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Acts of Kindness Towards the Senior Community

Seniors Share Acts of Kindness

We wanted to share some much-needed light during these difficult times, so we asked The Senior List’s community to share an act of kindness they’ve received or witnessed in the past few weeks. Despite all the chaos taking over the world and the news cycle, there have been numerous acts of kindnesses towards our most at-risk community.

The Senior List’s community consists of tens of thousands of seniors as well as caregivers. Turns out an overwhelming number of folks had heartwarming stories to share.

Read their stories below and submit your own!

Real Testimonies

Generating love and kindness by distant hugs with smiles and distance kisses
Ron WilkinsFayetteville, AR

My daughter-in-law Tiffany has been working into the wee hours of the morning making masks for her medical friends & beyond from a hospital pattern. Word-of-mouth, people keep needing more & more. The remarkable thing about this is that she is the mother of Ivy 13, Lindy 10, Glory 8; and three little adopted ones, Maggy 6; Kai 5; and Baby Journey 6 months. She has an assembly line going & has the oldest three helping her. It made me proud to see the pics. Also young people on our NextDoor ap have been offering to pick up supplies for the high risk group. Another friend on NextDoor was going around leaving 2 rolls of toilet paper for his neighbors. The spirit of America is alive & well & we come together when the call goes out!!! I am proud to be an American!!!
Cathy D.Fort Worth, TX

I am 79 and live alone. I am doing okay, hunkering down. But, I have one neighbor who gives me a meal a couple of times a week. She is so sweet and always checks on me. Another neighbor across the street asks if she can get anything for me to let her know. When I walk my dog every day, I run into neighbor after neighbor who will ask if I am okay, if I need anything, please let them know. Though I am pretty well stocked, I may ask someone to get me some fruit or fresh vegetables over time, but not yet. They ll respect distancing. I live in a wonderful neighborhood.
Dolores D.Mission Hills, CA

The principal at an elementary school personally delivered some food to some of the families.
Judy G.Philadelphia, PA

3 young people that were helping me get my home ready for sale (pre-pandemic) have reached out and offered to grocery shop, walk dog, etc. Neighbors have texted asking if I need anything. I am an “at-risk” senior.
Judy G.Philadelphia, PA

A real estate agent who recently showed me some available homes, contacted me , as a car moromised senior, to see if she could help me in any way… brought me some organic blueberries! So sweet. Checked on me agsin via text days later.
Diana S.St. Pete, FL

A neighbor changed their “Little Free Library” into a “Little Free Pantry.”
Kathryn C.Thompson’s Station, TN

My insurance agent called and offered to do some grocery shopping for us.
George T.Woodstock, GA

Neighbors calling one another to check up on one another and offering to drop off food etc. I live on a farm in a rural area.I have offered to help others and others have called to check on me.( I am a senior)
Arlene S.Schoharie, NY

I personally put a note in each neighbors (a 55 & over community of 50 homes), mailbox last week, that I would grocery shop, get their prescriptions, yard work–using disposable gloves and only new bags– leaving everything on their doorstep. I think I’m the young one here-don’t need them to be out and about. Also, today I made several pounds of glycerin soap and put one at their door as the Soap Fairy.
Donna L.Farmington, CT

I received an act of kindness from CVS Pharmacy. I needed help bagging my items, the cashier helped pack them for me. She was really sweet.
Astrid JarvisQueens, NY

Not just kindness but caring. Spotted a father and son wielding wood by the lake and father and daughter fishing at the lake. Pleased to see father with one on one.
Debbie T.Boone, NC

I do taxes for a living and I had 2 clients who were just laid off and I charge them only 25 dollars to do their returns
Michael MullingsEnglewood, NJ

I got a call from a parichonier that attends my church, she asked if I was okay, if I needed anything, and offered to take my name & a list of items I may need.
Angie M.San Jose, CA

I finally found a small pack of toilet paper at a local Aldi’s. Holding it securely to my chest, I proceed to go to the end of a very, very, long line. On my way, a young woman stopped me to let me in front of her and her family further up the line. So kind-followed by another person insisting I checkout before her. Makes the heart smile
Fran W.Des Plaint, IL

My Pastor sent a lovely card, and he and his wife brought dinner to my home.
Maryann G.Creedmoor, NC

We took my mom who is 93 and has dementia out of a care more facility and is now with us. She was born in La Habra back in 1926
Leslie L.La Habra, CA

My local Guild members are making up cotton face masks to be donated to medical facilities. These are washable, and offer at least one point of protection for those caregivers who have none. If we get enough, we will share with local senior living facilities.
Judy C.Indianapolis, IN

On the app feed, a woman in the area said she could be available to help shopping, picking up meds, etc. I decided we could create a group for that, so I did. I named it Corona-tion Collaboration & we now have 38 members who can help, or need help. And NextDoor has created a Help Map.
Ann T.Watervliet, NY

I am helping at a homeless shelter by serving meals to our downtrodden. They open their doors daily at 11am and try to serve a hot lunch Monday through Friday
Christine Z.Loveland, CO

My neighbor has been checking on us every day. Do you need anything? Do you need anything from the grocery store? Please let us know. They check in with us every day sometimes twice a day.
Phyllis G.Pembroke Pines, FL

Asking a senior friend if he need any food from the store.
Steve GalvanDallas, TX

**Stories have been submitted by “TheSeniorList Community consisting of tens of thousands of seniors.