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Side-by-side comparison:

Side-by-side comparison: Pride
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Individuals who have problems with mobility can find the freedom they are looking for with a motorized scooter. Pride and Golden Scooter offers motorized scooters with four-wheels for added stability and better maneuverability. Each company offers motorized scooters that individuals with limited mobility can use either at home or while they are away. The scooters have comfortable seats and easy to use controls. Models come with accessories that you can use to personalize your scooter. Scooters also come in different sizes with the option to purchase additional batteries.

Pride vs Golden Scooters Differences

Pride motorized scooters and Golden Scooters have a few very unique differences that could make or break a person's decision. One of the most important factors is the weight limit. Pride's GoGo Ultra X has a weight limit of 260, while it's heavy-duty Victory model has a 400-pound weight limit. Golden Scooter's Buzzaround XL has a 300-pound weight limit.

Another major difference has to do with the price. With both companies, the price of each unit depends on its size, how much weight it can carry and the amount of power it produces. Pride's GoGo Ultra X is made to be used indoors and has a starting price of $800. The Pride Revo is a mid-size offering that can be used indoors or outdoors. It's starting cost is $16,99. The Pride Victory is their heavy-duty option with larger front wheels for maximum stability and better steering. It costs approximately $1,929.

Golden Scooters offers both 3 and 4 wheel options. Their 3-wheel Buzzaround Ex is a heavy-duty, long-range scooter. It starts out at $1,535. The Buzzaround Ex 4-wheel scooter is also a heavy-duty model that is designed for long-range travel. It's starting cost is $1635. Both options have 18-inch seats for greater comfort and can be used both indoors and outdoors. Golden Scooters can be found on both Amazon and Ebay for varying prices so it's a good idea to shop around.

Pride vs Golden Scooters Similarities

Both Pride and Golden Scooters have models designed for indoor use, outdoor use, and heavy-duty use. The indoor models have a range of approximately 8 to 10 miles on one charge and an average speed that ranges between four and six miles per hour. Each company has designed its scooters to be easy to operate and even easier to control. For the larger, heavy-duty scooters the front wheels are placed further apart providing more stability and a much smoother ride.

The outdoor and heavy-duty models are very sturdy with larger wheels in the front that allows the scooter to move over rough terrain with ease and still maintain balance and stability. Each company has models that can easily 15 to 18 miles on one charge. The average speed for most of the heavy-duty units from both companies tops out around six miles per hour.

When it comes to batteries, most scooters are designed to run off of two 12 volt batteries. It can take anywhere from 8 to 12 hours for the batteries to fully charge after they have been drained. Both Pride and Golden Scooters offer a full-line of accessories including baskets and LED light packages that can be purchased separately.

Our Conclusion

Pride motorized scooters are rated very well in terms of durability and their indoor models are about $100 cheaper than the Golden Scooter offering of the same approximate size. It's the best choice for those who are looking for maximum comfort and durability.

The options offered by Golden Scooters fall more into the heavy-duty category. Even the three-wheeled option looks to be slightly more rugged. The design of the Buzzaround is solid and allows for maximum stability. It's great for someone who is always on the go and wants to have maximum range in terms of battery and speed.

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