with oxygen, but can not get around outside or any where else. can I quilfly for a fold up scooter?
    1. Talk to your pulmonologist or PCP. Based on your situation they will advise whether you qualify or not for a scooter and then they will provide an Rx. Hope this helps.
      1. I have severe COPD with metastatic thyroid cancer in my lungs, I recently had Valley Fever and breast cancer surgery, as well as other medical issues. I’ve had a hip and double knee replacements and have fallen too many times for no apparent reason. I am also on oxygen 24/7. I have Medicare and a good supplemental— no referrals or co-pay for anything. I’m wondering g if Medicare and my supplement cover a small used scooter? J
    2. I have the same issues sandra hill have to stay home when we are on vacation .they try to use wheel chair very hard for my family so i just stay back and wait for them
    3. ]sandra I have the same problem plus several other health issues. I cant get out much due to being on oxygen 24 hrs. And when it’s very hot i cant get out at all. I just cant breathe. I’m going to talk to my pcp and pulmonary doctor and see if they think I would qualify. Maybe if both Drs agreed that would help. I just wanted to reply to you since we have the same problem.
  14. I am in chronic pain constantly and pain pills or nothing seems to help. I have osteoporosis and have broke several bones here in the last 2 year’s. I had a knee replacement that never healed right. So much joint pain so have diabetes and Lupus also. Will Medicare pay for a scooter and I have a insurance supplement too?
    1. I have the same issues and a few more. Medicare did pay for my power chair. It’s been years and I’m in the need of another and they are working to approve this one as well. Start your paperwork ASAP. You shouldn’t have a problem.
  15. This is to address “cobo’s” comment and apparent rage at seniors. Mobility scooters really should be covered by Medicare when there is a legitimate need. With reference to “cobo’s” comment about our taxes being “high enough” and that seniors shouldn’t expect to get things for free, kindly consider this fact. 60% of the top Fortune 500 corporations in the US paid NOTHING in taxes to our government last year, despite making 100’s of billions of dollars in profit!!! Delta Airlines, Amazon, Netflix, ATT, to name a few! Not only did they pay not one cent to our government, they RECEIVE TAX REBATES BACK FROM THE GOVERNMENT!!!!! Last year Amazon alone made a profit of 79 BILLION dollars, on which they paid NOTHING in taxes. AND they received a tax rebate gift from us for 4.2 BILLION dollars!!!!!! So “cobo”, perhaps you should stop running your mouth about “seniors expecting things for free”. Your rage is justified, but not against senior citizens! In the last 13 years the Republican party has repeatedly pushed through incredible (and very unfair) tax breaks for corporations and individuals making over 10 million dollars a year. Most of them pay absolutely NOTHING in taxes. And the richest of them receive windfalls back every year! Donald Trump’s “tax cut” that his followers think is so wonderful, is a cruel joke against the middle class of this country. Did you all notice that OUR taxes went up this year????? Yes, they did….and next year it will be even worse. But corporations are even enjoying MORE tax rebates than ever before! People like “cobo” obviously DON’T do any unbiased research on this, and just believe what the politicians say without question….it’s so much easier to blame seniors and the poor. When are we going to smarten up and make our voices heard!
    1. Wanted to add. It is not ‘free’. You paid for your medicare out if your paycheck, over the years. Cobos tax dollars have nothing to do with it.
      1. Mimi, I’d like to add to your comment. Not only did we pay into Medicare while working, we also pay a monthly premium of about $140 for Medicare insurance. It’s deducted each month from our Social Security.
      2. I so agree with Ms.Campbell.I pay 242.00 a month for supplement insurance and 140.00 to Medicare.All out of 1100 pr month ss.Bet he would not do that in my situation I don’t take some things from medicare that I could because I don’t like charging medicare either.Having said that sometimes you just have to do it.
      3. Free my foot! Yes we’ve paid into it all these years and still paying even being on disability when you consider we only get 65% of what we did earn.
    2. Great for you!! Love your concern and care for seniors. You know, I’m a caregiver for my veteran, special allowance program, for spouses, family, or not. It is truly a blessing, we can live!! We pay for our own scooter, several actually over the years. No red tape involved, with Va, or Medicare! Our veterans, or seniors matter!! Leave no Elderly Behind.
