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Seniors likely discover that some of the “Best of” lists found across the internet vary from one site to another website. The Senior List team recognizes the difficulties of navigating through review websites and works hard to provide the best information based on actual customer reviews from reputable websites. Each “Best of” list focuses on a specific niche of services and products for seniors and provides a list of top-rated companies or providers.

Cut through the confusion and inconsistent information when you turn to The Senior List for The Best of lists. Use these lists as your go-to resource when considering services, products and care options for seniors.


Assisted Living

One important fact about assisted living care is that Medicare does not cover assisted living.

Assisted living facility staff typically provides services for seniors that need some assistance with their daily activities. If you need assistance with medication administration, health services, housekeeping, daily meals, and social services, assisted living is potentially the right choice.

The Senior List offers an exceptional list of the best assisted living facilities, based on reputable online reviews, not opinions of administrative staff or employees of an assisted living facility.


Dental Insurance

Medicare does not generally provide dental care coverage. Reuters contributor Mark Miller notes that results of several studies indicate that more than 50 percent of working individuals between 50 and 64 years of age do not realize that Medicare does not cover basic dental care, or coverage for more complex dental procedures. This includes extractions, root canals, crowns, partial plates or dentures.

There are dental insurance options available for seniors, including some Medicare Advantage or Medigap plans. These plans potentially provide limited dental coverage and have other restrictions. Other possible options include individual dental insurance plans.

The Senior List provides a list of the best dental insurance for seniors. This list contains the best plans for seniors based on actual reviews. Remember that each provider has its own guidelines.

Vision Insurance

The University of Michigan Health Lab reported that a study conducted by the University of Michigan Kellogg Eye Center discovered that more than 90 percent of Medicare recipients use eyeglasses. Despite the overwhelming number of seniors using eyeglasses, there is still no Medicare coverage for eyeglasses. Medicare covers an annual eye exam for recipients that have diabetes. Part B Medicare also covers macular degeneration tests, treatments, and glaucoma tests.

The Senior List provides the best vision insurance options, allowing seniors the opportunity to review some vision insurance providers that best serve seniors.

Burial Insurance

The topic of burial insurance possibly confuses some seniors that do not understand the difference between burial insurance and life insurance. Burial insurance is usually for a smaller amount of coverage, compared to some life insurance policy maximum coverage amounts.

Life insurance policies traditionally offer the option of term life insurance or whole life policies. Premiums of a term life policy increase as the insured enters the next age range, while burial insurance premiums likely stay the same throughout the life of the insured senior.

Burial insurance has a smaller maximum policy limit compared to many whole life insurance policies. Some burial insurance providers offer ‘guaranteed’ coverage, meaning that you often do not have to answer health-related questions for policy approval.

Check out our list of the best burial insurance for seniors and make an informed decision.

Long Term Care Insurance

Long-term care facilities provide for personal care needs, known as activities of daily living (ADLs). It is not actual medical care. If a senior needs assistance with ADLS but not actual medical services, Medicare will not cover these costs.

When you or a senior loved one needs long term care, rely on our list of long term care insurance providers for ideal long-term care coverage.


Medigap, or Medicare Supplement Insurance, helps pay some costs that original Medicare does not cover, such as co-insurance, co-payments and deductibles. Medigap insurance likely confuses some seniors, as they read website information or listen to Medigap representatives trying to convince seniors that their private Medigap policies are the best option.

Are you a senior with both Medicare Part A and Part B and considering Medigap options? If so, consult our list of the best medigap options.


Online Dating

Online dating, once likely thought of as a service for younger individuals, is an option for seniors looking for that special someone. Safety, learning how to get back into the dating scene, online dating options in your area and personal factors likely influence your online dating decisions.

Discover the best online dating sites for seniors, presented by The Senior List and learn about the best online dating site options for seniors.

Meal Delivery

Some seniors do not have the ability to shop or prepare meals as easily as they did in their younger years. Caregivers do not always have the time or resources to go to the grocery, deliver healthy food and cook for their senior loved ones.

Meal delivery services provide wholesome meals for seniors, minimizing risks such as skipped meals, injuries or other safety issues.

Seniors have healthy meals delivered, whether choosing a meal delivery company that provides ready to cook or ready to heat options.

