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Finding a meaningful, intimate relationship may seem like a difficult endeavor for an individual of any age to pursue, including seniors. In today’s modern world, online dating has become more and more popular and widely used. While younger people may be very familiar with dating websites and apps, there are options that are simple for older people to use to find a partner, too. You might have questions like, “Where do I start looking?” or, “How can I be sure that I’ll connect with someone with whom I am compatible?”

Fortunately, there are two dating sites that seniors may find to be very helpful for finding a partner: OurTime and Match (also referred to as These websites are catered to individuals who are serious about finding a new relationship, and we will explore and compare both sites in this article.

Benefits To Pursuing a New Relationship as a Senior

First, let’s look at a few reasons why you might want to consider pursuing a relationship. There are many benefits to pursuing a romantic relationship, and one of the most beneficial reasons is for companionship. Men and women are never “too old” to find love, and seniors who meet a special someone may experience more happiness and fulfillment through the companionship of a partner. In addition to avoiding possible feelings of loneliness, research as shown that companionship may contribute to greater physical health overall. At any age, life may be exciting and enjoyable with a partner.

An Overview of OurTime and Match

Dating sites OurTime and Match are similar in certain respects and are quite different in some ways. Both provide seniors with the opportunity to connect virtually with others who are seeking love via profiles with information and photos, and each website can be accessed on a desktop site as well as a mobile app. While Match has been in service since 1995 – at the beginning of online dating – the site does not specifically cater to senior citizens. Instead, it is a dating site for individuals of all ages to connect and meet. OurTime, on the other hand, is a platform designed for men and women who are “mature” and over the age of 50.

OurTime gives you options such as messaging someone who you may be interested in, as well as having a live-chat and sending “flirt” notifications. There is also a feature that allows a user to take a personality test, which can help to connect individuals who have similar interests.

Similarly, Match provides users with a personality test that also can help two like-minded people find each other. One difference between the two sites that is quite significant is that Match hosts in-person meetups called “Stir” events, with the intention being for users to come together and get to know one another face-to-face. Match “Stir” experiences are held in various locations that can be found on the website.

Costs and Pricing

OurTime and Match both charge fees for a user to access the full capabilities and options that the sites offer. While it is free to “browse” and look at pictures and profiles, charges will apply if you would like to use certain aspects of the sites. For example, on Match, a user may only send and receive messages if he or she signs up for a package with a user fee. On OurTime, an example of a “Premium Feature” is having the ability to see if your message has been read by another user.

There are certainly advantages to charging fees. One of these benefits of charging money to use a dating site is that it may help to attract only individuals who are seriously considering companionship and are willing to invest in achieving that goal.

Side-by-Side Comparison

 Let’s look at the costs of OurTime and Match side by side to help you see what each site can offer. These prices reflect the latest available price information for each site.
One Month Membership Fee: $29.99 per monthOne Month Membership Fee: $41.99
Six Months “Standard” Membership Fee: $14.99 per month (for a total of $88.94)Three Months Membership Fee: $27.99 per month (for a total of $83.97)
Six Months “Best Value” Membership Fee: $17.99 per month (for a total of $107.94)Six Months Membership Fee: $23.99 per month (for a total of $143.94)
It is also worth noting that OurTime also offers users the chance to purchase “virtual tokens,” which place your dating profile in front of others for one hour. These tokens can cost between $1 and $10.One Year Membership Fee: $20.99 per month (for a total of 251.88)

Which Is the Best Option for You?

Both OurTime and Match offer attractive incentives, and it may be helpful to explore both options in order to decide which one is the best for you. Remember that whichever website you choose to explore, enjoy the process of finding love! And always practice safety – such as meeting in a public place for instance – when meeting an individual in person for the first time.

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