      1. Ja u said you receive the the special allowance program. My husband is a Veteran he has never applied for healthcare nor benefits. The VA helped us apply for that program did it take long before you were in the program. We received a letter saying they are working on our claim but thats all. Its been about 6 weeks now
  16. I need a scooter but not for ok Bakersfield I can get around with my wallet or cane and the scooter would never got through any of my door ways , I live in a olderhome but going outside evenudig a cane or Walker I cannot go even a half of a block. I see all the scooters pay ok for 80% by Medicare all-day for inside so what do people do for out side ?
      1. They obviously don’t care about Quality of Life of Seniors since they only pay for Scooters for indoor use. So if you sit inside your house all day in your scooter and use it to get to your bedroom or the toilet, Medicare must think that’s a great life. I totally disagree with their requirements because more people will die sooner due to depression and nothing to look forward to stuck in the house 24/7. But you can be sure that Medicaid recipients get them completely free. So messed up.
  17. beth.i have found that nursing homes will sell scooters,chairs after people pass. try calling. arlene rasnic dayton,ohio
    1. I’ve been approved for a scooter..the thing is they want me to pay for it up front. I do not have $2000 to buy a scooter out of pocket. This process is long an tedious…what do I do now? Thanks
  18. I have Ankylosing Spondylitis and RA and had a new one 9 yrs ago through our insurance. I forgot that I used the insurance to get one and now that my husband has retired due to bad health I have a Coventry/ Aetna insurance which doesn’t cover after I had my Dr evaluate me and I went out of town to see about getting one. I do need it and my husband can’t push me too long in a wheelchair or he will have problems. I can’t afford a new one,even on line. I’m so upset that I didn’t think of it earlier this year. I could have had a new one. Now when my scooter goes out, I’m stuck!!
      1. you can’t not have Medicare as your primary insurance! I tried a couple years ago to keep my BC+BS FERS as my primary and was told no…by Medicare. I kept the BC+BS as secondary because it will cover so much more then Medicare if I have a catastrophic medical issue. Medicare only pays 90 days in hospital any calendar year.
  19. I knrw a lady that totally frauded the insurance and g ot a scooter and she told me how I should do it but of course I wasnt about to make a fool of myself I tolf the honest truth and at the time really needed it bad.they denied me but the lady who frauded them got a new one drove all over town in it.She was just lazy and used it so long she got to where she was so weak she really couldnt walk.but in beginning when she got chair she could walk better than me and run a race and was laughing at the people who evaluated her at mercy hospital in Springfield,mo.the same ones who turned me down.But thank God I am better now.
  20. mY 5 YEAR OLD SCOOTER STOP WORKING. I’m 84 with health issues and can’t fix it. I called one place in san Antonio and they wanted a fortune just to look at it. Does anyone know someome who could fix it that lives in san marcos texas. If I bought a used one, I might have the same problem. THANKS
        1. I have a chair that I’ve had for over five years. I’m wanting a scooter that is easier to fold up and be able to move around outside of my home. I have ins, Medicare advantage and was wondering if anyone knows of some that will either trade me a scooter or one ins will cover?
    1. I do not know if you got it fixed, but if medicare help you purchase it, then they will pay for repairs.
  21. I need a scooter was turned down by medicare.I’m on palliative care and can only walk a few feet before getting completely out of breath.I have IPF in my lungs.I need this really bad and my Dr doesent seem to want to help me.
    1. You need to file and appeal. I filed the Appeal on behalf of my wife and went in to very detailed information on why she needed it. Got the Approval the next day.
  22. I need a scooter to get around in i have rheumatoid arthritis in bout legs my right leg is my bad one i also use and cane and walker.
  23. You can just charge these and take out whenever you feel like scooting around. Simply roll the throttle and you are on the go. In case you are searching for the best electric scooter, you can look for some new ideas.
