Used vs New Mobility Scooters

Mobility scooters provide a variety of great benefits to users. Some people likely believe that a new mobility scooter is their only option, or that a used scooter will either be defective, or that the quality is not as good as the quality of a new mobility scooter.

Do you or your senior loved one need a mobility scooter and need to know your options? Are you or a family member in need of a mobility scooter to replace an old one? Perhaps you just want a nicer model that has better features than your current mobility scooter.

Consider the pros and cons of used vs new mobility scooters, along with other factors that are potentially important to you, before making your final decision on the best mobility scooter for you or your loved one.

Used Mobility Scooters 

Used mobility scooters offer the convenience of having a mobility scooter that is often the same as a brand name scooter. Some retailers or medical supply stores sell used scooters, along with new scooters. So why would they sell used scooters side-by-side with the brand-new ones? The truth is that there are benefits for both the seller, and for the buyer, when used mobility scooters are offered for sale.

One of the best benefits of purchasing a used mobility scooter is the fact that it is likely more budget-friendly, compared to the price of a new scooter. When a person lives on a fixed income, or if the need for the mobility scooter was not anticipated at the time, purchasing a used one is likely a stress reliever. New models and styles often cost several thousand dollars above the potential cost of a used scooter.

There are other pros to purchasing a used scooter, including the fact that the used model possibly looks new, or nearly new. If the previous owner took good care of it, or did not use it for very long, you likely have the opportunity to save a considerable amount of money while still being able to buy a scooter that nobody knows is used unless you tell them. Another benefit is that if the mobility scooter was well-maintained, it likely still operates great.

Some retailers or medical supply stores still offer a warranty on their used mobility scooters. Ask about a warranty, and learn the details of it, including the length of the warranty, and exactly what it covers.

New Mobility Scooters 

Some new mobility scooters have features that put them at the top of the line, that allows for getting the options that are important to you, and that provides the best features for your needs.

Do you want to go outside and enjoy the sunshine, or perhaps make a short trip to the store, or around the neighborhood? There are many scooters that have basic, yet modern features that are durable, reliable, and affordable.

Are you an adventurous person that likes to venture outside your home, and enjoy nature, traveling, or perhaps going on a shopping trip? New mobility scooters easily turn when and where you want them to, without getting stuck or causing other maneuvering issues. Travel over rugged terrain, through the shopping mall, or on a plane or cruise ship. Newer models often disassemble easily, making travel a breeze. Powerful features, and having a sporty look are additional benefits that appeal to some individuals considering a new mobility scooter.

Making the Used vs New Mobility Scooter Decision that is Best for You 

There are benefits to purchasing a used mobility scooter, just as there are benefits to purchasing a new one. When considering your options, think of your needs, or the needs of your senior loved one. Consider your budget. If saving money is an important factor, perhaps the used option is best. If you want a sporty look, or if faster speed is appealing to you, maybe your best option is a new mobility scooter.

Shop around. Do not purchase the first new or used scooter just because it sounds like a good deal. You may discover a better scooter at a better price, that better meets your specific needs.

The most important factor when considering new vs used mobility scooters is the condition of the scooter. Whether you purchase new or used, remember that appearance is only a small factor. Ask questions about the features. Some questions to ask about both a new and a used mobility scooter include:

  • What are the safety features?
  • What is the speed?
  • What is the weight limit?
  • What type of terrain is best for this model?
  • Will it meet my mobility scooter needs?

Consider whether you really want to purchase a particular mobility scooter if the person or company selling it cannot answer your questions. Do not make the purchase until you know whether Medicare or your other insurance will approve the purchase, if this is a factor for you. If you make the purchase without prior approval or authorization, you may end up paying the full price for your scooter, regardless of whether it is used or new. Medicare notes that if you do not need a scooter for a long period, you could potentially rent one. Many people prefer to make the purchase, because they do not know the length of time that they will need the rental. You do not want the cost of the rental to be nearly the cost of a used or new mobility scooter purchase.

Purchasing a new mobility scooter, or purchasing a used mobility scooter is a major decision.  When you learn about important features such as safety, and whether it serves your needs, you likely have the knowledge to make an ideal decision regarding used vs new scooters. Remember to consider the optional features, because comfort and style are also likely important to you, whether your decision is to purchase a new, top of the line scooter, or a used mobility scooter that is more affordable, and that still serves all your needs.

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