Invacare Oxygen Concentrator

Invacare is a confirmed industry leader since 1885 amid the medical products business, and they offer portable oxygen concentrator (POCs) that help those in need of continual oxygen an easy resource. Designed for short and long-term care, Invacare lives up to its name by relying on innovation in designing the best products at the most affordable prices.

Today Invacare offers only one model that has replaced its previous offerings of portable oxygen concentrators with one singular device: the Invacare Platinum Mobile Portable. That being said, this one model outshine the others offered by Invacare in the past without hesitation. The Platinum can assist with both long and short-term treatments for those with asthma, bronchitis and COPD, while allowing users complete freedom to move about beyond the home setting.

Invacare Platinum Mobile Portable Oxygen Concentrator Features

As Invacare’s only POC offering, the company designed the Platinum Mobile as a ready-to-go device that will meet the needs of most oxygen users at home and on the move. Here are some key features of the Platinum Mobile.

Lightweight Portability—The Platinum Mobile weighs in at a mere 5 pounds, making it one of the lightest on the marketplace today.

In-Flight Ready—The Platinum meets FAA standards that allows it to be safely used on airplanes without any hassles or confusion.

Battery Life—Invacare’s POC standard battery will operate up to five hours on a two-hour charge and is easily exchanged during use without interrupting oxygen flow to the user.

App Support—The Piccolo O2 App helps monitor battery life in addition to connecting users to customer support for trouble shooting devices on the spot in addition to giving users access to educational videos.

Durability Testing—Invacare has put the Platinum Mobile through a number of durability tests to ensure it is able to withstand even the toughest conditions when in use. The Platinum shines as a rugged and durable option that can hold up to being jostled around, and the secure carrying case helps prevent dings to the device’s casing. It can withstand up to ten minutes of rainfall-style water exposure, and there is added internal cushioning to help protect the electronics inside the Platinum. The device has been proven effective in temperatures up to 104-degrees.

Invacare Sensi-Pulse Technology—With an eye towards innovation and efficacy, the Platinum Mobile POC delivers oxygen with accuracy through five setting options utilizing Sensi-Pulse technology. This customizes bolus size to match the user’s breathing rate continually and the Platinum responds appropriately instantly. The technology is highly advanced, which makes it ideal for COPD patients, those with sleep apnea, and individuals with complex oxygen needs.

Troubleshooting Assistance—Customers can easily and instantly get live help concerning the functionality and operation of the Platinum Mobile POC through the Piccolo O2 Mobile App on iPhone and Android devices. Invacare also offers customer service via phone and directly through approved dealers and service centers.

Standard Accessories—The Invacare Platinum Mobile POC comes standard with a three-way, hands-free adjustable carrying pouch that can be utilized for portability and carried like a messenger bag or worn as a backpack or purse. Additional accessories include a compatible AC adapter, DC adapter and one rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack.

Optional Accessories—Extra battery packs and desktop chargers are available for the Platinum Mobile POC at an additional cost.

Invacare Platinum Mobile Portable Oxygen Concentrator Pricing

In order to buy an Invacare Platinum Mobile portable oxygen concentrator, one must see a medical provider that can provide a prescription that specifies select levels of oxygen needed by the patient at given times. Below you will find the specs of the Invacare Platinum Mobile POC, that is currently being offered in the price range of $2,499—$2,665. The higher end of the pricing includes and additional extra battery back that is bundled with the Platinum Mobile device.

Size: 9.45” H x 7.5” W x 3.88” D
Weight: 4.8 pounds
Battery: Lightweight Lithium-Ion that lasts 5 hours set to level 1, recharge 2 hours 20 minutes, sieve beds & battery – 1 year
Extra Battery: $279
Desktop Charger: 299


Invacare is a leader in innovation amid the respiratory commercial industry, so they have a solid reputation for products that can be relied on for quality products for in-home and on-the-go use. While relying on part or full-time oxygen care is not ideal, the Invacare Platinum Mobile’s attractive features and price make it an excellent option for most users needs.

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