  24. Hey, very nice site. I came across this on Google, and I am stoked that I did. I will definitely be coming back here more often. Wish I could add to the conversation and bring a bit more to the table, but am just taking in as much info as I can at the moment. Thanks for sharing. Keep Posting:)
  25. My wife has about 20% of her heart left and is probably terminal some time within the next five years. She can still get around fairly well in our house and a scooter is not practical here. Yet if she wants to buy clothing from a department store without electric vehicles she is stuck. Consider that she has 20% of the stamina that she used to have before her cardiac arrest on Christmas of this year. She likely had several near heart attacks in the year previous without knowing it. Hard to believe but it is true. She seldom complains. I have often seen her exhaust herself with what little heart she has left. I bought a used scooter(3-wheel) for her for under 200 at a garage sale. Me and a buddy repaired and fixed it up for her. It has a very limited range of about an hour or two and new battery appliances are not sold anymore. A new one is beyond our financial ability at this time. Arbitrarily cutting people off with obsolete rules just does not really hack it. But anyone depending on our government to do what other governments automatically do for people needs to take a really hard look at the American Indian. For one thing, an electric cart allows her to live an almost normal life. I can strip down a cart and put it back together in minutes. I keep an eye out for a better one that is inexpensive. The current one needed two resisters to make it work. I have currently replaced one. So the forward gear works but the back y works a little. Will replace the other resister when we go south for her appointment.
    1. Thank you for sharing your story David! I’m really glad your wife has a caring (and handy) partner to help her during this time of need. All the best to you and your wife.

    2. I don’t understand your comment about American Indians and how it relates to the need for a scooter.
      1. When looking at how the American health care system, it really does treat everyone like the Indians were treated. Unlike other countries that have medical plans that really covers everyone,we have a medical system that treats you if you can afford it. If you cannot afford it, under our American system, you are out of luck. Just like the Indians were out of luck dealing with the US government.
          1. I’m sure he meant no disrespect to Native Americans. They were called Indians for many years and many people haven’t caught on to using Native American. It was an example, and truthfully, a very good example of what he was trying to say. He was saying the Native Americans were beaten out of their rights (in every way). Nothing at all negative about Native Americans. I seldom say anything to people online but it seems so many people want to make a problem where there really is no problem. So tonight I added my 2 cents worth.
          2. we can call them Indians if we choose, that is what I have called them all my life.. are you the Language police? I’m sick of the on line police correcting spelling and language. why do all seniors think we should get every thing free??I’m sick of it. If there is a senior discount so be it. If you want the government to pay for everything GET REAL our taxes are high enough now. If you need a scooter, buy one on time and make payments. I’m from the generation that pays their bills and does not expect the younger generation to pay for my stuff. No wonder the younger ones hate old people ! ! !
          3. I understood he was saying the first Americans were treated horribly by the Second American government.
          4. Actually NOT Native Americans, the people were here before this was named America! Indigenous or Native works just fine!
    3. I am curious about why the “American Indian” should be singled out of overall Medicare ” But anyone depending on our government to do what other governments automatically do for people needs to take a really hard look at the American Indian.” Why do we need to take a really hard look at the American Indian? Are they somehow differently impacted by being poor than whites? I was under the impression that poverty came in all races. Please please keep race out of every single discussion in the country. IF YOU ARE POOR and need medical care in the USA you are in trouble. Period. If you are poor and old in this country you are in trouble. This country’s entire healthcare system is failing our population. Medicare is failing our seniors. It doesn’t matter WHAT race you are.
  26. I will be receiving my new City scooter soon, I’m hoping to get more of my family and friends interested in purchasing them, we live very close to the ocean in Los Angeles. I’m. veey surprised it hasn’t grown in popularity here in my area.
  27. Thank you Buddy.This is extremely valuable to me. I am planning to sell my Scooter online (link redacted – admin)
    1. What kind of scooter do you have have. My knees are gone I can’t walk far I fall a lot too when I walk in our house I have to hold on to walls and things. My back kills me too I’m over weight which doesn’t help matters either. But we are looking for a scooter we can afford. But I think mine would have to be heavy duty
      1. If u can afford it,look on line. I looked under inexpensive,or Walmart medical scooters. They’re about $600-700. For a good one and u can pay payments.

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