Costs, the type of meals provided, delivery services in your area, and dietary restrictions are important considerations. Our list of the best meal delivery services provides seniors and caregivers with reviews and information for the best meal delivery companies.


Senior Internet Service

Some internet service providers offer internet service programs and discounts specifically for seniors. Certain other providers provide discounts that likely appeal to seniors, such as special rates or discounts for lower income individuals or those that bundle their services.

The large number of companies providing internet services possibly leads to confusion and frustration among seniors trying to find the best service provider for their needs. When you want information on the best senior internet service, rely on review information provided by The Senior List.

Senior Cell Phone Plans

Savvy seniors want to use technology and stay in touch with loved ones. How do seniors choose from among all the companies claiming that their cell phone plans provide the latest, greatest service? Angie’s List points to the fact that seniors often look for simpler designs and functions in cell phones, along with affordable service.

Seniors have various affordable cell phone plan options, including plans that offer no-contract plans, professional technical support and reliability.

Review our list of the best senior cell phone plans and find the best cell phone plan that meets your needs, whether you prefer an uncomplicated basic service plan or one that provides unlimited data and other services designed with seniors in mind.

Medical Alert Systems

Medical alert systems provide an array of features and services aimed at keeping seniors safe in and around their homes, along with emergency assistance.

The variety of features in systems and services vary from one medical alert system provider to another, with some systems and monitoring services providing basic features while others offer more extensive features and services.

Whether you need an in-home or mobile system, prefer a monitored medical alert system, a budget-friendly system or other options that meet your specific needs, trust our list of the best medical alert systems when considering your medical alert system needs.

Hearing Aids

Medicare provides diagnostic hearing screenings, but does not cover the cost of hearing aids, leaving seniors responsible for hearing aid costs. The expenses related to purchasing hearing aids, along with decisions regarding the best hearing aid companies possibly leave seniors at a loss when in need of hearing aids.

It is important that seniors research companies that sell hearing aids before making a purchase. Scams targeting seniors already infiltrated the hearing aid industry, making research a critical component of finding affordable hearing aids through reputable companies. Learn about the best hearing aid providers for seniors from The Senior List.

Home Security

Home security potentially provides seniors with an added sense of security and decreased vulnerability when living at home.

Home security systems vary, from those that provide motion detector or security lights to technologically advanced smart home systems that provide a variety of features and customizable options. Choose the best system that meets your needs and budget by taking a look at our list of favorites.


Walk In Tubs

Walk in tubs allow seniors a sense of safety and comfort when bathing and getting into and out of the tub. There are many styles of walk-in tubs, ranging from basic models to models that allow for customizable options.

Walk in tubs vary in price, likely leaving some seniors with the impression that they are not an affordable option. Learn about the best walk in tubs for seniors, and discover walk in tubs with features that you want and need and that likely suits your budget.

Pill Dispensers

Pill dispensers minimize the risk of seniors taking more medication than prescribed or not taking their medications on schedule. Medication dispensers vary in some features, from dispensers that dispense and confirm that an individual receives the correct medication in the correct dose at the correct time to models that feature audio or visual alert functions.

Studies show that pill dispensers increase safety for seniors. Learn more about pill dispensers and compare The Senior List choices for best automated pill dispensers.

Identity Theft Protection

The vulnerability of seniors and their oft-trusting nature makes seniors an ideal target for identity theft. Identity theft affects seniors through telephone scams, banking scams, scares and threat tactics, individuals that make up fictitious companies to gain access to the personal information of seniors and other tactics.

Identity thieves likely believe that seniors have more money to steal and do not immediately realize warning signs associated with identity theft.

The issue of identity theft related to seniors increased so much recently that the U.S. Department of Justice recently introduced the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) presentation titled, ‘Scams & Identity Theft on Older Adults.'

While seniors have several identity theft protection options available, we have put together a list of the best options for seniors.

Adjustable Beds

Adjustable beds offer seniors that are ill or that have mobility issues the opportunity to receive care at home instead of a hospital, nursing home or other care facility.

How do seniors and their loved ones choose the best adjustable beds that meet the needs and budget of seniors? The Senior List provides information about your best options for adjustable beds.

Mobility Scooters

Mobility scooters provide seniors with more independence and increased ability to participate in social activities.

There is a variety of senior mobility scooters on the market that possibly varies considerably in cost and features. Discover the best mobility scooters for seniors that meet your needs within your budget.

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