Best RV’s Under 30 Feet

Want to try before you buy? Rent your RV first!

We came across a really great review for 3 of the best RV’s under 30 feet.  We’ve been throwing around the idea of an office-on-wheels for some time now, and we looked at a similar version of the Leisure Travel Utility 24 that the Winns did below. Pretty nifty looking little coach.  OK on to the post!

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best RV under 30 feet
Senior List Favorite | The Thor Axis (25.5 ft)

Meet “perpetual travelers” Jason and Nikki Wynn.  In addition to driving their trusty RV (“Windy”) across the country, Jason and Nikki drive a really cool blog called Gone With The Winns. On their blog the Winns share travel stories, product reviews, do’s and don’ts, and a lot more.  These guys are young, they have high energy, and they’re really fun to listen too.

Best RV Brands Under 30 Feet

In the video above, the Winns review the following RV’s under 30 feet:

The Winnebago View 24 foot Class B+ diesel – MSRP $110,000

What they liked: Loved the pull out drawers, the fridge is OK, decent pantry size, loved the bathroom, loved pocket doors

What they didn’t like: The storage under the slide is hard to get to, don’t like the lift over the stove, a microwave is too small, didn’t like cheap feel of the shower, not much room in the shower, didn’t like table

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The Winnebago Vista 26 foot Class A diesel – MSRP $70,000

What they liked: Pass through storage, stove space is great, lots of space, good size refrigerator, full-sized wardrobe closet on sides of the bed, black-out shade in back, lots of shower space

What they didn’t like: No sprayer to flush black water, plastic sink, and faucet, no pull-out drawers, no pocket doors, lots of plastic, the dash is cheap looking and curtains are a no-go (would be replacing immediately)

Leisure Travel 24 foot Class B+ diesel – MSRP $121,000

What they liked: Pop-up flat-screen TV, awesome cabinets, kitchen space is adequate, backsplash, a hidden trash can in counter, stainless steel sink, full shower, cabinet space in back, a pull-out pantry, LED lights, cool dashboard, murphy bed

What they don’t like: Small microwave, freezer door wasn’t budging, cheap shower head

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  1. Has anyone had an issue with the sofa bed in a winnabago view? I love everything but the sofa bed is not comfortable. We are thinking of replacing the sofa bed but not sure if there is one out there that comfortable.
  2. My husband and I have been thinking of buying an rv and decided to rent one and travel around Utah. We flew from Virginia and arranged a private rental. It is a Thor Synergy. It has been a blast and I was unsure that we could remain compatible in such close quarters. But definitely rent first. As previous writers mention, what seems a good idea becomes less practical in practice. For example, I agree that the bed in back with no room on sides is very difficult to make. So rent and go somewhere with good weather,
  3. The Wynn’s gave up RVing, bought a Catamaran sailboat and now in the South Pacific, how did they get all that money??
  4. Or just buy an old RV, convert it to a hybrid, completely re-do the interior, buy all new appliances, overhaul the engine, get a completely new transmission, completely new brake system, new surround system, sewage system, propane gas system/oven/heater, put a new air-conditioning rig, clean everything from head to toe by professional cleaners, and so much more….and only pay $35-45K depending….
  5. Good e Winnebago worst company with endless problems . Arrogant Eneginer ans 0 level customer service who want to buy from them ?? Huge mistake
  6. I watched your video all the way through – then I went to the Winnebago web site and tried to find the Class A model reviewed – didn’t exist on the web site and nothing even close to the 70,000 price you had for the Class A. The prices on the other 2 reviewed were thousands more than the price indicated on your review. Where did you get your prices from and where can I find that ? Have you ever looked at or reviewed a Gulfstream BT Cruiser model 5230 ?
    1. Just Warn recommendation don’t deal with airstream or Winnebago . They paying a lot for the ad . They have so many problems particularly with the Mercedes chassis . I had both of them terrible machines and disaster quality
  7. Hi Jason and Nikki, I hope you guys are traveling and having fun! I am recently retired. My soon to be spouse is not very excited about traveling across the country in an RV. I am. I plan to move from Denver to Atlanta around the middle of 2018. I hope, really hope, to convince her to allow us to get a Class B or small Class C RV some time at the end of 2018. Perhaps you may recommend the best time to purchase. I am researching as much info as I can on what may be a good fit for us. Hopefully you can make suggestions on how best to gather information to make an informed decision. I plan to have a garage built to accommodate the RV and a work shop. Any suggestions for comments you may give is greatly appreciated. Happy New Year!
    1. Rent first. Take her somewhere she really wants to go. Show her the + side of rving without the cost of a purchase that you may regret. By renting an rv, I was able to make a comprehensive list of things I liked and wanted versus things that do not work, but look good. Corner bed for example. Looks good, saves room, practical. Until you try to put/keep linens on it. Then it is a pain to almost impossible! I also learned that single sink in kitchen is a hand full when it comes time to wash dishes. I have never seen a single sink large enough to make dish washing ‘fun’. Even a small double sink works a lot better than a single! Lastly, I think pass thru storage is a must. We all know that stuff shifts when you are on the road. And the most time wasting, frustrating and senseless thing to try and do is get to the ‘thingy’ you need that is at the back of a non-pass thru area. Hope my 2 cents helps you. Hope to see you on the road soon!
      1. Hi Liz. Loved reading your review on a smaller unit. We had a 2007 32 foot Jayco Greyhawk that we had bought brand new. Loved everything aboout it. Life changed, we sold it?. I’ve missed it ever since. We are looking now at 25 foot or a tad under. Hubbys health stinks so we don’t want a lot of work or to have to tow. I loved your honesty about the corner bed. I’ve had reservations about those. I think for us, and his oxygen concentrator we need a small RVwith the queen slide. I also like the curved dinette. If there is no living area slide, the table can come out, and it’s more like couch. Really like the Winnebago Minnie Winnie M . Double sinks, and outlets are my other two biggies!!! Happy Camoing. Thanks for the corner bed warning!

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